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Hanging with Noelle LeBlanc from Damone! BEst. Picture. EVER! (6.2.07)

Epcot Nights / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Pelican Along Bay Lake, Orlando Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Bird / Discovery Cove, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Lion King / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Japan / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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White Ibis / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Goofy Hat / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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On Jumbo / Orlando, FL (Jan. 2015)
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Egret / Orlando, FL (Jan. 2015)
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Monorail /Orlando, FL (Jan. 2015)
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The Wolf. Bridgeport CT (11.15.14)
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Duck Pond, Bridgeport CT (11.15.14)
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Baby Goats, Bridgeport CT (11.15.14)
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River Otters, Bridgeport Ct (11.15.14)
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Approaching the Bat Shack, Moose Hill, Sharon MA (10.26.14)
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Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Downtown Maynard, MA (10.19.14)
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New England Fall Scene (10.19.14)
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Virgin Mary, Maynard MA (10.19.14)
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Turkey, Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, MA (10.19.14)
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Barn and Tree, Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, MA (10.19.14)
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Funky Rooster, Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, MA (10.19.14)
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Sheeps, Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, MA (10.19.14)
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Swans, Wellesley College (10.18.14)
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Mountain Lion - Yikes!, Bergen County, NJ  (10.5.14)
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Soulful Cow somewhere in Old Lyme CT (9.21.14)
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Snowy Egret in Old saybrook, CT (9.21.14)
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Birds in Old Saybrook, CT (9.21.14)
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Swans in Old Saybrook Ct (9.20.14)
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Old Tracks in Old Saybrook CT (9.20.14)
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Old Saybrook, CT (9.20.14)
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Pigeon Cove, Rockport, MA (9.7.14)
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Pigeon Cove, Rockport, MA (9.7.14)
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Egrets, Glocester MA (9.7.14)
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Alpaca Farm, Sudbury MA (8.23.14)
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Alpaca Farm, Sudbury MA (8.23.14)
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Flowers and a Footbridge (8.23.14)
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A Scene in Princeton, NJ (Aug. 2014)
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GFS August 2014 Seward Johnson Exhibit
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Ned's Point, Mattapoisett MA (8.16.14)
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Fairhaven Coastline (8.16.14)
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Shells Washed Ashore in Buzzards Bay (8.16.14)
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American Gothic, GFS, Princeton NJ 'Merica! (8.10.14)
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Making Mona Lisa Smile, GFS, Princeton NJ (8.10.14)
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Unconditional Surennder, GFS, Princeton NJ (8.10.14)
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65-ft Marilyn Monroe, Grounds for Sculpture, Princeton NJ (8.10.14)
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Motif Number 1 - Take 2, Rockport, MA (8.1.14)
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Octopus made of Glass at Harvard U. (8/3/14)
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Giant Spider in Sandwich, MA (July 2014)
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Whale Sculpture for Sale! Brewster, MA (July 2014)
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Skaket Beach Sunset, Orleans MA (July 2014)
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Brewster Grist Mill Herring Run Spot (July 2014)
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Brewster Grist Mill Herring Run Spot (July 2014)
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Provincetown, MA (July 2014)
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Glossy Ibis Sighting, Wellfleet MA (July 20140
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Northern Flicker woodpecker sighting (7.5.14)
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Boston Skyline from across the Harbor in Weymouth (7.6.14)
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Rows and Rows of Carousel Horses (6.28.14)
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No Papparazzi Please! (6.28.14)
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A Couple of Barn Owls (6.28.14)
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Tiger Sighting (6.28.14)
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A Kind of Egret (6.28.14)
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Prarie Dog (6.28.14)
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Sleeping Fox (6.28.14)
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Baby Blue Jay (6.22.14)
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Another Egret Sighting this time Marshfield (6.22.14)
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Chief Woodenhead (6.22.14)
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Birds along the Occean (6.22.14)
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Broadmoor Sights (6.21.14)
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

05:49 PM EST [Link] This week [comments: 0]
Spent much of the day on Tuesday shoveling and dealing with 24" of snow. Ugh. More snow is coming (but I hear it won't be so much). When there's this much snow it's hard to find places to put it all. Good thing I have a massage scheduled for Saturday.

Implant is in! Begin the healing process! So far, I'm very pleased with how its turning out. It really is amazing how far technology has come. Once it heals in about 2 months I'll be done!

