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Hanging with Noelle LeBlanc from Damone! BEst. Picture. EVER! (6.2.07)

Our First Stargazer Lillies, Norwood MA (7.24.15)
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Visiting Lawn on D - Intrude (Giant Bunnies) Boston MA (7.10.15)
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Fireworks at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro MA (7.3.15)
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Ringing the Carillon Bells, Norwood MA (7.4.15)
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'Swan Lake' - Somewhere near Canton? (6.6.15)
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Sea of Blue Irises (5.30.15)
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Fawn on Front Lawn
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Tending the Garden Waters
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Garden Path
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Zen Maze
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Through the Japanese Maple Tree
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Ramses the White Lion, Capron Zoo, Attleboro MA (5.17.15)
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Another Generation of Bunnies Visit the Garden (5.17.15)
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Yoga Tree Statue? Seaside Park, Bridgeport CT (5.10.15)
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Abandoned Lighthouse on FayerWeather Island Overlooking Long Island Sound (5.9.15)
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Brants Frollicking About Long Island Sound (5.9.15)
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P.T. Barnum, Seaside Park Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Proud Peacock, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Black Tongue Sticking Out, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Barnum Poster Featuring Jumbo's Remains, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Along Nantasket Beach, Nantasket (5.3.15)
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Great Egret Sighting, Worlds' End (5.3.15)
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Jumbo LIVES Again! Tufts University, May 2015
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AcornHead, Tufts University, May 2015
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A Donkey in Dover? April, 2015
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Wild Turkey roaming, April 2015
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A Horse in Dover, MA (4.26.15)
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Blues Brothers Statue (4.25.15)
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Hiking in Dartmouth MA (4.18.15)
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Eastern Cottontail Rabbit (4.12.15)
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Church Architecture Natick (4.11.15)
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Horse Farm, Dover (4.11.15)
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Mute Swan Wellesley (4.11.15)
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Muscovy Duck Sighting Wellesley (4.11.15)
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Magpie Duck Wellesley (4.11.15)
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Emdian Geese Wellesley (4.11.15)
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Whippany Railroad (4.4.15)
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Shot from the Vail Estate, Morristown NJ (4.4.150
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Atop Fort Nonsense, Morristown NJ (4.4.15)
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Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers, Morristown NJ (4.4.15)
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Jamaica Pond Boathouse (3.29.15)
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Great Blue Heron sighting @ Jamaica Pond (3.29.15)
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Boats waiting for the thaw @ Jamaica Pond (3.29.15)
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Francis Parkman Memorial (3.29.15)
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Church Spire in Medfield, MA (3.22.15)
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Horses, Dover MA (3.22.15)
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Topiary Giraffe, Bergen County, NJ (3.6.15)
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Historic Family House, Bergen County, NJ (3.6.15)
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Winter Backyard Birds, Norwood MA (3.5.15)
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

07:41 PM EST [Link] Chicken and Salad [comments: 0]
salad_8215 (77k image)Tonight's cooking exercise was Chicken Milanese with Summer Corn, Cherry Tomato, and Cucumber Salad. Here's a pic of the salad. I halved the tomatoes (supplemented with some from our garden), diced the cucumber, added the arugula, and threw in some basil (the recipe called for opal basil, but we didn't have any, so I used some thai basil instead) and some cooked corn kernels cut off from the cobs , and also made a light vinaigrette dressing by mixing some dijon mustard with some red wine vinegar. It was delicious! This one was a hit.

LD wasn't feeling too well last night and earlier so today I got a thermometer, the kind where you just put it to your temple and in 2 seconds you get a reading. Pretty rad technology - needed one to have on hand in the house anyway. LD is ok thankfully, just one of those pesky summer colds I think.

08:23 AM EST [Link] Getting Thai [comments: 0]
Yesterday's cooking adventure for me was some Cod & Miso Soba Noodles with Eggplant. I was never much into thai food but this dish actually wasn't too bad. I learned that I actually do like soba noodles now. As I was preparing the miso paste sauce I learned that I'm not a huge fan of ginger though.

I finished A Death in Belmont, a book about the Boston Strangler. Awesome read. Highly recommended. I've learned there's since been more information about the case since the book was written in 2006, and have been reading up on that as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

08:18 PM EST [Link] The Three Fishy Amigos [comments: 0]
fishy3 (76k image)The 3 baby fish are doing just fine. I've noticed they've grown big enough now that they aren't scared to be in the middle of the water column of the tank now. I guess they feel confident now that they can venture out of the shadows and low lying areas, at least for a little bit, to grab some better shots at food. Their names are Minion, Ted, and Ringo, but I have no real way of telling them apart - they all look exactly the same. And they are pretty hard to photograph, but I tried! In this pic you can see the relative size of them now compared to the adults.

