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Us in Digital Art (Dreamy) (Feb. 2016)
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Reeds at Sunset, Fort Pheonix, New Bedord MA (1.2.16)
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Shot Across Buzzards Bay Sunset (1.2.16)
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Sheep / Buttonwood Zoo (1.2.16)
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Bobcat / Buttonwood Zoo (1.2.16)
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Brants take off in New Bedford, MA
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Sandy Hook, NJ (Late December 2015)
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Foggy Red Bank Morning (12.23.15)
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Racing Buffleheads, Red Bank NJ Navesink River (12.23.15)
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Red Bank Xmas Tree, Navasink River (12.22.15)
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Circle of Hope 2015 (12.05.15. Norwood MA)
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Angel - Ballerina Cat (Nov. 2015)
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Mute Swans Feeding in a Lake (11.15.15)
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Cat House? Winslow Animal Sanctuary (11.15.15)
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Along the Satuit River Walkway (11.14.15)
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Cranberry Bog Along the Road, Near Scituate MA (11.14.15)
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Scituate Light from Across the Bay (11.14.15)
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Angel Enjoys the New Sunroom (11.8.15)
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Buick Eight, Norwood MA (10.18.15)
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Sunset in Stonington Harbor, CT (9.19.15)
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Cannon Square, Stonington CT (9.19.15)
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Sunset in Stonington Harbor, CT (9.19.15)
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Coromant Drying Wings, Stonington Harbor CT (9.18.15)
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Simba, the baby Alpaca (9.12.15)
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Cormorant Convention in Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth MA (8.30.15)
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Mystic CT Village Buoys (8.22.15)
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Mystic CT Whales Sculpture (8.22.15)
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Mystic CT Sailing and Dreaming
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Stage Fort Park, Gloucester MA - August 2015
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Outside our room at 'The Boathouse', Kennebunkport Maine, August 2015
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Kennebunkport Maine, August 2015
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Our First Stargazer Lillies, Norwood MA (7.24.15)
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Visiting Lawn on D - Intrude (Giant Bunnies) Boston MA (7.10.15)
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Fireworks at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro MA (7.3.15)
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Ringing the Carillon Bells, Norwood MA (7.4.15)
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'Swan Lake' - Somewhere near Canton? (6.6.15)
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Sea of Blue Irises (5.30.15)
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Fawn on Front Lawn
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Tending the Garden Waters
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Garden Path
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Zen Maze
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Through the Japanese Maple Tree
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Ramses the White Lion, Capron Zoo, Attleboro MA (5.17.15)
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Another Generation of Bunnies Visit the Garden (5.17.15)
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

03:57 PM EST [Link] Summer Memories? [comments: 0]
WinterChairs_s2 (111k image)
What a great shot discovered location by LD and shot by me!

Friday, February 5, 2016

11:27 AM EST [Link] Snow Day Feb.5, 2016 [comments: 0]
snowday216 (290k image)
View out the window

Thursday, February 4, 2016

08:10 PM EST [Link] Plotter Repair [comments: 0]
Between my usual tasks of the day, today also featured me helping out a plotter tech guy, which I scheduled to come visit, to repair our cranky HP 5500C Designjet plotter which didn't feel like printing anymore. I always learn a little something new everyday. Seems to be fixed now, but we'll see! This machine gets so moody.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

08:09 AM EST [Link] A year of Special Mouthwash [comments: 0]
So while getting a regular checkup of my dental implant last week, the doctor suggested I use this special mouthwash (a "a professional strength, highly substantive, bactericidal irrigant"). It's sold directly from the manufacturer and comes in 64 oz gallon jugs! I bought 4 to last the year. It's supposed to kill bacteria on contact. I've been using the sample he's given me and I actually do like it, not harsh at all and very little alcohol content. Just awaiting my shipment! Not much to report elsewise over the last few days, spent some time in Jerz over the weekend, watched Grease Live on Sunday (it was "ok"), lah-de-dah.

