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Point Judith Light Area, Narragansett, RI (6.12.16)
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Lighthouse Mailbox, Somewhere in RI (6.12.16)
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Pemaquid Point Maine 2011 (re-issue 6.6.16) - I'm jonesing to get back there. I have a thing for lighthouses and puffins. Maybe this summer!
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Approaching Infinity, Scituate, MA (6.4.16)
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Visiting Cohasset (6.4.16)
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Approaching Minot Light off Cohasset coast (5.29.16)
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Iris from my Garden 2016 (6.1.16)
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Endian Goose Chicks, Wellesley MA (5.30.16)
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Turkey Strut. Westwood, MA (5.30.16)
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Cormorant Convention 2 (5.29.16)
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Approaching Minot Light off Cohasset coast (5.29.16)
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Kingston Coastline (5.29.16)
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Mermaid at Tiny Tall Ships Festival, Somerville MA (5.14.16)
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Goose Chicks (5.13.16)
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Close Up Bunny (5.12.16)
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Portal @Assembly Square, Somerville MA (May 2016)
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Downy Woodpecker Sighting, Norwood MA (May 2016)
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Goats! Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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The Look of Wonder, Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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Goats! Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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Eastern Cottontail Sighting, Norwood, MA (4.17.16)
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Holy Mother Apparition, Attleboro MA (4.17.16)
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Anothjer shot of Scituate Light (different angle) (4.09.16)
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Mute Swan Satuit (4.09.16)
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Seagulls sit along the Satuit River Walkway (4.09.16)
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Black Beauty (Early April 2016)
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Red-bellied Woodpecker in Backyard (3.26.16)
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'Squishy' Bunny Sighting (3.5.16)
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Green Thumb Muscari Growing (3.5.16)
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Our Homemade Pizza (2.28.16)
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Tufted Titmouse visits feeder (2.27.16)
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Duck Love?, Wellesley MA (2.27.16)
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Larz Anderson Museum, Brookline MA (2.20.16)
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Belle the Horse (2.21.16)
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Cat on Sheep Wool (2.21.16)
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Goats Only Club (2.21.16)
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Miniature Horses! (2.21.16)
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Donkey and Me (2.21.16)
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Dreaming of Summer, Lake Massapoag (2.6.16)
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Gazebo in the Snow (2.6.16)
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Us in Digital Art (Dreamy) (Feb. 2016)
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Reeds at Sunset, Fort Pheonix, New Bedord MA (1.2.16)
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Shot Across Buzzards Bay Sunset (1.2.16)
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Sheep / Buttonwood Zoo (1.2.16)
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Bobcat / Buttonwood Zoo (1.2.16)
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Brants take off in New Bedford, MA
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Sandy Hook, NJ (Late December 2015)
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Foggy Red Bank Morning (12.23.15)
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Racing Buffleheads, Red Bank NJ Navesink River (12.23.15)
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Red Bank Xmas Tree, Navasink River (12.22.15)
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Circle of Hope 2015 (12.05.15. Norwood MA)
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Angel - Ballerina Cat (Nov. 2015)
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Mute Swans Feeding in a Lake (11.15.15)
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Cat House? Winslow Animal Sanctuary (11.15.15)
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Along the Satuit River Walkway (11.14.15)
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Cranberry Bog Along the Road, Near Scituate MA (11.14.15)
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Scituate Light from Across the Bay (11.14.15)
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

09:29 PM EST [Link] Another Weekend Down [comments: 0]
r099msb2 (112k image)

Saw this little guy this weekend just hanging around. Almost done with the landscaping around the raised boxes. Didn't get around to the toy chest yet, but did do our first grilling of the season - chicken, salmon, and corn. Starting to decor the three season. Got another pink hydrangea for the yard, as well as a fancy tropical looking plant for the 3 season, although the cat likes to eat it. No, no, no! Actually, the cat seems to love the room so much, she's pretty much made it her own!

rbstones (131k image)
A piece of some the work I'm doing - digging, laying down sand and stone, need to work on the edging next