Nice to see one of the old maps I created for a client getting some publicity.

Monday, July 27, 2015

08:37 PM EST [Link] Pot Talk [comments: 0]
After a pretty busy day at work tonight, I then took a jaunt down to Porter Square to listen to another book talk, this one on marijuana. I was somewhat interested due to all the work I was involved in last year regarding it's medicinal properties. This talk was more about the science of it all, and a little bit of policy. Pretty good chat overall. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night for about an hour.

Also, my signed autographed copy of the book about Paterson NJ that I won in a contest arrived today! Lots of photos, and I'm sure the place is full of history, but I doubt I'll ever visit it!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

09:14 PM EST [Link] Sunday Dimensioning [comments: 0]
Spent the last two hours with a guy going over the dimensions for the new deck! Been a few years since I fired up and used CAD again but it felt kinda good to delve back into it a little bit. Plus it looks so professional now as opposed to a pencil drawing on a piece of paper. Hopefully, this will get things moving apace now.
cadblogdeck (28k image)

Also today, finished the mulching for the front of the house/garden area, did some grocery shopping, created a watermelon/cashew/feta/cherry tomato salad concoction, and did a bunch of little things around the house, and even getting ready for vacation coming soon. Looks to be in the great state of Maine. Can't wait, looks like it's going to be amazing!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

08:28 PM EST [Link] Sunset Park Respite [comments: 0]
sunsetpark_72515s (219k image)

A shot I took while hanging down a place called Sunset Lake, taken during a respite of us doing all these garden maintenance / mulching today. I'd say we made excellent progress although we are hurting now feeling the burn. Went to Sky for a nice dinner tonight, I even ordered a Limoncello Cooler cocktail. Going to relax now in the tub, maybe do some reading/winding down, and crash.

Friday, July 24, 2015

07:07 PM EST [Link] Napkin Shortage? [comments: 0]
So I'm at a McDonald's for lunch today and the patron in front of me wanted some napkins, but noticed that there were not any were they usually are. He asked for some and the manager gave him a couple and he went off. The manager said they don't keep the napkins out where they used to be anymore. So where are they? Behind the counter. Later I heard the manager say to the employees that each customer is only supposed to get two napkins. What McDonald's limits napkin consumption?! The part that gets my mind thinking is why? Do people come by and take loads full of napkins? Is there a shortage of napkin supply? Is it an economic reason? Hmmm..the minutiae! Perhaps it was the minions!

Table got delivered today - next to jukebox - looks great, and finally have a place to put that Bread vinyl record bowl. Also got in touch with the deck guy, I have to CAD up a plan this weekend for the back deck now (dimensioning), something for the permit. Haven't touched CAD in ages - hopefully when I work with the dude it'll come back to me. LD car in the shop, let her take mine into Boston for the day, when she came back the front directional light was hanging out the side. WTF!? Granted it's not really her fault - it was kinda weird since the accident a few years back, but I'd never seen the whole casing hanging outside the front of the car before, hanging by the wires!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

04:55 PM EST [Link] A Better Look [comments: 0]
7749small (128k image)

A better look at the opening Stargazers this week!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

02:02 PM EST [Link] Mouthful [comments: 0]
sg2015 (74k image)Just got back from my walk out back, and I saw my pal the blue heron as I was approaching, take off from being hidden in the reeds with what looked like a fish hanging out of it's beak. If I'd gotten there a little earlier I might have been able to somehow capture the moment, but I was in a meeting with the company CEO who decided to visit the office today. Also, my fitbit band is starting to break apart - apparently a common problem with many users as I can read on the forums. I like the Flex, but I find it true that the strap band is totally on the dinky side. Well, at least I have another one over at Earth-2.

LD was kind enough to snap a pic of the satrgazers. Worth the wait I'd say! Took forever for them to open! And what seemed like forever for them to actually grow!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

07:02 AM EST [Link] Stargazing in the garden [comments: 0]
Something new in the garden! Looks like the stargazer lilies are starting to open up! I had planted the bulbs a long time ago and had forgotten they were there. Never had much luck in planting them before but these seem to have taken!
Here's a picture of a Red Admiral butterfly I saw on my walk this afternoon.

redasmiral72115 (43k image)

Currently Reading (picked these up bargain priced tonight): 30-Second Psychology: The 50 Most Thought-Provoking Psychology Theories, Each Explained in Half a Minute edited by Christian Jarrett and A Death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm.