Update: The shipment arrived tonight and boy is it heavy! Swish Swish!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

08:36 AM EST [Link] Image of the day (Us in art) [comments: 2]
PatMarkArt2 (146k image)

Monday, January 25, 2016

10:35 AM EST [Link] Robot Solving Rubiks [comments: 0]
This is kinda cool. Watch This Robot Solve a Rubiks Cube in Less Than 2 Seconds. Very impressive!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

01:15 PM EST [Link] Not Much Snow here for a change [comments: 0]
Pleased to say that we aren't getting much snow in the Boston area this time for this current storm, which I heard is being called Jonas. I think maybe an inch or two. Hey, last year we dealt with over 100 inches, so we paid our dues! I have the shovels ready for digging out tomorrow. Tonight, we're hunkering down and making homemade chicken soup and maybe another chicken pot pie since it came out so good last time!

snow12316 (116k image)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

08:12 PM EST [Link] Popsy [comments: 0]
I learned some sad news today - another local character (I wrote about some others in 2007) that we all knew around the square passed away a couple weeks ago - I knew him as the old dude that hung around the smoke shop looking through everyone's discarded scratch tickets hoping to cash in on one that someone mistakenly tossed aside. I've heard stories that he actually would get a couple hundred dollar winners this way! You had to yell because he would never wear his hearing aid. His nickname was Popsy. He was 94 but to me he never ever looked it - always walking 4 or 5 miles daily in the square. Nicest guy too once you got to know him - always friendly and with a smile. I'd always see him in smoke shop, sweeping the floor although I don't think he actually worked there.

I'm going to miss him.

Monday, January 18, 2016

06:58 PM EST [Link] Making Food [comments: 0]
cpp (85k image)

Rather uneventful, but restful, long weekend. Mostly just cooking things homemade (like the chicken pot pie pictured above) and the usual errands type things for and around the house.

Friday, January 15, 2016

12:13 PM EST [Link] Grizzly Adams was here [comments: 0]
Did you know that the real Grizzly Adams was a Massachusetts native? I did not. His grave is in Charlton, MA.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

02:11 PM EST [Link] Not Me. Sigh. [comments: 0]
Not a powerball winner, so if off to work I go. (I played one ticket).

Sunday, January 10, 2016

12:42 PM EST [Link] Cooking Sunday [comments: 0]
Today, on this rainy afternoon, I'm trying to cook up, by myself, some Chicken and Udon Noodle Soup with Napa Cabbage and Dried Lime. Maybe I'm better at cooking asian themed food?

Also cooking up today some turkey chili and three-cheese calzones! The house is very aromatic today!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

09:45 AM EST [Link] Power Steering [comments: 0]
Well, after it's all said and down, I needed a new steering pump along with some other parts that go with it. About five bills in total. Baby needed it, what can I say?

Finally took down the last of the xmas decorations and throw out the mushy pumpkins and gourds which were becoming fodder for squirrels.

It's supposed to pour rain all weekend long here, so I'm thinking tv and possible movies at the theatre binges! For new movies I'd like to see Spotlight, In the Heart of the Sea (although I heard they pretty much ruined that from the book, figures), and maybe The Revenant. For television, getting caught up on Quantico. I also want to start reading that new book I bought!

Last night I cooked dinner, Juicy Lucies, basically just cheddar cheese between two hamburger patties and a side salad - think I went a bit too heavy with the shallots for the homemade vinaigrette though.

Ended up seeing Spotlight over at Kendall. Great film!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

09:20 AM EST [Link] Currently Reading [comments: 0]
Now that it's in paperback I think I'm going to pick up tonight, The Secret History of Wonder Woman (review). Not so much for her comic prowess but more so for the guy who created her. Sounds like a real character (he was also a psychologist and created the lie detector, among other pursuits).

Update: Well, I got the book tonight but there's something wrong with my car - appears to be leaking something and sounds horrible, so it's into the shop tomorrow morning. I need this like I need the clap.

Monday, January 4, 2016

08:36 PM EST [Link] Cool Painted Quarter [comments: 0]
c25nj (78k image)

I somehow got this quarter as change sometime today and didn't notice until later that someone had colored in the back. I thought it was pretty impressive because of the intricate details like the stripes on the flag!