Ready for the Super Bowl! (ok, and the Puppy Bowl).

Sunday, January 25, 2015

05:53 PM EST [Link] Back to It [comments: 0]
Welp, back to the grind, and it looks like we a due for a massive storm on Tuesday. Great. As if I didn't have enough fun shoveling the previous storms remnants yesterday (and that was tiny compared to whats coming). Plus it looks like I got a ton of work to do after checking my email. Guess I'm working from home that day, in between shoveling etc. Hopefully no problems. Plus I have oral surgery on Thursday so I'll def. be out that day. Going to be a very interesting week.

On a positive note, I was able to correct LDs computer. Come to find out there was a tricky little trojan hiding in there, which I finally successfully eradicated.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

02:17 PM EST [Link] Back to New England [comments: 0]
Back to the cold and the snow!


And I hear about is deflated footballs!


Friday, January 23, 2015

07:21 PM EST [Link] Back in Beantown [comments: 0]
magickingdom_s (75k image)

Back in Boston now, and we are getting snow. Blah! I rather enjoyed sunny 70 degree days. Pretty psyched that everyday we were there was sunny and 70s. The first day was a bit overcast but it didn't rain! I got to check out places such as the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and an entire day at a place called Discovery Cove (A part of SeaWorld) which has some really cool water features and swimming with dolphins. I didn't do the dolphin thing, but the Ladydoc did. Got some great photos from the event.

The last day was a little stressful trying to get back, with the kids being themselves, and having the absolute slowest bus driver in the world to get back to the airport, but we made it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

05:25 PM EST [Link] Dolphins, Sunning, and Rides, Oh My! [comments: 0]
florcol1 (457k image)

Just some quick snaps from the week so far.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

05:23 PM EST [Link] Orlando! [comments: 1]
Off to Orlando Florida! 70 degree temps all week! Booya!

6:52 am: Waiting at the gate!
10:30 am: In Orlando!

Let the fun begin!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

03:14 PM EST [Link] Allston Rock City Visit II [comments: 0]
Allston-m (30k image)Yesterday evening, we went to a restuarant/bar called SKY just outsode of Foxboro and saw the exciting Patriots game. I ended up getting the lobster mac & cheese. LD got the filet.

This afternoon, went to Allston-Brighton for some new sneakers, and also to buy some more necessities for the trip. Can't believe it's this week already! Very exciting! Hopefully everything will go swimmingly. LD was also kind enough to drive around so I could find that mural - one that I've been wanting to visit for a while.

Also took down some of the xmas lights, but not all!

Friday, January 9, 2015

02:18 PM EST [Link] Getting Close [comments: 0]
It's been a pretty busy week for me, especially at work, but it's the good kind of busy - plus I was able to really generate some really killer stuff that's hopefully going to be real helpful for the decision makers. Mostly it's trying to get things done before I'm gone for a week and a half.

Got up early this morning because I noticed my car needed to get inspected before the end of the month, and I figure I better get it out of the way because of the big trip coming up next week. When I first heard about it, I wasn't all that enthused, but now I'm getting stoked for it - think it'll be fun. Car passed inspection, btw, with flying colors, as it always does. Then I finished some errands that I needed to address as well.

I've been in the process of slowly packing my new carry-on for the trip. I hate to have to rush because I inevitably always forget something and then I'm kicking myself in the ass about it. Hopefully I will have prepared appropriately - I like to have something for every weather occasion - just in case.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

06:02 PM EST [Link] Toasty [comments: 0]
Good day to stay indoors as the weather outside is pretty awful looking, although not too cold. I used the opportunity to set up LD's Ninja Blender and a wifi meat thermometer I got her a while back so that we'll know when stuff is down without having to babysit the items or be unsure of it's done-ness. Still messing on the computer off and on trying to get rid of the infection but not making much progress - getting closer and closer to nuking it.

Did try lunch out in Newton today at a place called New England Soup Factory. It was a good day for soup, for sure.

A thing we started doing is reading our own books together. I am reading another book on Jumbo Why are all these book written by British authors? Is it because the elephant spent so much time at the London Zoo?), and she's reading some Scarpetta stuff. Nice, quiet, and toasty.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

08:03 PM EST [Link] Taking the Plunge [comments: 0]
11 days til the Disney trip! That's crazy! I've never been to Disney, or the state of Florida for that matter, so I'm looking pretty forward to this trip. Should be interesting - I hope to get a lot of great pics too.

