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Mermaid at Tiny Tall Ships Festival, Somerville MA (5.14.16)
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Goose Chicks (5.13.16)
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Close Up Bunny (5.12.16)
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Portal @Assembly Square, Somerville MA (May 2016)
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Downy Woodpecker Sighting, Norwood MA (May 2016)
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Goats! Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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The Look of Wonder, Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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Goats! Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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Eastern Cottontail Sighting, Norwood, MA (4.17.16)
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Holy Mother Apparition, Attleboro MA (4.17.16)
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Anothjer shot of Scituate Light (different angle) (4.09.16)
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Mute Swan Satuit (4.09.16)
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Seagulls sit along the Satuit River Walkway (4.09.16)
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Black Beauty (Early April 2016)
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Red-bellied Woodpecker in Backyard (3.26.16)
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'Squishy' Bunny Sighting (3.5.16)
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Green Thumb Muscari Growing (3.5.16)
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Our Homemade Pizza (2.28.16)
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Tufted Titmouse visits feeder (2.27.16)
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Duck Love?, Wellesley MA (2.27.16)
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Larz Anderson Museum, Brookline MA (2.20.16)
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Belle the Horse (2.21.16)
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Cat on Sheep Wool (2.21.16)
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Goats Only Club (2.21.16)
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Miniature Horses! (2.21.16)
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Donkey and Me (2.21.16)
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Dreaming of Summer, Lake Massapoag (2.6.16)
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Gazebo in the Snow (2.6.16)
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Us in Digital Art (Dreamy) (Feb. 2016)
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Reeds at Sunset, Fort Pheonix, New Bedord MA (1.2.16)
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Shot Across Buzzards Bay Sunset (1.2.16)
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Sheep / Buttonwood Zoo (1.2.16)
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Bobcat / Buttonwood Zoo (1.2.16)
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Brants take off in New Bedford, MA
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Sandy Hook, NJ (Late December 2015)
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Foggy Red Bank Morning (12.23.15)
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Racing Buffleheads, Red Bank NJ Navesink River (12.23.15)
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Red Bank Xmas Tree, Navasink River (12.22.15)
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Circle of Hope 2015 (12.05.15. Norwood MA)
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Angel - Ballerina Cat (Nov. 2015)
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Mute Swans Feeding in a Lake (11.15.15)
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Cat House? Winslow Animal Sanctuary (11.15.15)
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Along the Satuit River Walkway (11.14.15)
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Cranberry Bog Along the Road, Near Scituate MA (11.14.15)
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Scituate Light from Across the Bay (11.14.15)
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Angel Enjoys the New Sunroom (11.8.15)
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Buick Eight, Norwood MA (10.18.15)
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Sunset in Stonington Harbor, CT (9.19.15)
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Cannon Square, Stonington CT (9.19.15)
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Sunset in Stonington Harbor, CT (9.19.15)
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Coromant Drying Wings, Stonington Harbor CT (9.18.15)
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Simba, the baby Alpaca (9.12.15)
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Saturday, May 28, 2016

01:29 PM EST [Link] Today is Burger Day [comments: 0]
burgday16 (38k image)Happy International Burger Day! We'll be grilling up some tonight to celebrate for sure!

Damn, is it hot out today!

Friday, May 27, 2016

06:50 PM EST [Link] More Friday Fun [comments: 0]
flow527 (218k image)

Breaking up today's entries a bit. What else did we do? Planted more flowers (I'm really on a garden/reading kick this year). Went to a pond for an afternoon break. Checked out some appliances to replace the ones here because they're old and ass. Now that the 3-season room/deck are almost done and look so good, the adjoining outside patio looks like ass, so we be getting that done over as well, starting end of next week. Place is shaping up! For dinner tonight, made our own little concoction, the cord salad classic we make with salmon on a burger roll and a side of little tiny potatoes that I sliced and we sauteed up. Oh yeah, and we placed LD's little handpainted stones in the boxes to which plants they belonged to, although we'll have to craft up some more. Also did a bunch of domestic stuff like cutting the lawn, etc.

potatocut (115k image)
Cutting up the potatoes

09:29 AM EST [Link] Friday May 27, 2016 [comments: 0]
afternoon52716 (158k image)
Afternoon break
52716_001 (258k image)
Hanging gardens
52716_002 (91k image)
Raised bed protector?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

07:28 AM EST [Link] Marshmallow and Red Noses [comments: 0]
My android phone upgraded itself to 6.0 this morning - codename Marshmallow. I'll see how it goes, and maybe it's just me, but it does seem to be running a little better. I noticed they changed the look of the icons a bit but overall I don't see much of a change. I do see they have added some more emojis. I have a Galaxy S5. I look on the web later and delve more into it when I have some time.