02:00 PM EST [Link] Baaaaaa! [comments: 2]
baa (100k image)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

10:34 AM EST [Link] New Bedford Sights [comments: 0]
bedreeds (97k image)

Didn't get to see any elephants as they weren't coming out, but did shoot some various pics around town and the working docks just the same. (And did get a bunch of wildlife shots but haven't decided what t put up yet). The pic above is a shot from Fort Phoenix just as the sun was setting before getting dinner.

brantsfly (57k image)

A collection of brants take off after being scared by an incoming gull.

whalechair (88k image)

Call me Ahab.

whalers (145k image)

A monument dedicated to the whalers of yore.

whitewhale (126k image)

The old whaling piers with a dedication to "the white whale."


We also made cooked three different meals this weekend. Ribeye Steak with Mushroom and Potato Hash (which came out excellent), Chicken and Garlic Chive Meatballs with Quick Apple and Brussel Sprout Kimchi (ehh, not great), and Butternut Squash and Gouda Casserole (pretty good).

I sent a pic into a contest in Maine about Maine that I took last time we were up there so I could possibly win a stay for two for a night at a nice inn up there. I got a reply back saying the pic was gorgeous, so we'll see! Fingers crossed! I'm kinda itching to visit Maine again.

Ugh. Back to work tomorrow. I suppose we all feel the same way right? Ugh.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

09:44 AM EST [Link] First Zoo Visit 2016 [comments: 0]
I think we're going to check out some zoo that has, like, the 4th and 5th oldest elephants living in the United States down south since we have to go there later to take an old LD pal out for her belated birthday. Hoping to maybe get some good shots - we'll see.

I also put away the lighted deers from the front lawn this morning. Wanted to get that squared away before any significant snowfall came, and also, noel season is ending - I'm leaving the lighted wreath up for now though.

Friday, January 1, 2016

01:12 PM EST [Link] A Thought for 2016 [comments: 0]
It occurred to me as I was thinking about the recap, that it only describes things we did during the year. It doesn't describe HOW I did as a person. Did I grow at all? Did I learn anything new? I'd like to think the answers are yes but I'll need to flesh them out a bit more. I know there's a bunch of things I need to work on, about myself.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

01:29 PM EST [Link] 2015 Year in review (some highlights) [comments: 0]

Jan 1 - Dartmouth Day Trip

Jan 11 - Allston MA visit (mural found) - I had a desire to find a mural that I'd seen in pictures painted on a wall somewhere in Allston, finally found it. (Short recap)

Jan. 14 - 24 - ORLANDO FLORIDA DISNEYLAND TRIP!!! - fun trip and loved Florida weather in January - really too much to describe in this write up regarding that trip except that it was memorable for many varied reasons. Also, LD finally crossed something off her bucket list by finally swimming with the dolphins. (Epcot Shot, More photos)

Jan. 27 - Blizzard of 2015 (24"-34" snow) - that sucked! (Stop snowing already!, Reaching the top of the garage!)


Feb. 13 - Boston Opera House/Motown Musical/Boston Common Coffee Co./Salvatores/Snowiest Boston on record - still a lot of snow all around - LD set up an awesome night with various planned events leading up to my first time at the BOH.


Mar 4 - LD's Birthday dinner @ Sky Restaurant

Mar. 5-7 - New Jersey Trip (what did we do?)

Mar 12 - Wildlife Talk w/expert at Norwood Library - was cool to learn about the animals roaming the suburbs plus the guy is also our electrician. (Pic from the talk)

Mar. 29 - Jamaica Pond walkabout/Westwood Station - checking out this new complex. (Great Blue Heron on the icy lake, Horses in Dover)


Apr 4 - Whippany Railway Museum & TrainRide, Whippany NJ (w/Easter Bunny and kids) (Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers, Atop Fort Nonsense, Vail Estate, Whippany Railroad, Little Red Schoolhouse)

Apr 18 - Dartmouth Ma Hiking/Beach House hang (Hiking with Liz and Wally)

Apr 24 - Cirque de Destress II Therapy Dogs @ Emerson (Spring in Boston, Also got me starting to color in complex mandalas to destress, although I donlt care about staying in the lines so much as I feel like I'd rather just get it all done in a hurry, which I know is not the point - I need to work on that on myself).