Today LD finally bit the bullet and got rid of her iPhone for the Samsung S5. Welcome to Android land! I think she's going to like it better and besides, most of us have one now so commuting and sharing with each other should be easier. While waiting in the Verizon store annoying sales people kept bugging me. I' not interested in anything you have - a have my own cable, internet, and phone providers which I'm very happy with - none of which is you. I basically had to be pretty rude to get this kid off of me. Hate hanging around those places.

Unfortunately I inadvertently loaded LD's laptop up with some particularly nasty malware which I've been trying to eradicate for the last couple of days. I'm coming to my wits end trying to get rid of it. I consider myself fairly tech savvy but this is making me pull my hair out. Worse case scenario I'll just reinstall windows but its such a pain. It's Windows 8 too which I find wicked annoying because I'm so used to previous versions that I can't find where certain tools are.

Friday, January 2, 2015

03:23 PM EST [Link] Union St Visit [comments: 0]
Went to Union St. Restaurant today. I highly recommend it - everything looked amazing!

Yesterday we also got a look at one of those android wear watch thingies that a friend got for xmas. Really impressive but why do you need to android phone then? It seems like they need each other to work, so then why bother? Cool tech, tho!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

08:24 PM EST [Link] Dartmouth Daytrip [comments: 0]
datm2015_1 (126k image)

Fun day of celebrating the New Year with friends.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