Rode the bike in today - first time this week - I think I am going to try to do it at least twice a week moving forward, depending on factors. I must say, I do find it actually a bit relaxing.

Today is also Red Nose Day. I still have mine from last year.

rednose2016 (36k image)
Doing my part for Rednose Day

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

06:18 PM EST [Link] More Reading [comments: 0]
Well, after work today I headed to the closest bookstore looking for the book I mentioned in my previous entry but they didn't have it yet. However I did buy Project Puffin by Kress and Jackson (autographed copy!), and Goatman by Thwaites. I'm also reading Lust & Wonder by Burroughs courtesy of LD.

That should fill my reading quota for this month!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

12:39 PM EST [Link] Reading Next and Soap Making [comments: 0]
Next up on my reading list, after now finishing learning about the history of the Postal Service (I give that 4 out of 5 stars, also did you know that people used to actually mail their kids because it was cheaper than getting them a train ticket?!): Lost Among the Birds: Accidentally Finding Myself in One Very Big Year by Neil Hayward. I like birds, I like finding myself, sounds like a good read.

I have an idea of trying to create my own soap using some herbs from the garden, like rosemary for instance. I found some "recipes" in a magazine to do just this, so I think I might try it soon.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

02:53 PM EST [Link] Assembly Row, Nahant, Revere, more! [comments: 0]
nahant (88k image)

After a morning jaunt to Assembly Row (to see some charity dog run FastandFurriest), went to Nahant to see some sights and then got some Kelly's at Revere Beach, and all before 1 pm! Now it's off to do some domestic chores and ore planting before the next wave!

nahant3 (49k image)
Nahant harbor
nahant2 (84k image)
#lovemylife #grateful

After all that fun, mowed the lawn and planted some more things! Ageratum, Celia, Impatiens, Red Salvia, Torenia, and Nemesia (some of the plants right into the ground - others in various planter containers to spruce the decks!)

So, so far this weekend has been action packed crazy busy but fun! Cambridge Bike ride, cooking, planting, revere beach dodging the birds while eating Kelly's, Assembly row dog walk, Nahant visit, various trips to various stores, reading, Wellesley Colonial reenactment (like stepping back in time to like 1775!), doing yard work, talking to contractors regarding possible patio upgrades, and trying out a new spaghetti sauce!

hplanter2016 (190k image)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

06:15 PM EST [Link] Geese Crossing? [comments: 0]
well_3 (88k image)
LD made some cool labels for all the various plants we have by crafting them! So cool!

And while getting more plants, stopped by to see these geese that we think are a cross between the Embden and a Canadian Goose. Not totally sure if that's possible, but they do seem to be doing the parenting duties together. Also, while there there was some sort of colonial reenactment going on, but I only snapped a quick pick of these two baby sheep that were there.

well_1 (97k image)
well_2 (113k image)

Now it's off to make some salad with some corn that I separate the kernels from the ear which I then sautee, we mix it with some tomato, lettuce, orange, and some other things. LD got us some cool matching aprons - one says "We go together" and the other says "Like rock n roll". The first has a cartoon of a guitar and the word "Mapman" and the 2nd has a cartoon of drums and the word "Ladydoc". Perhaps a picture of us in them will be forthcoming.

03:44 PM EST [Link] Reel Ride 2016 [comments: 0]
reelbike2016 (98k image)
Whew, I'm a little tired after biking 14 miles along with 100 or so other folks for the Cambridge Reel Ride Bike Tour this morning. It was a beautiful morning so I went down, got my bike, and headed on over to the starting point! Pretty cool having a police detail blocking all the cars, especially through the major squares like Central and Harvard. Sorta cool being in a peloton of riders - passersby smiling and wondering what the heck was this big band of bicyclers doing. It's essentially a ride around the town passing by various locations where movie scenes were shot, or where theatres used to be back in the day. Free lunch provided by the culinary art students at the high score - it was pretty good! I'll be sure to link up any more pictures from the ride as they become available. Unfortunately I didn't win the raffle for free passes to the Brattle or Kendell theatres.

treeporch (108k image)

Also, just as an aside, as I was heading down there I saw this cool front porch where this tree just decided to climb all around it. This picture doesn't really do it justice, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

11:19 AM EST [Link] Boston's Invisible Poems [comments: 0]
This sounds kinda cool. The city's been placing poems on the sidewalks around town, but you can't see them until they get wet in the rain.