Apr 25 - Danny Collins Movie - Framingham Fork&Dine

Apr 26 - Farm visits Dover - Bird Park Walpole (A horse in Dover, A Farm in the Clouds)


May 1 - Tufts Visit - Jumbo/Acornhead artworks (Jumbo Lives again!, Acornhead)

May 2 - PeterP Yard Sale, Jamaica Plain/Free Comic Book Day/Indie Bookstore Day (Saturday Spring Shot from this day)

May 3 - Yoga Blue Lotus Open House, Newton MA / World's End, Hingham - I still need to decide to frequent this Lotus place a bit more (Shot from World's End

May 8 - Celebrating Mother's Day with Mom a little early

May 9-10 Connecticut Overnight Bridgeport Bearsley Zoo/Seaside Park (Barnum) /1st Del Lemonade of the Season - sadly on this trip I seemed to have lost my external battery (Proud Pheasant, Visiting P.T. Barnum, Abandoned Lighthouse on Fayerweather Island, Yoga Tree Statue)

May 16 - Lunch with Jenn D'a... - this was fun! Need to do another one.

May 17 - Capron Zoo / Garden purchases - was big into the flower beds this year - hope to extend that knowlege into 2016 and perhaps help design some cool gardens out back come springtime (Blacktongue)

May 21 - Red Nose Day - kinda creepy?

May 22-24 New Jersey Trip (what did we do again?) (Tending the garden waters, Inside the Solarium)

May 25 Memorial Day Norwood


Jun 14 - Front-side deck done/Art in the Park Norwood ('Swan Lake' visit)

Jun 19 - Day at Emerson/Boston day! Also started subscribing to a home cooking provider to cook and eat varied foods. I've learned quite a few things and that I don;t mind doing the prep work - in fact, I relish doing it!

Jun 21 - Fairhaven Beach House Visit

Jun 27 - Yard Sale Megapop stealdeal - didn't do many yard sales this year but did get some great stuff

Jun 30 - 3 new baby fish in 30 gal born (Ringo, Minion, and Ted) - was exciting but sadly have all since passed.


Jul 2 - Take cats to new Vet - an experience in and of itself

Jul 4 - took a tour of a carillon and even got to play it - basically a keyboard connected to giant bells in a bell tower. Largest musical instrument I ever got to play. (Ringing the Carillon Bells)

Jul 10 - Intrude/LawnOnD Visit - LawnOnD is cool - need to revisit next summer (Visiting the giant bunnies)

Jul 11-12 - NJ Visit (what did we do? I don't remember!) (We grew this!)

Jul 14 - Author Talk/Matthew Quick (Silver Linings Playbook) - Porter Sq, Cambridge MA - cool to meet the creator of such a great story.

Jul 17 - Reading Nook Chair arrives! (Woodworking on toychest from 6.27?) - still need to work on the chest but it was great to finally find a chair that fits the area after looking for so long.

Jul 18 - Howl at the Moon/Splitsville Lanes Kim&Kevin Doubledate, Foxboro MA - a fun double date!

Jul 19 - Duxbury beach trip - Finally, an ocean dip!

Jul 24 - Fancy Dinner at Sky - just because. (A shot along Sunset Park)

Jul 26 - talk on Pot/Porter Square, Cambridge MA - since I'd done all that work for the state last year on the topic thought it would be interesting to see other points of view on the topic.


Aug 6-13 Maine/Gloucester etc Summer Vaca Minitwip (The Boathouse, KPT and Bufflehead Cove Inn, KPT/ Bass Rocks Inn Gloucester MA) - amazing birthday trip! Love Maine! (Kennebunkport Houses, Scene from outside our deck at the Boathouse, Visiting Stage Fort Park)

Aug 15 - Kinky Boots at Boston Opera House - recommend seeing this play - very entertaining! (I'll don those kinky red thigh high boots, Baby!, Sunday night Big Band in the Park)

Aug 17 - Book talk: "We are Market Basket". Very interesting!