05:37 PM EST [Link] Highlights 2014 Yearend Review [comments: 1]
Jan 01-23: Various/Denville, NJ/Beth Israel Hosp/MassDPH Offices/AcusnetMA
Feb 07-09: Parsippany, NJ area
Feb 16 - Wellesley MA College (The Sleepwalker Statue visit)
I had to see this thing before it disappeared - it was so weird, naturally I got a photo taken with it
Feb 21 - win 2 free tix to Scarab: Journey Trib band at Norwood Theatre, Norwood MA
Not the best concert I ever saw, but can't beat free tix
Mar 01 - Waltham Breakfast/Dartmouth Visit Dinner
Mar 04 - LD Birthday Celeb at Sky
Mar 06-09 NJ Family Trip #3/Pompton Queen
What I consider the best diner in Jersey
Mar 10 - Car hits 100,000 miles
Mar 22 - Movie "Her" @ Kendall Sq
Mar 29 - Visit to Egypt, MA (also Scituate & Fairview Inn, Marshfield)
Never knew there was an Egypt - saw it on Chronicle, and so did a bunch of other folks as visitors to the site were abundant after the show
Apr 10-13 - NJ Trip #4 (Alstead Farms - Chester NJ / Recycling Dinner Morris County)
Apr 18-20 - Warden&Wanni Visiting up from NJ/Liz weekend stay
May 3 - Museum of Modern Renaissance visit
I passed by this place a million times but it's generally not open to the public - glad to take advantage of them accepting visitors during Open Studios
May 5 - lego giraffe visit assembly somerville
May 10 - Boston / Pre-Mother's Daytrip (downtown/northend) - Amazing Spiderman2 Movie
May 20/21 - Samsung S3 swapped for S5 model.
May 25-26 - Ogunquit Maine Overnight stay
Where I also met "the little people"
May 28-29 - @DPH for MMJ Presentations
Jun 01 - Jamaica Pond Visit
Jun 02 - Governor's Office MMJ Presentation
This was a big deal - I'm glad I got to experience it - not something you get to do everyday
Jun 05-07 - Patty Longwood - Hospital Brigham & Women's
One of the worst times of the year, but got through it
Jun 15 - Dartmouth MA
Jun 21-22 Marshfield Hikes, Jersey Boys Movie @ SuperLux Chestnut Hill
Jun 25 - meeting with Rep. Sanchez and Sen. @ HHS and @DPH re: MMJ
Jun 27 - MEDIA DAY for MMJ (my stuff on tv news)
Too bad I was just out of the shot during filming, but my stuff went off without a hitch so that was good.
Jun 28-29 Bridgeport CT Trip (zoo/waterslide Hampton)
This Hampton has a crazy waterslide that starts in the building, goes outside, and then back in. Most have been some other hotel before because Hamptons don;t usually have a water feature like tis thing.
July 5 - BBQ with Kimberly & Kevin Westboro, MA
Never saw so many hotdogs in one place, fine until peeps starting talking "Mommy Club"
July 6 - Webb Memorial Park, Weymouth MA
July 18-25 Yearly Cape Getaway/Heritage Garden and museums/Brewster/Provincetown/Orleans/Eastham/Chatham...
July 31 - Aug 4 Ginny Visit featuring stops @ Gloucester/Rockport/Harvard Square
Some more cool things to show a visitor around, had the best lobster roll in Gloucester at a place we love to go, and since it's nearby had to visit Motif No.1, visited the Harvard Museums and then did sorta a mini bar crawl in Harvard where we ended up in this wicked loud tavern. I also manned the grill and produced some primo BBQ.
Aug 8-12 New Jersey/Sculpture Park/Princeton NJ
My Birthday trip - where else could I see a 50 foot Marilyn Monroe from the 7 Year Itch?
Aug 16 - Beach House hang Fairhaven MA Afternoon/ Mattapoisett Ned's Point
Aug 18 - MMJ Lunch Celebrating Project of the Quarter
Aug 23 - Alpaca Farm Sudbury MA
Aug 29-Sept1 NJ/Motley Crue/Alice Cooper/Mountain Lakes, NJ/Mystic, CT/Whalers Inn/Chapel Grille Cranston RI
This was a cool trip, got introduced to a bunch of cool places
Sept 7 - Gloucester/Rockport MA/Good Harbor/Pigeon Cove. The Dogtown Area (eerie and disconcerting)
Dogtown is fucking scary!
Sep 13-14 - Begin start of redoing upstairs bathroom / New Fridge Purchase (Norwood)
Sept 19-22 LADYDOC APPRECIATION 2014 - Old Saybrook Inn, Old Saybrook CT and environs
Sep 27 - Wellesley College walkabout
Sep 28 - Marshfield/Duxbury Day Trips
Oct3-5 - Madison, NJ
Took myself an a walkabout of the little town - city of roses, but the architecture of many of the buildings are really beautiful if you look around a bit
Oct 10 - Roxy's Allston Brick&Mortar visit and hang w/owner
They make the best grilled cheese sandwiches
Oct 17 - Boston Common/Edgar Allen Poe Statue visit
Some literary culture for myself
Oct 19 - Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, Maynard, Sudbury, Stow visits
Oct 25-26 - Dover/Needham/Moose Hill/Sharon visits
Oct 30 - MMJ Plaque awarded
I'll show it off to you sometime
Oct 31 - mtg @ DPH re; MMJ
Project can be trying at times, but in a way it's kinda cool to get so much publicity about it (even if it isn't all positive, but that's not on us)
Nov 9 - Pancakes/Dartmouth MA
Nov 15-16 - Jun 28-29 Bridgeport CT Trip (zoo/waterslide Hampton): The Sequel
Nov 28 - Thanksgiving Dartmouth MA
Nov 29 - Movie double date with L and D/ Chestnut Hill SuperLux/ Theory of Everything
Need another date, pronto! Yards in Allston? Tea @ Taj? Howl at the Moon trip? Aquarium visit (new tank)? MIT Museum visit? (I want to do this soon). Carrie Nation restaurant? Combos?
Dec 3 - Tooth breaks again / lost forever Dec4 - 1st appt
Appointments are set for January/Feb so hopefully it wont be too long in getting repaired
Dec 5 - Therapy Dogs @ Cirque de DeStress
This was a really cool event, so glad I was able to experience it and see how it all worked. Big hit with the kids - planning on going to another one in the Spring
Dec 7 - Alpaca Farm visit in Millis / Luminaries II Circle of Hope lightup Norwood MA
Becoming a yearly tradition - to honor our lost loved ones
Dec 13 - Private House Party Holiday Party/Trolling neighborhood for xmas lights
Red wine + white couch = Ouch!
Dec 22 - Lunch at the Lafayette House
A place where George Washington and Ben Franklin also dined back in the day, and now us.
Dec 24-28 New Jersey Xmas trip (Morristown/Whippany/LH)
Another walkabout admiring the scenery, celebrating the holidays with the little ones, dressing up as Santa and Batman (pics avail on request)

This entry will be updated as I add more thoughts about things...stay tuned. As for tonight, just staying inside wand relaxing - maybe pump up the jukebox. I think this is the first time in 6 years we haven't been out of town around New Years - I'm saving up the time for Disney. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

07:39 PM EST [Link] Busy B [comments: 0]
Got a splitting headache as I'm trying to bang out a bunch of stuff at work before the holiday. I was quite busy today but I got most of it done, so I feel pretty good about that. Juggling four different projects right now all at the same time, and each has its time in the spotlight, you know. Just a quick recap, I re captioned three hour long each presentation videos, set up a couple of weather frequency maps for an internal client, updated two different websites which various requests, made a bunch of PDF reports ADA compliant, and generated a couple of maps showing populations currently under served on a state project. All in a day's work!