Where are Boston's invisible poems?

09:00 AM EST [Link] My latest Art Piece [comments: 0]
A three-dimensional shadowbox woodcut of the first board of MsPacman is now ready to be proudly displayed in the gameroom!

mspacwoodcut (168k image)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

06:18 PM EST [Link] Little Free Librarys [comments: 0]
You know those little free library's that are popping up all over - generally a little decorated box with books inside that one can take and then leave a book of their own for someone else? There's a resource that's trying to document them all, including mapping them, so you can find them.


I biked past two of them today! I'm probably going to donate some of my books to some of these because I have too many books hanging around.

Monday, May 16, 2016

03:50 PM EST [Link] Hannah Duston - Badass [comments: 0]
I'be been reading the book Massacre on the Merrimac about the story of Hannah Duston. I'm not sure how I could have never heard of this woman before. Anyways, the book is excellent, but if you want a short recap of the whole story check this out. If that intrigues you, pick up the book and get the whole story as told by a great author. I'm finding her story quite fascinating, but I'm sure glad I ain't living in that time period!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

11:45 AM EST [Link] Raised Beds Ready [comments: 0]
raisedbed_1 (180k image)

This year's raised beds are ready to go. Just need to add some outer fencing and possibly more aesthetics. Hoping for a good crop this year!

Got some massages this afternoon. The best part, is we didn't have to leave the house! The massage therapist came here! (Granted we've known the woman for years and all, but that's still freakin' cool). Just set up in the sitting room here and get to it. Pretty freakin' awesome.

salmon5152016 (167k image)
Tonight's dinner: Seared salmon with arugula, English peas (which I shelled myself), radishes, red potato, and pink lemon ‪#‎dinner‬ ‪#‎homecooking‬ ‪#‎blueapron‬ Also put some of our own grown lettuce from our container gardening on the back deck into the mix! It looked so pretty I had to take a picture before I ate it!

And all while contractors and roofers have been working around here!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

07:52 PM EST [Link] Tiny Tall Ships [comments: 0]
PiratesCartoon (66k image)
Ladydoc and I as cartoon pirates...

After doing some shopping in the morning, we headed over to the 'Ville to check out the Tiny Tall Ships Festival, which had been on my calendar for a while. Although we didn't stay long, I was able to get a cartoon drawing of LD and I as pirates (one of the reasons I wanted to go to the thing). We also saw a mermaid and LD is going to be putting together a tiny ship herself after getting some woodcuts at the festival - after she draws in the design she wants. Looks like everyone had fun, especially all the kids that were there, building their own tiny tall ships and floating them in the kiddie pools or on the race track the organizers built.

mermaid (178k image)
A mermaid hangs around in the sun...
catmonster (139k image)
A cat-sea-monster.

Friday, May 13, 2016

08:57 AM EST [Link] Visiting William James and Scituate [comments: 0]
Today I'm sitting in the lounge of William James College waiting for the Ladydoc to finish being a Ladydoc with a future intern. Nice digs here!

Then it was off the Scituate:

lighthousecloseup (71k image)
Hanging at the light...
elephantfountain (108k image)
Cool elephant fountain...
scit_mailbox (110k image)
...and a cool replica of the lighthouse that someone built - with light in the tower!
goosechicks_2 (86k image)
Encountered some goose chicks by the inlet to the harbor as well.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

08:09 PM EST [Link] Another Garden Visitor Tonight! [comments: 1]
bunnyweb51216_2 (118k image)

Playing with the new lens tonight. Large version of this picture available upon request.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

07:47 PM EST [Link] The Clubhouse [comments: 0]
Happened to ride by "The Clubhouse" after work tonight. I'd heard of it before but never swung by until tonight, just by happenstance. Sounds like an interesting place.

Used to be an old auto body shop. It's probably not going to around long as the space is slated to be used for more condos (what else is new around here?) so enjoy it while you can!

clunhouse (136k image)
Fronting at the clubhouse tonight

10:35 AM EST [Link] Challenging Myself [comments: 0]
btwday (51k image)Going to try to ride my bike in, as much as I can, this month - perhaps throughtout the spring/summer.