August - rebuilding back deck @ Earth-2 - This has come out amazing and it was cool that I was able to assist with the design using my CAD skills to draft up the blueprint for building it and to submit to the town. There's still some minor interior things to work on, and next will be the abutting patio outside, but all in all, this was an amazing thing to do and I know we're going to enjoy it - Hell, the cats already do! (Image of the CAD drawing I drafted for the project - early beta version)

Aug 20 - "Bingo" - fourth fish born in tank - also no longer around.

Aug 22 - Mystic CT trip (Tugboat!, Buoys in Mystic, Sailing and Dreaming)

Aug 30 - Plymouth MA Daytrip/Isaac's/Cormorants shot - fun day but remember it being really hot outside. (Coromant Convention)


Sep 2 - 25th Ann. Work celebration lunch

Sep 4-7 - Boston morning trip/Apple Pickin & Barn,PA/Spring Lake Beach/Lake Como (Swans) NJ/Labor Day celebration (Cows on Parade, Children of the Corn, Anyone?, Finally made it to the Beach!!)

Sep 12 - Twilingate Alapaca Farm visit (Simba, baby Alpaca sighting) - awesome alpaca ranch (Hello, Little Simba!)

Sep 13 - Rock n Roll Yard Sale, Union Sq, Somerville MA - got some great vinyl here for the jukebox.

Sep 18-20 - The Inn at Stonington CT (Ladydoc Appreciation 5.0) / Breakwater / Stonington Harbor / Black Mass Movie (Coromant drying wigs in the harbor, Dinner with LD on the docks at sunset, History!, Welcome to Infinity!)

Sep 26 - MSPCA/Angell Memorial Walk on Boston Common (Patty/Cheryl/Ed) (There are pics of this someplace!)


Oct 4 - MGH Hospital Bulfinch Lawn Mindfulness HUBWeek Presentation w/ Herb Benson / Carrie Nation Cocktail Lounge Lunch Visit (Benson and Hatchets)

Oct 8-12: New Jersey Visit / Pumpkin Picking - the pumpkins are still here! (Morris Canal)

Oct 16 - Wang Theatre OpenHouse, Boston MA - cool to walk around the place unaided and see all kinds of access (Onstage at the Wang!)

Oct 17 - 1st Wegmans Westwood visit

Oct 18- Creesy 25th Wedding Annerversary - this was ok but I'd never do it again!

Oct 24 - This!


Nov 14 - Scituate DayTrip - some wildlife sightings and good eats (Scituate Light across the Bay)

Nov 15 - Winslow Animal Sanctuary, Norton MA - this place is amazing and I'd rather go here than any zoo, it's so amazing! short recap)

Nov 21 - Aerochix/Bon Jersey tributes Showcase Live (November) (w/ K&K)

Nov 23-26 NJ Thanksgiving Trip / Paterson Falls (Short recap)


Dec 4 - Cirque III/Boston MA

Dec 5 - Acorn Alpaca Ranch visit / Circle of Hope Luminarys, Norwood MA (PM) (Short recap 1 and 2)

Dec 12 - Winslow II / Candlelit Stroll (Short recap)

Dec 20-25 NJ / Black Forest Inn w/Chelle (There are pics of this somewhere, possible pics posted in the future)

Dec 20-25 NJ / Red Bank: Oyster Point / Count Basie Theatre w/ Jovi and Blondie / Pt.Pleasant & Spring Lake (see below, possible more pics posted in the future)

Dec 20-25 NJ / Sandy Hook / Inside Out w/Carol & Wanni (see below, possible more pics posted in the future)

Dec 25-27 NJ / wrap (possible pics posted in the future)

Jan 2 - Dinner w/Liz

This entry may continued to be updated throughout (maybe even with pictures!) and maybe with other notes as they come into my brain, because there's more I'd like to write about. Check back to see.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

01:52 PM EST [Link] In front of JBJ Soul Kitchen [comments: 0]
jbjsk (132k image)

01:16 PM EST [Link] Buffles [comments: 0]
Buffles2 (37k image)

Here's an image I took last week in Red Bank of a bunch of Buffleheads that were hanging around the hotel, which lies on the banks of the Navesink River. It was a very foggy and grey morning and the birds markings make it look like a black and white shot even though its totally in color.