Saturday, June 25, 2016

03:44 PM EST [Link] Fire Lily Blooms [comments: 0]
flily (60k image)The fire lilies out front that we planted last year and starting to bloom again. They look amazing, so pleased to see them pop and add some color. Got a number of tasks I'd like to finish this weekend if I can. I've also been self-pollinating the zuccini flowers just in case the bees aren't doing their job. Putting together a new lamp for the sunroom, mowing the lawn, digging some more around the raised beds (maybe buy a wheelbarrow finally to assist in moving things around!), setting up the grill, and finally getting around the refinished off that toy chest we got from a yard sale last year.

Late afternoon Update! Whew! Ended up doing a bunch of yard work today afterall. Got all the sand down between the boxes for the walkway, now just need to cover it with the stones and put down the stone pavers around the perimeter which I plan to do sometime tomorrow. Even bought a new wheelbarrow today to assist. It wouldn't exactly fit in the back of the SUV, so I laid down in the back with it and held the rear hatch so it wouldn't open and things would fall out. Luckily it was a real short ride to get it home. Then I went ahead, pulled out and cleaned the gas grill, and hooked up the propane tank. Turned it on and it fired up right away - so that's good to go. We then put together a new floor lamp for the sun room, I installed a humidity/temperature monitor in the new 3 season room so I can see those stats throughout the year, and mowed the front lawn and watered all the various plants. It's a lot of work but I am finding that I actually enjoy it. I think tomorrow I might work on the toy chest, but maybe if we can get up early enough, maybe get in some ocean air.

08:56 AM EST [Link] Morning Thankfullness [comments: 0]
I like sitting outside on the new patio area, reading my books, drinking coffee, and listening and catching glimpses of the suburban wildlife, early in the morning. It's so quiet, peaceful, and the air is cool. Watching the little rabbit cool himself in the tufts of grass along the morning dew, seeing the Blue Jays collect food for it's cawing little one up in a tree branch overhead, spying a chipmunk run around the clumps of foxglove playfully. It's times like this that I feel extremely lucky.

w91s (137k image)
w94s (146k image)
w97s (126k image)

Friday, June 24, 2016

09:34 AM EST [Link] Checking on the gardening... [comments: 0]

w02 (140k image)
w06 (144k image)
w04 (148k image)
w05 (126k image)
w03 (142k image)

I'm finding the gardening therapeutic. I've been digging around the raised beds,LD has an idea to make them look better,with sand and stone, that I'm going to try to do.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

07:35 AM EST [Link] Exchange works [comments: 0]
Remember how a few days ago I said I had to go back and forth in the Exchange Android app to get messages to display? Well, they pushed an update out last night, and once I installed it, the messages all display properly now! Yay! I know you were all dying to know.

It takes me about a half hour to water everything around here now, but I actually like doing it. Surprisingly, although there are rabbits all over this place, they don't seem to be chomping on anything from the raised boxes. In fact, I need to cut the lettuce down AGAIN. We have too much lettuce!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

08:09 AM EST [Link] Giving myself Kudos/Free Libs [comments: 0]
Renaissance man! Feeling rather proud of myself, between voraciously reading all manners of books (finished the one about the dragonfish trade and the father with alzheimer's which was really sad and made me cry), learning to prep and cooking, gardening, landscaping a little bit, learning about flora and fauna, riding my bike back and forth (kind of feeling a bit more buff, with the riding and lugging dirt and mulch around!), learning decor, trying to take better photographs of interesting subjects, etc etc. I even set up the big digitizer at work today for an upcoming project (something I haven't touched in years since it only runs through an obsolete serial port).

lib2016s (99k image)I was able to check out one of those free library housing on the side of the road last weekend before, but it didn't have any books I was interested in. I'll try some other ones nearby soon to see what's in there. Maybe tonight if I have a chance. There's about three within a 10 minute bike ride from my house - especially close to Tufts. Probably more because I don't think the map is listing them all.