I do enjoy getting the exercise and not having to deal with the car traffic getting around the Alewife area - plus I'm trying to get in a little better shape, personally.

I'm not doing a triathlon or anything, but every little bit helps!

Monday, May 9, 2016

12:40 PM EST [Link] Changing Times [comments: 0]
Here's a pic/story of one of the units in that condo I mentioned I happened to ride my bike by last week. My oh my, has the neighborhood changed.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

04:34 PM EST [Link] Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun, ad infinitum [comments: 0]
Finished putting the raised boxes together. We also finished mulching the front mostly and even planted some things! Just waiting to get them all lined up and making sure they get enough sun in their current placement before we start laying down the soil into them.

Took some pictures of a cute baby bunny down the street. Might post one later. Glad the sun finally came out - every time we would go to start something, we'd do it for a while, and then it would start raining, putting the kibosh on work getting done. But I used the time constructively, getting some progress done on reading my books.


This was the kind of weekend when we go to Home Depot to get supplies, like, 8 times. Tonight, going to attempt to make a greek-inspired pizza, with pea tips, olives, oregano, and feta. Doesn't look too bad, but we'll see! I've become quite the expert at peeling and mincing garlic, onion, and whatever else needs chopping up into time bits.

greekpizza (141k image)
It actually came out pretty great! Score!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

10:18 AM EST [Link] FBCD Score [comments: 0]
Got myself out to the nearest Newbury Comics store to get some free swag for Free Comic Book Day. Specifically I was going there to get a copy of Rom #0. I have the entire Marvel run of the character - way better than the toy ever was - although when I was a kid I did try to get the toy which in and of itself was a humorous story (The Moody Street Memory).

I'll read this ish and see if it compare to the original series, although I can't really see how. Looks like they changed the look of the character a bit. Also, I think part of the appeal of the original was that he was sort of a loner, far away from his home, and most importantly trapped in is armor and constantly afraid of losing his humanity.

I also picked up for the heck of it since it was there, an issue of Serenity (based of the classic Firefly television series which I loved), and Grumpy Cat (for LD).

springrain16 (122k image)
Another rainy morning...WTF?

Started to put some mulch around but then it started raining so had to stop working, which is a drag, because we just want to to get this stuff done, and I want to finish putting the raised boxes together. However, these two below seemed to be enjoying themselves (pic courtesy of LD!)

BunnyHop2 (169k image)

Made fish tacos for dinner - actually pretty easy to make - fry some cod, add some radishes, lime and slaw. I learned the trick to making tasty slaw is to just add a bunch of sugar!

Friday, May 6, 2016

10:05 AM EST [Link] Rainy Week, Things apace [comments: 0]
Today's Google Doodle is in honor of Freud's birthday. I like the use of an iceberg rather than the typical couch we all think of in our heads, I thought that was different. Besides that though, it's apparently aslo No Pants Day so you might see me strutting my stuff around town...just kidding.

Vinyl raised boxes have arrived - thinking of the best staging area to begin putting those together - also, the weather has been rainy miserable this week. Dry all this s*** out! Could be a yard work/plantings weekend. Well, if it doesn't clear I have some books to read, added another one to my queue - last one in my somewhat morbid historical local subject matter - Massacre on the Merrimack: Hannah Duston's Captivity and Revenge in Colonial America - I've read this particular author's previous works and they were good, so this should be good too. The reviews say so.

The suet cakes have been very successful in attracting various woodpeckers, which I find fun to watch. Not as fun to watch are the grackles that show up and also help themselves to it.

Work continues on the 3 season - getting insulated for one thing - can't wait til its done so I can start on restoring that toy chest. Maybe I'll mess with it this weekend anyway.

herbs2016 (161k image)
Buying a bunch of product...
bbox2016 (176k image)
...which will go into the raised beds I'm building. #notbadforacityboy #summerofgardening

Tonight we're making chicken & fettuccine with kale and asparagus and rosemary. Imma start prepping now...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

07:49 AM EST [Link] May the Fourth [comments: 0]
May the Fourth be with you (Star Wars reference).