So, for the rest of tonight, I'm going to turn my brain off, get into my jammies, and watch some old reruns of Law& Order until I just float into oblivion.

Monday, December 29, 2014

07:14 PM EST [Link] Cool House Phone [comments: 0]
One of the gifts I received for this xmas was the Panasonic KX-PRS120 and am I glad I did! This thing rocks - I especially like the screen but also the myriad features it possesses. I did some research a while back before the holiday to see what I would like and this one came up with good reviews and I can see why. It even was a product design award in 2014. I like that the answering machine is built right into the receiver. I like the color screen. I like the talking caller-id and ability to block unwanted numbers (which will come in real handy since my number is one digit off from the local ambulance office billing number so I get a lot of calls of people with questions about their bills), and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I'm still in the process of setting it all up but so far, I recommend it.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

09:33 PM EST [Link] Morristown Visit [comments: 0]

cwmt2014_2 (140k image)

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

08:25 PM EST [Link] Ho Ho Ho! [comments: 2]
santab2104 (101k image)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the great state of New Jersey!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

05:03 PM EST [Link] Old School Dining [comments: 2]
Had lunch today at a place called the Lafayette House, which apparently has been around so long that George Washington and Ben Franklin also ate there. Pretty cool that a place that old is still around. It really is like a house with different rooms and such. Now I can say that George Washington and I both ate there.

Finishing wrapping up the presents for the kids and all for the holiday. Kinda tiring after a while. Especially since I can't wrap for beans. I can never get the edges just right. But the lights look nice, no?

xmaslightsn (102k image)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

11:42 AM EST [Link] Thats a wrap? [comments: 0]
I suck at wrapping presents. Can never get the edges right. However, I am pleased that all the holiday lights are finally up, and various other tasks around and outside the house are now complete!

Friday, December 19, 2014

07:37 PM EST [Link] Goodbye Rajon [comments: 0]
I'ma gonna miss ya buddy.

But, the future must move on.

Time will tell if it helped in the long run.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

02:09 PM EST [Link] Google Barrel Rolls [comments: 0]
Go ahead, go to google and type in the search box "Do a barrel roll" and see what happens!

01:26 PM EST [Link] Bostonhenge? [comments: 0]
Somebody has put together a map showing local streets that align with the rising and setting sun on the winter solstice, which is this Sunday.

Monday, December 15, 2014

02:57 PM EST [Link] The Waiting Game [comments: 0]
In the store yesterday:

Naturally pick out a line, all were full, I just randomly pick one, I don't try to figure out which one is moving faster since inevitably no matter which one I pick ends up being the slowest. Bunch of people in front - end up waiting maybe 6-8 minutes.

Lady in front of me. Her stuff comes to like 40 bucks. Hands cashier a coupon. Gets down to 30ish bucks. Looks for some more coupons - takes a little while. Finds 2. Cashier scans. Eventually gets it down to like 10 bucks. This all takes like 3 minutes although it seems an eternity. Lady asks about stupid stuff. Amazing there wasn't more of a problem doing this as I've found is usually the case.

Lady hands cashier a 100 dollar bill. Not enough change. Have to wait for manager to get more money for change. Sigh. Wait time another 3 minutes. Eternity times two. Funny thing is I think so any had very few items. Figures. Optical Illusions.

Finally I'm up - show my two items. Done in under a 30 seconds. Outta there.


Decided to drop some coin on myself and buy the kindle version of the book, Jumbo: The Unauthorised Biography of a Victorian Sensation. What can I say? I'm a Jumbo fan.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

02:05 PM EST [Link] Chasing the Trolley [comments: 0]
xmas02l (109k image)Ended up being quite the busy day yesterday. Started off with trying to get some holiday shopping done - just a bunch of little things initially, I think the bulk of the rest of it will be done through online venues. Although I did get the cats all their treats - what the heck do they put in that Pounce product? It's like crack for cats - they devour it like crazy.