Update: Biking home I decided to take a different route to hit two of these libraries. The first seemed to have a bunch of religious texts so I didn't find anything interesting there, but the second one was put together pretty nicely (the carpentry, decorations, and all) and seemed to have much more palatable selections to my taste. I ended up taking a little book printed in 1978 about a day in the life of a lobster man of Chatham, Massachusetts. I finished it already - it was pretty short, but brought memories to my mind of when LD and I hang down at the Fish Pier there where we first see seals. When I swing back there I'll have to drop off one of my own books from my collection.

I noticed one more location on my map that is pretty close to my house, so I decided to take a quick trip up to see that one was well. This one is crazily decorated and the accompanying front yard is loaded with all kinds of weird stuff strewn about in a artistic pattern of untidiness. I took a picture of it and am including it in this entry, but none of the books in there interested me either.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

08:10 PM EST [Link] Landscaping 101 [comments: 1]
ownlandscaping (233k image)

Got to do some of my own landscaping today. As a father's day gift (I'm a cat-daddy after all) LD bought me some plants that I think would accentuate the new patio area. Got them, added the dirt, mulch, watering, etc, and here's the result thus far. Also planted a bunch more stuff in the other side of the yard but is not viewable in this picture. And we also planted a couple things in some more containers, some adorning the patio area as well. It was a little bit of sweat but I feel good and I think the result is worth it. Cool to work with nature once in a while....

I guess I was a little bit inspired by visiting the town's animal control officer this morning, as we were invited to see his pet goats a while back. Finally got the chance - he's amazing. He practically has his own farm, there's so many animals, chickens (which he gave us some fresh eggs and they look and smell amazing as cooked), dogs, rabbits, bees, etc. etc. Amazing garden too. Maybe someday we'll be at that level, but for now, I'm pretty happy with what we've taken on so far. And I'm constantly trying to educate myself about new things to help this place look it's best.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

11:58 AM EST [Link] Can See the Light! [comments: 0]
This place is hopping today! Between the contractor, electrician, and other stuff getting worked on concurrently. Finally getting to the finish line!!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

01:08 PM EST [Link] Printed on Glass! [comments: 2]
meglass (225k image)

Here I am with one of my photos actually printed on glass! This was sort of an experiment but I like the way it came out. May display some of my other works this way as well, maybe something more rectangular.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

08:43 PM EST [Link] Somewhat Productive Day [comments: 0]
This week I'll have ridden the bike everyday except Monday back and forth to work. Score!

Finally sort of got Microsoft Exchange setup on my android phone using their app. It does this weird thing where it'll display email sender and headers and the first few words preview but clicking on the message a lot of times is blank. But I've discovered if I get out of the message and then back in and then out and then in etc, etc, a few times it does display. Very strange. This all started because I wanted to be able to see a shared mailbox I use in the app but I can't figure that out, however I did figure out how to add it to the web app which I haven't been able to figure out for a year and a half. Apparently if you just go to "https://webmail server address" / "shared mailbox name email address", then enter your username and password it loads it up just fine. This is awesome for me, but it would be better in the app. Well, baby steps, this is the farthest I ever got!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

07:23 PM EST [Link] Passing Time [comments: 0]
wavesfordays2 (134k image)

Here's another image from last Sunday - wish I could go back there. You might be able to see in the ocean a sailboat and a surfer treading the waves. Seems like a crazy place to surf with all those huge rocks around. I'm sure someone's dashed their heads on them before.

In keeping up with my monthly reading pursuits I have 4 new books I have in my possession that I'm going to try to finish by month's end:
The Theft of Memory - Losing My Father One Day at a Time (sounded like a good read)
SPQR - A History of Ancient Rome (getting my toga on for this one)
The Dragon Behind the Glass: A True Story of Power, Obsession, and the World's Most Coveted Fish (I've kept bot fresh and salt water aquariums but never an arowana).
Lost Among the Birds: Accidentally Finding Myself in One Very Big Year. (I like birds and biographies)

12:51 PM EST [Link] Green Heron Sighting [comments: 0]
gheron (155k image)

Green Heron sighting at work today during lunch break. Only had my cell camera with me though, sadly, so this is the best I could get of it. Still, never saw one of those back here before!