Monday, December 28, 2015

08:34 AM EST [Link] News12 NJ Props! [comments: 0]
One of my pics is today's News12 NJ Facebook Cover Photo. Whoop!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

06:21 PM EST [Link] Sandy Hook Visit and more [comments: 0]
sandyhooks (115k image)
First a visit to the sandy shores of Sandy Hook, NJ. This area is actually really scenic and historic for the fact that an old abandoned military base stands here.
sandyhook2 (115k image)
And here's a pic from the lighthouse which sits at the point.

Another fun thing we got to do is hang with some friends on Xmas day for chat and watch the movie Inside Out (Thanks Carol and Wanni!). Pretty good. All in all I'd have to say a pretty enjoyable trip for the most part.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

03:54 PM EST [Link] Red Bank [comments: 0]
op2015 (124k image)

Things done today: Checking out Red Bank (and things at the Oyster Point - nice place! Would def stay here again), photographing a bunch of buffleheads (for some reason there seems to be a ton around here lately), walking around Point Pleasant getting some prizes along the boardwalk, Spring Lake/Lake Como visit by the sea, checking out JBJ Soul Kitchen (hoping to maybe see him around - it would make sense), among others.

Tonight, seeing JBJ at Count Basie Theatre, along with other musical guests for charity.


jbj1 (72k image)

Closest we'll ever get to JBJ! Also saw John Cafferty and Debbie Harry from Blondie perform.

Monday, December 21, 2015

04:42 PM EST [Link] Plans in NJ [comments: 0]
Been a while since an update, so a quick recap:

  • Walked around Denville, not much to see there, just wasting time for later...

  • Taking a trip out to Ledgewood tonight to meetup with some old pals and their friends and family - looking forward to this! I don't usually eat German food but here goes!

  • Off to Red Bank at some time tomorrow for what I think will be the highlight of the trip!

Just trying to wrap up some loose ends around here these last 2 days before heading out to some more "fun" stuff.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

04:24 PM EST [Link] Hanging by the fire with Father Xmas and more [comments: 0]
Weekend events (to be expanded upon later)....
Animal Sanctuary campout w/ Father Xmas (The other night we decided to go back to the animal sanctuary because they were having some kind of camp-out - a chance to see the place in the evening - it's usually closed by dusk generally). It was pretty cool in that we got to see areas we don;t usually get to see, including where some of the animals relax and sleep for the night, including goats, donkeys and horses). They also had a fire stoking out by the main barn and some guy dressed up as Father Xmas came around and helped stoke the fire and greet visitors. It was an unseasonably warm December night so it was a perfect time to do this. The only caveat was that it was pretty dark tramping around the place - many areas not well lit, not surprising really since it's not set up for that, so one needed to be pretty careful walking around, but it was cool to be a part of something like this.

xmascamp (73k image)

shopping/wrapping kids gifts
Trattoria dinner (after the campout we got some dinner at an Italian place nearby to that location and I ordered the Linguine allo Scaglio. It came on a very long plate - the picture doesn't do it justice. Would def. go back to this place - everything there looked pretty amazing.

linguinealloscaglio2 (67k image)

Gingerbread house making (my first attempt at building one of these things with some valuable help from LD - overall, pleased with the result, although it didn't come out perfect - but I suppose it's not supposed to - it's just a fun thing to do - probably tastes like ass though).

gbh15 (64k image)

new cat tree setup - we found a new cat tree on clearance for the new addition room that the cat's can hang out on. So far, Angel appeared to be very happy with her new Xmas present!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

08:55 AM EST [Link] Image of the Day (Goat w/ Diaper) [comments: 0]
goatxmas (102k image)

It's not everyday you see a goat wearing a santa outfit and a diaper! Or that it was at LD's work xmas party this year up here!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

05:38 PM EST [Link] Deer Fix [comments: 0]
I figured out the problem with the deer. I had to replace the fuses, now all four are lighting up the lawn happily. Today was pretty low key, although it was gorgeous out, just chilled and made a dual hen dinner with veggies, and had homemade pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. The leftovers will be used to make a soup for tomorrow!