Stores are too much hassle with all the people. The it was outside to get the holiday lights and reindeers set up, still got a little more to do out there but it's looking good now.

In the evening, went to a house party we were invited to and stayed there for a few hours and mingled. And then after that spent some time checking out more house lights around since we were in the neighborhood. I found a couple on my own but then we basically just tailed a trolley that people had paid to get on to a take a tour of them. Why do that when you can just tail the trolley? And we got to see some more that way - some of them are really outrageous. Unfortunately we got it towards the tail end of the tour so we probably missed a bunch, but by then we had had our fill and sleep was fast approaching. (I'm still feeling the effects of the punch laced with vodka from the house party today).

Friday, December 12, 2014

09:48 AM EST [Link] Testing Out Google Camera [comments: 0]
Downloaded and been playing around with the Photosphere and Panorama modes of Google's Android camera app lately. I don't know - although it stitches together really well I can't seem to take any photos worth sharing with anyone using the feature, especially the photosphere mode. Maybe I just need to find a scenic vista nearby or something - stuff around the house is blah. Also it took me a little bit to figure out how to work it since it didn't come with directions (although they can be found online) but it would have been nice to include something. Am I getting too old?

Monday, December 8, 2014

06:50 PM EST [Link] Holy Xmas Light Batman! [comments: 2]
xmaslights01s (171k image)

Here's a house all lit up just outside Davis Square that I've he3ard about and decided to take a ride to whilst driving home from work tonight. Holy Moley! - the picture doesn't do it justice. If I have time I'll try to drive around more and maybe find some other properties equally brilliantly displayed - this burg does usually have a few of them around.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

08:21 PM EST [Link] Luminaries of Light! [comments: 0]
Bought and watched the lighting of the luminaries on the Town Common early this evening. They even use real fire, which can be tricky as we saw a couple of bags needing to be replaced due to the whole bag burning in flames - but once it's all done and they are all gleaming in the night, it really does look nice and honors our loved ones. I bought two in remembrance of my grandparents and LD got two for her parents, and we just watched the lights flickering, after we dedicated them to who we wanted and wrote our thoughts and prayers on the labels.
lum6009 (172k image)

12:58 PM EST [Link] Alpaca Lovins! [comments: 0]
pacas (32k image) Took a trip to an open house at an alpaca farm this morning! They are one of my favorite animals - so soft and docile, plus I just think they look really cute. It seemed like you could hug them personally from the various adverts I seen but once there, it didn't seem quite the same. Well, I suppose you could sort of hug them from the neck, but not get down alone with them and hold them in your arms totally. I guess it makes sense - maybe they only do that once in a while under a certain supervision, and with baby ones - which I didn't really see there.

You can actually buy a live one at this particular place if one is so inclined and has the resources. I did entertain the possibility briefly, but there's no way. Still, it was an interesting fantasy.

Afterwards ate an eggs benedict at a bakery called Twist which was very good in Millis, Massachusetts. Originally stopped by some 50's diner type place but it didn't look all the great, and it's Yelp reviews left something to be desired. Now it's off to Home Depot for some extension cords and timers to get those reindeer set up outside.


back. Uhmm, Home Depot Xmas lights section is a little insane. Actually saw a couple fighting over something. He had a plan , she didn't think so, or didn't like the plan, or maybe he really had no plan. Anyways, it's a bit testy in there, which is really ridiculous when you think about it. Maybe the crowds are getting to people - I know they get to me!

Update: Arrgh! The outside outlet isn't working. Cue my Clark Griswold from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation moment! #%@^%#^@. We'll have to put that on the back burner for another day or two, bummer, going to take someone with a bit more electrical knowhow than me - I did have a sneaking suspicion this might happen, next time should listen to my instincts more - Oh well, got other stuff to get done now...like checking out the luminaries!

12:54 PM EST [Link] The Imitation Game [comments: 0]
I'm a big fan of Turing, you know, artificial intelligence - cracking the Enigma code and all, so maybe in the next few I'll go see this movie based on his life. Looks pretty good, plus the guy was a bit mysterious - no doubt due t the fact that he had to hide his lifestyle - I'm sure that was painfully difficult for him.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

05:15 PM EST [Link] Reindeer assembly [comments: 0]
rein_ass (58k image)

Getting ready for the holidays around here!