Monday, June 13, 2016

11:15 AM EST [Link] Lighthouse Mailbox [comments: 0]
rimailbox (91k image)
Seen during yesterday's travels

Sunday, June 12, 2016

05:47 PM EST [Link] Rhode Island Sights [comments: 0]
narr2016 (173k image)
Point Judith, to the left of the lighthouse
beachri2016 (113k image)
Sunning along Goddard State Park

Today's day trip with some sights and shots we took this afternoon. Had a nice lunch at a place called Spain of Narragansett. Picked up some ore plants, some Coleus. Had a Rose-colored grosbeak visit the feeder today this afternoon (first time I'd ever seen one of those there) but by the time I got there to snap, there were just baby robins, cardinals, and sparrows. Darn. Did pick a boatload of lettuce from the raised bed garden - that's getting crazy, everything seems to be growing so well!

judithlights (87k image)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

01:51 PM EST [Link] Art in the Park [comments: 0]
norwoodcommon2016 (147k image)
Shot from the Common looking toward Town Hall

Checked out Art in the Park in the Town Common this morning. Not so much to see what was on display, but more so to get ideas into how to display my own stuff. Picking up some tips! I think some of my stuff will look killer printed nicely and put into nice display frames. Also picked up a nice light pink colored hydrangea which will be planted in a special place! Off to a graduation party later this afternoon!

hydran2016patio (137k image)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

11:23 AM EST [Link] 1856 [comments: 1]
The house I grew up in was built in 1856. 160 years ago! And at times, it seems like it - we have to get some ancient pipes in the cellar upgraded soon before something really bad happens, and my grandfather always said it was the place that Jack built, because everything in the place seems not to any particular standard and everything is an odd measurement, (just try finding a door that will fit into some of the doorways) but my grandmother loved it and it's still standing so there's something really neat about that. Not to mention all the memories. Anyways, I thought it would be interesting to look up what else happened in the year that the house was built, so here it is:

Franklin Pierce was President. Lots of discussion and events regarding slavery in Kansas (which was still just a territory at this point in time -The Sack of Lawrence, Kansas). Seton Hall University was founded. Cullen Whipple patents a machine for making screws. The Great Train Wreck of 1856 between Camp Hill and Fort Washington, Pennsylvania killed over 60 people. Borax discovered. Oh! And Sigmund Freud and Nikola Tesla were born!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

06:48 PM EST [Link] Spiderwort [comments: 0]
spiderwort2016 (78k image)

Another shot from the garden before I left for work this morning. I wasn't going to post this but, what the hell...This is called a Spider-wort but I've heard it also called 4 o'clocks because they open in the morning but around 4 o'clock in the afternoon they close up to reopen again the next day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

07:29 PM EST [Link] Plant Nite [comments: 0]
I've been wanting to do a Paint Nite for a while, but I think I'd want to do this even more!

Plant Nite. Could be a fun activity with a group of friends too! Who's in?

02:41 PM EST [Link] Reading Minot Still [comments: 0]
Can't get enough of Minot I guess, ordered a paperback to read regarding the Light even though I've already read everything online that I could find. Lover's Light: The History of Minot's Ledge Lighthouse. For some reason I find this particular lighthouse fascinating.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

06:47 PM EST [Link] Zen, Infinity, Minot More... [comments: 0]
zenscit (168k image)
Zen moment
infinityscit (115k image)
Infinity. Actually a shot of Scituate Light in the fog in the background.