I've come to the realization that I don't watch network tv but two CBS shows that I do watch are The Good Wife and Supergirl.

Other things of note: There's a ton of moths flying around, anyone notice? Also, still trying to fight off this damn cold! It just won't go away, just enough of a pest to let me know its there.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

06:37 PM EST [Link] Circle of Hope 2015 [comments: 0]
coh2015 (138k image)

Respect and remembrance of our loved ones who have passed on.

04:43 PM EST [Link] Visiting Alpacas II [comments: 0]
8831 (123k image)

Went to an alpaca farm this afternoon that was having an open house. This place must have over 70 alpacas, you can actually buy them from the place if you have the means.

8816 (134k image)

07:29 AM EST [Link] The Cat in the Hat [comments: 0]
I got to spend some time yesterday afternoon at an event that's held in Boston to help students cope with various stressors in their life, just a bunch of different fun type things for them. From meeting with therapy dogs, to getting chair massages, costume dressup, coloring mandalas, etc. This is the 3rd one they've had so I guess you could say it's become a rousing success, thanks to all those involved with putting it together, but especially due to one lady in particular! Then afterwards we went out to dinner (just 3 of us) and it was really nice. Great way to spend a Friday night!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

08:50 AM EST [Link] When Life Gives you Lemons... [comments: 0]
I'd been feeling a little under the weather the last couple days with a sore throat and all, but I'm on the mend and feeling much better now. So that's why it's been a little quiet on here. I still went about my day as best I could though, so it's all good. It's amazing what a lemon can do.

Bummer, Mass Audubon didn't choose any of the photos I sent them for consideration. Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

10:38 AM EST [Link] Deers and Two Dishes [comments: 0]
Last night made some homemade Cavatappi Mac and Cheese with Purple top turnip (another vegetable I've finally eaten for the first time) and Kale. Kale is usually nasty but when you saute and it wilts down to little pieces it's actually pretty good. We threw in some parmesan and cheddar cheese to make it delicious.

Also went to the movies yesterday afternoon to see that Julia Robert's new flick. It was pretty good. It was a rainy day so it was good to go see a movie. I generally don't go to movies all that often but when the weather isn't great, I find it's a good thing to do.

I also shut down the water lines to the two outside the house and disconnected the outside hoses and stored them for the winter. Tightened some doorknobs, various other little things here and there to prepare for winterization. Might try to put those lighted deer out front this afternoon if I can motivate myself enough to do it.

deers2015 (80k image)

Well, as you can see, tried setting up the deers today. For some reason, one of them isn't lighting up properly but I guess I'll look into that later, but they all do move their heads properly so I got that going correctly - also, may end up rearranging them a bit, the placement doesn't seem exactly right - part of the problem is their cables are very short so you need to be creative to get everything spaced right - something I'm not good at. Made a roasted cornish game hen tonight with stuffing made out of rosemary, celery, carrots and baguette bread. LD is baking a pumpkin pie as well. We also made a side salad with mandarins to go with.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

10:33 AM EST [Link] Recuperating [comments: 0]
Yesterday's cooking adventure was Spiced Salmon and Cranberry Chutney with Parsnip, Sweet Potato and Clementine Saute. Everything came out great except I didn't much care for the chutney. It's also the first time I ever ate a parsnip. I find sauteing the vegetables is the way to go - they seem to taste better to me that way in general. I generally don't care for food that's too spicy - I'm kinda boring that way. Also yesterday was a pretty lax day in general - trying to recuperate from all the events of the last week. Did start putting some holiday decorations though and plan to do more as the days roll ahead. Got to get those reindeers out there again soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

05:40 PM EST [Link] Happy Thanksgiving 2015! [comments: 0]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here's a pic I took from 2013!


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