Friday, December 5, 2014

05:13 PM EST [Link] Therapy Dogs! [comments: 0]
001_therapydog (88k image)
001_boardart (91k image)

What a fun event! I had a blast jut checking out the dogs - biggest part of the show naturally - real hit with the students, and it was cool to interact with them a little bit in the library to do artsy-crafts type things, meet some of the folks who work there or other departments who chose to volunteer for the event, have some food, and just chill and watch the kids' reactions. I feel really lucky that I was able to help out and attend this event. I never thought in a million years I'd be coloring and hanging artwork in the library of a college in Boston and getting to see how it all works together. I'm keeping my visitor sticker which says I had access to the whole campus (as a visitor for the day) - very cool.

11:11 AM EST [Link] Therapy Dogs Visit [comments: 0]
I'm off to visit and help out with therapy dogs at a local college! Let's see how it goes and maybe I'll elaborate more on the experience later!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

07:43 PM EST [Link] Cool Charging Cable [comments: 0]
I don't have an iPhone but if you do, you ,might like this charging cable. Really wish they made one for Android - looks really cool to me. product line. Oh, maybe they do - but I don't see any USB 3.0 there.

01:25 PM EST [Link] Jumbo will live forever! [comments: 0]
Here's a great informative video about Jumbo, the Tufts mascot. I wanted to get down there to see the exhibit but I think I'm going to be missing it. Ah well. I did find some photos of the exhibit in display. What I didn't realize is how ingrained into our culture he became, for example, when we describe something, like a Jumbo jet, that terminology goes back from Jumbo. His name became a word in the language..

Well, I fractured a tooth last night and it can't be fixed so I'm going for an implant. Consult with the oral surgeon today went well. Now just have to get the process rolling along and get it done. I don't need any bone grafts and it sounds like this procedure may be easier/quicker than last time. That would be awesome. I still need to get what's left of the tooth extracted - they couldn't do that today but it shouldn't be long. I figure within the next week or so. Thankfully that tooth was root canalled a decade and a half ago so theres no pain. And to top off all that, the plumber is here today because of "a problem." Geez.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

08:53 AM EST [Link] Gift to Myself [comments: 0]
limsomhoodie (75k image)Totally digging wearing my new limited edition hoodie today. I got it off a kickstarter-type site but they only made a limited few (like, very few), so I was glad I was able to contribute and get one while I could. I like that it's not made out of crap either - it's feels really well made, always a plus, especially the way I always end up doing laundry.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

05:39 PM EST [Link] Yin and Yang [comments: 0]
Today was spent getting the house in a little bit of order, hitting some shopping outlets, getting ready for the next holiday of course, and looking for a good carry on for our flight in January. I spent some time trying to put together some lighted reindeer which I hope to have finished and frolicking around out front this time next weekend. The lights work great but some reason the animatronic head isn't turning. And of course stringing up some new LED holiday lights.

On the docket in the next few days are trying to plan how to see some therapy dogs on Friday, a Holiday party at the Intercontinental Hotel next Wednesday, and checking out some lights at the Circle of Hope (we purchase luminaries and dedicate them to loved ones) and the displays at La Salette at some point real soon, and visiting the Acorn Alpaca Ranch in Millis, just because they are so cute.

Another thing for my wishlist: Keyport Slide 2.0. I'm basically just putting these wishlist items on here for myself so I don't forget later.

Some have said I haven't uploaded any furbabies pictures in a while so here's one. A rarity as these two rarely like to sit next to eachother.

yinyang (76k image)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

08:21 PM EST [Link] Theory of Everything [comments: 1]
Saw the movie The Theory of Everything this afternoon with another couple, Liesl and Dave! The movie was pretty good, detailing the personal life of Stephen Hawking, the cosmologist. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, can't wait to do it again! Then afterwards went for some burgers at a place called The Fireside in Brookline. Yesterday spent most of the day at another friend's house in Dartmouth.

Things thinking of buying:

I think I may wish to purchase this meat thermometer as it's wireless, seems cool, practical, and might help when we cook.

Think I might really want this lens for my dSLR but it is pricey. Maybe Santa will be good to me this year :)

08:42 AM EST [Link] So Much for the Pumpkin [comments: 0]
sqr (136k image)


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