Today started off with a trip to the barber to get a much needed cut. Then it was off to Governor's Island to see the original Minot Light cap and lens which is displayed in an open air park. Saw various sights along the way, like Lincoln's great great great grandfather's house, an old grist mill (location of the first dam ever built in America, dating to the 1600s, and inspiration for a famous poem called "The Olde Oaken Bucket", although I'd never heard of it, but after reading it, I thought it was a pretty good poem. It's been said to have been sung by generations of American schoolchildren but I don;t recall ever singing this thing), some egrets, lunch (a place we love called Satuit Tavern, great place!), rock collecting, patriotic flag displays, and more.. (pics forthcoming of all, here's a sampling). Today's day trip became something of an unintentional local history trip!

r4_0035_400 (116k image)
r4_0052_400 (175k image)
r4_0056_400 (153k image)
rccoh_400 (159k image)

Also, more planting/planters, lawn mowing, and general household stuff. Busy day! Tomorrow, we rest!

Friday, June 3, 2016

04:59 PM EST [Link] Foxglove Yearly Now! [comments: 0]
foxglove2016 (289k image)
I must have planted these in 2 different years since they are appearing yearly now rather than biennial.

Busy day here today, between new furniture deliveries and patio work! Also, finally got around to planting the clematis vine - should take (fingers crossed). I'm trying to become quite the gardener lately.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

12:37 PM EST [Link] Minot history [comments: 0]
Here's a good history of Minot Light in case you're interested, as I was, and now more so since visiting this beacon in the fog the other day. Sadly, men have died there keeping the light lit back in the day.

The old patio (if you could call it that) is being dug out here today!!! Damn, these guys work fast!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

08:17 AM EST [Link] Iris First Light! [comments: 0]
iris2016 (108k image)
Upon leaving the house this morning, I was greeted with my first Iris blooming of the seaon in my garden! #gardennerd

On the would-like-to-read-next list (keeping up the challenge of reading as much as I can this year): Catullus' Bedspread: The Life of Rome's Most Erotic Poet, The Dragon Behind the Glass: A True Story of Power, Obsession, and the World's Most Coveted Fish, and Lost Among the Birds: Accidentally Finding Myself in One Very Big Year.

You may have noticed I've started watermarking some of my shots. I'm doing this in case I ever want to sell prints (minus the watermark of course). If you still want one without the mark though, if you ask nicely, I may still just give it away. Naturally, the originals of each are much higher resolution than what I post here on this site to save bandwidth.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

09:23 AM EST [Link] Success and New Things [comments: 0]
Well, I finally got around the making the soap. Overall it was successful and I even bathed with it this morning. I still need to perfect the amount of oil so that the scent isn't too overpowering but overall I am pleased with the results. It's actually pretty easy. I think next time I'd rather add some sort of crystalline substance for exfoliation purposes rather than herbs as I think I'd like that better. Anyways, that's done - now on to next projects! New sectional couch and chair/ottomens coming! Masonry contractors coming to start patio work! 3-season room finishing! More planting/gardening (I was able to harvest our first tomato yesterday - looks great!)

Today's Cute: Look inside a Puffin burrow, live!

Monday, May 30, 2016

04:44 PM EST [Link] Memorial Day 2016 [comments: 0]
rc0028_400 (175k image)
Some more sights from this holiday weekend. The turkey we saw just driving on the road on the way home. The surf is from yesterday. Now onto making some soap!
rc0003_400 (112k image)

10:34 AM EST [Link] Happy Memorial Day [comments: 0]
tidepools (180k image)
Different worlds inches apart.

Happy Memorial Day! Today is a bit rainy, so it'll probably be a lay low type of day - just as well, I have some painting, soap making, and reading I'd like to get done (Working on Project Puffin now, what an amazing story and has reignited my love for that bird - perhaps a Maine trip to see them again this summer). Yesterday was the high activity day, hitting towns like Plymouth (where we had a great lunch and I took a bunch of pics, sadly the Mayflower II wasn't at it's dock). I've never been to the Plantation btw, which seems strange being a native Massachusettian but whatevs. The high point for me was visiting Minot Point. In some ways I wish it was a clear day so I could get a better look at it, but in others, the fog makes it look sorta cool and eerie, which I suppose it usually is there, hence the need for it in the first place. I was going to attempt to see the local town parade today but they called it off due to the rain, although it's not raining now! Go figs.