Rode the bike in again today, took a bit of a chance as drizzle rain is possible later in the afternoon - hopefully it will stave off until I get back but if not, hey, it's only water, right? Got to admit, it does feel kinda good to get the heart pumping. Trying to get ready in time for the Cambridge City Spring ride this year , the theme being movies filmed there at particular spots (a sampling: The Dark End of the Street (1981), Ben Affleck's first screen appearance (age 7), The Good Mother (1988), Love Story (1970), Blown Away (1994), The Bostonians (1984), The Town (2010), 21 (2008), Good Will Hunting (1997), Between the Lines (1977)). Sounds like it could be fun.

I finished that book on the Middle East - very interesting stuff, nice easy to follow history of the region and why things are the way they are up to today. Must take a certain kind of person to be able to report from there for so long. Up next on my reading docket are Murder & Mayhem in Boston and Assassination Vacation. Hmm, now that I think about, these two books sounds a little morbid. But, history is history and it's not always pretty.

We also ordered some new vinyl raised box garden beds which should be shipped by the weekend, which will be good, because we really want to start getting going on the raised bed plantings. Looking forward to putting those together and getting started. (The old raised bed which served us for a few good years had to be taken down do to all the deck work - it was getting old anyway - this new setup of 4 beds will be placed in an area that will hopefully add more aesthetics as well).

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

09:42 AM EST [Link] Puffin Love! [comments: 2]
Watch a baby puffin see the world for the first time. Puffins have become my favorite bird. I'll never forget the time a few years ago, LD got us a trip up to Maine and chartered a boat so we could see them up close. ♥♥♥ Amazing little creatures.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

09:54 AM EST [Link] Raising our Culinary Game [comments: 0]
Lets see, Friday night I made some Seared chicken, with sauteed purple potatoes, kale and apple, topped with some almonds and yesterday I really tried new with a recipe for cod and Yuzu-Shoyu Soba with cabbage and togarashi. And both actually came out decent! Tonight is Grains of Paradise-crusted Steak - wish me luck!

Also this weekend, more work is being on the three season room - more like the finishing touches you might say, to make it even better, and even some work being done on the downstairs bathroom! Pretty busy around here! We've been enjoying the deck already, as is. Once all is done there I think I'll tackle trying to spruce up that old wooden toy chest we got last year at a yard sale.

Working on setting up four brand new raised beds for gardening out in front of the new deck. Would like to be able to go back to growing our own things to use in these recipes, plus it's fun to watch them grow.

Update: Steak came out pretty good, but ended up not using the grains of paradise as I found their taste not to my (or our) liking. Interesting use of plantains mashed to resemble potatoes in that particular dish. Overall, I would have opted for potatoes, but I'm willing to try new things anyway.

Friday, April 29, 2016

07:34 PM EST [Link] Today's sights [comments: 0]
portal_2 (126k image)
Entering the Portal...
woody42916_2 (171k image)
Another springtime visitor...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

07:58 PM EST [Link] TBT - The Popular Icon [comments: 0]
grandpa_team_shot_1 (71k image)

Inspired by an article I read a couple of weeks ago about the Portuguese who immigrated to East Cambridge, of which my grandfather and his parents were, I found an old clipping of his time being the soccer star of the day. Here is an article and team photo of my grandfather when he was young and the star of the East Cambridge Lucy Recs (Lusitania club). A "popular idol!" as the article states. I'm not sure if they ended up winning the championship, but there is another team photo where they are posing with a trophy of some sort. If he was playing today he probably would be worth millions, but back then, they just played for fun. I remember folks in the neighborhood years later who actually got to see him play, say that he was better than Pele. This must have been late 1930ish? In the photo above, my Gramps is front and center, and why not? He was the star!

grandpa_soccer_article_1 (58k image)
Click here to read the article

I miss you Grandpa!

Hmmm, I wonder if, say 80 years from now, someone, perhaps with some connection to me, will post an old picture of me and say some words.