All the plants appear to be doing well, some even better than I expected! More containers have been purchased - I want to get this place covered in living fashion, and can't wait to start reaping the benefits one they really start churning along.

Anyways, this day is all about remembering our fallen soldiers who paid to ultimate price so that I could enjoy these and many other freedoms.

coh_1 (137k image)
Shot along the shore of Kingston/Plymouth

Sunday, May 29, 2016

06:06 PM EST [Link] Today's Adventure (Minot Point) [comments: 0]
minot_small (62k image)

Paid a visit to this place today! This is Minot's Ledge Lighthouse off the coast of Cohasset. It's known as the 1-4-3 (I love you) lighthouse because it's light pattern is one flash, then 4, then 3.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

08:21 PM EST [Link] Blue Skies Smiling at Me [comments: 0]
nairport16 (159k image)

We had lunch down at the local airport today. Place is pretty good. Too hot today to make burgers tonight, plus still full from the lunch - maybe tomorrow.

Was able to procure the ingredients to make the soap bars I plan to create. Perhaps that will be done tomorrow as well. Today was pretty low key, I basically watched DVR'd Dateline and 20/20s. And a bunch of old Bond movie reruns which I've seen so many times I can quote the actual scripts word for word.

01:29 PM EST [Link] Today is Burger Day [comments: 0]
burgday16 (38k image)Happy International Burger Day! We'll be grilling up some tonight to celebrate for sure!

Damn, is it hot out today!

Friday, May 27, 2016

06:50 PM EST [Link] More Friday Fun [comments: 0]
flow527 (218k image)

Breaking up today's entries a bit. What else did we do? Planted more flowers (I'm really on a garden/reading kick this year). Went to a pond for an afternoon break. Checked out some appliances to replace the ones here because they're old and ass. Now that the 3-season room/deck are almost done and look so good, the adjoining outside patio looks like ass, so we be getting that done over as well, starting end of next week. Place is shaping up! For dinner tonight, made our own little concoction, the cord salad classic we make with salmon on a burger roll and a side of little tiny potatoes that I sliced and we sauteed up. Oh yeah, and we placed LD's little handpainted stones in the boxes to which plants they belonged to, although we'll have to craft up some more. Also did a bunch of domestic stuff like cutting the lawn, etc.

potatocut (115k image)
Cutting up the potatoes

09:29 AM EST [Link] Friday May 27, 2016 [comments: 0]
afternoon52716 (158k image)
Afternoon break
52716_001 (258k image)
Hanging gardens
52716_002 (91k image)
Raised bed protector?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

07:28 AM EST [Link] Marshmallow and Red Noses [comments: 0]
My android phone upgraded itself to 6.0 this morning - codename Marshmallow. I'll see how it goes, and maybe it's just me, but it does seem to be running a little better. I noticed they changed the look of the icons a bit but overall I don't see much of a change. I do see they have added some more emojis. I have a Galaxy S5. I look on the web later and delve more into it when I have some time.

Rode the bike in today - first time this week - I think I am going to try to do it at least twice a week moving forward, depending on factors. I must say, I do find it actually a bit relaxing.

Today is also Red Nose Day. I still have mine from last year.

rednose2016 (36k image)
Doing my part for Rednose Day

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

06:18 PM EST [Link] More Reading [comments: 0]
Well, after work today I headed to the closest bookstore looking for the book I mentioned in my previous entry but they didn't have it yet. However I did buy Project Puffin by Kress and Jackson (autographed copy!), and Goatman by Thwaites. I'm also reading Lust & Wonder by Burroughs courtesy of LD.

That should fill my reading quota for this month!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

12:39 PM EST [Link] Reading Next and Soap Making [comments: 0]
Next up on my reading list, after now finishing learning about the history of the Postal Service (I give that 4 out of 5 stars, also did you know that people used to actually mail their kids because it was cheaper than getting them a train ticket?!): Lost Among the Birds: Accidentally Finding Myself in One Very Big Year by Neil Hayward. I like birds, I like finding myself, sounds like a good read.