08:55 AM EST [Link] Biked Again! [comments: 0]
calburnbike (15k image)

Rode the bike in again! It would appear I burn about 3 calories per minute on these rides. Another nice day, another nice ride. After today I think that'll be it until next week. This fitbit app is pretty cool how it tracks all these different things. I enjoy competing with others as well (if they chose to show what they are doing, you can compare against each other) - I find it motivating.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

08:09 AM EST [Link] First Ride of 2016 [comments: 0]
Took the bike out of storage and rode it into work today - hadn't ridden it in I figure a year and a half! Had to pump the tires a bit but it still rides great. It's not a bad ride as I'm only about a mile or so from the workplace and it's 98% bike trail - only having to stop to cross traffic at Mass Ave in Cambridge and then around my final destination. It was a little chilly, but it's supposed to real nice in the 60s by this afternoon, so the ride home should be good. I hadn't been in a while and was surprised to see some new luxury condos with large picture windows and cute little decks built abutting the trail in one place that looked really nice. Just another old warehouse that used to sit along old railroad tracks both now gone and replaced by condos and bike trails.

outbike427 (13k image)I took a leisurely ride - no need to get all sweaty and out of breath. Unfortunately my Fitbit did not seem to recognize that I was riding (I believe it is supposed to- somehow know)- perhaps it wasn't fast or long enough, but still. I stand corrected, in the app in did notice that I rode for 18 minutes, burning 49 calories. Some muscles may be sore later from getting used but we'll see - I'm fairly active. Trying to get into the mindset of riding a little bit as I may go on the annual citywide spring ride next month.
Next on my "To-Read" book list (I've become fond of reading again. I was never a big reader until about 10 years ago. Just felt like learning about various things that sounded interesting to me. Probably why I prefer non-fiction. I like the real stories.):
Murder & Mayhem in Boston:: Historic Crimes in the Hub
And Then All Hell Broke Loose: Two Decades in the Middle East by Richard Engel

Monday, April 25, 2016

08:11 PM EST [Link] Quincy Park Tulips [comments: 0]
QuincyPark_Tulips (212k image)

A quick visit to the Quincy Street Open Space Park in Somerville. Lollygagging among the tulips.
More info - cool use of space.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

06:26 PM EST [Link] Goat Lovin Saturday! [comments: 0]
B_Goats2 (81k image)
Details to follow, but, awesome!

Too much to list for this Jersey weekend, just a lot of goats, a lot of swimming in the pool, and a little bit of hanging with friends at the diner before heading back up to Boston. Awesome weekend though, but now I am tired and a little sore from all the swimming. (Not used to it, yet).

One other thing, the owner of this particular goat needed a name and I came up with "Lollipop" and she chose it, so say hello to Lollipop!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

01:56 PM EST [Link] This is What It Sounds Like.... [comments: 0]
So sorry and sad to hear about the passing of Prince today. R.I.P.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

09:18 AM EST [Link] National Lookalike Day [comments: 0]
Apparently, today is National Lookalike Day. Through the power of the Internet, it came up with the following celebs that think look like me. I don't see it personally. Kevin Smith??

celebs (76k image)

If you want to try it yourself, pay Pictriev a visit.

Monday, April 18, 2016

10:53 AM EST [Link] Reading Maniac [comments: 0]
I've really stepped up my game in the recreational reading department these last few weeks, I'm on to my next book (5th in two weeks) about lighthouses and listening to the author talk about it tonight - I'll probably have him sign it if I stick around long enough. If they post photos from the event, I'll link them on the off chance I might be in one of them.

Update: Went, and signed!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

06:40 PM EST [Link] Attleboro Visit [comments: 0]
Quick recap:

* Spring Cleanup! Prepped mower, mowed lawns, trimmed edges, raked leaves, planted various plants and flowers, various yard duties
* Spoke to contractor about a little more work for the 3 season room
* Hiked Mass Audubon's Oak Knoll Sanctuary (up to the lake and back!)
* Checked out the statuary at La Salette (learning to use this new lens, it become apparent to me that I'll need to carry both lenses because this new one is so zoomed by default that to take a regular wide shot I need the other lens!)
* Had a somewhat disappointing lunch at an establishment near there (well, LD did)
* Replaced glass panes in doors with screens for summer
* Over the last couple of days averaging over 10,000 steps on the Alta

Holymother (226k image)

Friday, April 15, 2016

08:06 PM EST [Link] New Lens on the World [comments: 0]
Canon-EF-70-300mm-f-4-5.6-IS-USM-Lens (16k image)Went ahead and pulled the trigger on a new lens for my camera - a 70-300mm zoom lens - hopefully I'll be able to get some better shots!

Other than that, the day was rather uneventful - finishing reading The Singularity is Near (Fascinating future in store if it all comes true) and clearing all the tree limbs from the back yard that had accumulated over the winter (of which there were many).


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