I have an idea of trying to create my own soap using some herbs from the garden, like rosemary for instance. I found some "recipes" in a magazine to do just this, so I think I might try it soon.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

02:53 PM EST [Link] Assembly Row, Nahant, Revere, more! [comments: 0]
nahant (88k image)

After a morning jaunt to Assembly Row (to see some charity dog run FastandFurriest), went to Nahant to see some sights and then got some Kelly's at Revere Beach, and all before 1 pm! Now it's off to do some domestic chores and ore planting before the next wave!

nahant3 (49k image)
Nahant harbor
nahant2 (84k image)
#lovemylife #grateful

After all that fun, mowed the lawn and planted some more things! Ageratum, Celia, Impatiens, Red Salvia, Torenia, and Nemesia (some of the plants right into the ground - others in various planter containers to spruce the decks!)

So, so far this weekend has been action packed crazy busy but fun! Cambridge Bike ride, cooking, planting, revere beach dodging the birds while eating Kelly's, Assembly row dog walk, Nahant visit, various trips to various stores, reading, Wellesley Colonial reenactment (like stepping back in time to like 1775!), doing yard work, talking to contractors regarding possible patio upgrades, and trying out a new spaghetti sauce!

hplanter2016 (190k image)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

06:15 PM EST [Link] Geese Crossing? [comments: 0]
well_3 (88k image)
LD made some cool labels for all the various plants we have by crafting them! So cool!

And while getting more plants, stopped by to see these geese that we think are a cross between the Embden and a Canadian Goose. Not totally sure if that's possible, but they do seem to be doing the parenting duties together. Also, while there there was some sort of colonial reenactment going on, but I only snapped a quick pick of these two baby sheep that were there.

well_1 (97k image)
well_2 (113k image)

Now it's off to make some salad with some corn that I separate the kernels from the ear which I then sautee, we mix it with some tomato, lettuce, orange, and some other things. LD got us some cool matching aprons - one says "We go together" and the other says "Like rock n roll". The first has a cartoon of a guitar and the word "Mapman" and the 2nd has a cartoon of drums and the word "Ladydoc". Perhaps a picture of us in them will be forthcoming.

03:44 PM EST [Link] Reel Ride 2016 [comments: 0]
reelbike2016 (98k image)
Whew, I'm a little tired after biking 14 miles along with 100 or so other folks for the Cambridge Reel Ride Bike Tour this morning. It was a beautiful morning so I went down, got my bike, and headed on over to the starting point! Pretty cool having a police detail blocking all the cars, especially through the major squares like Central and Harvard. Sorta cool being in a peloton of riders - passersby smiling and wondering what the heck was this big band of bicyclers doing. It's essentially a ride around the town passing by various locations where movie scenes were shot, or where theatres used to be back in the day. Free lunch provided by the culinary art students at the high score - it was pretty good! I'll be sure to link up any more pictures from the ride as they become available. Unfortunately I didn't win the raffle for free passes to the Brattle or Kendell theatres.

treeporch (108k image)

Also, just as an aside, as I was heading down there I saw this cool front porch where this tree just decided to climb all around it. This picture doesn't really do it justice, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

11:19 AM EST [Link] Boston's Invisible Poems [comments: 0]
This sounds kinda cool. The city's been placing poems on the sidewalks around town, but you can't see them until they get wet in the rain.

Where are Boston's invisible poems?

09:00 AM EST [Link] My latest Art Piece [comments: 0]
A three-dimensional shadowbox woodcut of the first board of MsPacman is now ready to be proudly displayed in the gameroom!

mspacwoodcut (168k image)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

06:18 PM EST [Link] Little Free Librarys [comments: 0]
You know those little free library's that are popping up all over - generally a little decorated box with books inside that one can take and then leave a book of their own for someone else? There's a resource that's trying to document them all, including mapping them, so you can find them.


I biked past two of them today! I'm probably going to donate some of my books to some of these because I have too many books hanging around.


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