When one helps create a reading nook, one needs to read there!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

07:47 PM EST [Link] A Somewhat Typical Sunday [comments: 0]
Duxbury Beach visit AM - perfect beach day, not too hot by the ocean, pretty relaxing but there were a lot of folks there with the same idea.
Put together new bookshelf for reading nook - I knew it wouldn't be difficult to put it together so I got some tools and got to building it - had it all complete within the half hour. The area is really starting to look good now.
Bought new table for positioning next to jukebox. Had seen this the day before but didn't pop on it. Upon further reflection, I decided we needed it. It has some nice inlaid stonework on the top, it's a small side table that I think will complement the jukebox.
Watched reruns of the ridiculous Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. This show is totally over the top and I doubt it would ever save a marraige but like a car wreck, I can't turn away. What does that say about me?
Cooked 2 dishes: Salmon Caesar Salad, and Chicken&Basil Fettuccine Pasta w/Mascarpone and plum tomatoes. Since we went out the night before, we needed to cook the two dishes so as not to waste anything. Good thing they were rather simple this time around.
Hanging new pictures around the house. Again, place is starting to shape up nicely. Becoming more homey.

07:58 AM EST [Link] Doubles Strike! [comments: 0]
gilletenite2 (57k image)
Had a great evening last night with K&K. Ended up at a place called Splitsville, which is a place that bills itself as luxury bowling lanes (10 pin) and inside the place is also a restaurant/bar called Howl at the Moon. Must be related somehow to the one in Boston. I got all dressed up for the occasion too! The food was surprisingly good, once you got past the fact that the cheese they use on nachos was cheeze whiz. However, the entrees actually were really good, and I even ended up purchasing a souvenir drinking vessel that's in the shape of a bowling pin that's about 12" tall and says Roll In and Rock Out over it. Although we didn't actually bowl (I prefer candlepin, and I wasn't sure it would be best for my back at this time), K&K did and it was really fun to watch them. They are really fun people to hang out with. I got to saying we should hang out more like that with peeps. I know it's hard with everyone wrapped up in the own things, including us, but every once in a while, I think it'd be nice. I'm have a list of things I'd like to check out and maybe we'll invite others if there's any interest!

Howl at the Moon was interesting, in that the musicians every so often switch instruments and they actually sounded really good. Definitely a younger crowd in there though - I'd say mostly young twenties. Toward the end of the night, looked at Gillette Stadium for a while and chatted, as more young people were getting carded going in, including one young woman wearing a bridal veil and holding what appeared to be a dildo bubble gun - since none of us realized there was a Revolution Soccer game going on that night, so we waited for the traffic getting out to disperse - it didn't actually take too long, but it did take a while to find a parking space originally. I suppose that's one of the problems having a marketplace/night scene like that right next to a major sporting arena.

Certainly a fun, entertaining evening out on "the town!" And on top of that, a couple more wins, as I was notified that I won a contest I entered, a signed copy of Marcia Dente's Paterson Through Time from the History Girl website of NJ, and I seem to have eradicated successfully the infestation on the rosebushes as all the leaves coming in look healthy and green again!

As for today, going to try to get some beach time in today this morning. Been jonesin.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

04:33 PM EST [Link] Hello Ladies? [comments: 0]
How come of lot of times when I'm with LD and we are in a checkout line at a store or supermarket, the clerk always greets with a "Hello Ladies?"

Uhmmm, I don't think I look like a woman! I have a beard for christsake! Very strange. What makes it really strange is this isn;t the first time it's happened - it's happened quite a few times!

No cooking exercise tonight as we're doing a double date thing. Possibly at a Splitsville/Howl at the Moon type thing?

Friday, July 17, 2015

03:51 PM EST [Link] Busy Friday [comments: 0]
Things are getting done around here today! Between my back starting the feel a little better, finally getting the reading nook chair delivered, to a visit to the doctor's office waiting for LD, and getting her car serviced for the usual maintenance, and getting some housewares stuff in Needham, and finally work on the back deck starting apace, things are getting done around here! Unfortunately it appears the deck is going to need more work than originally anticipated (but not a total surprise to us). At least when it's done it'll be rocking.

Dinner tonight that we cooked and prepared was sirloin steaks with mashed purple potatoes and summer vegetables sauteed in a cherry tomato and tarragon-butter sauce. I've never had purple potatoes before, I like them!

Tomorrow possible beach visit errands and whatnot and then a double date in the evening with another couple!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

07:53 PM EST [Link] Ouch! [comments: 0]
Don't know what the heck I did last night, but my back has been killing me all day - enough so that I've been hobbling around and now I'm laying in bed trying to stay still because it kinda hurts to move. It does get this way every once in a great while, guess this is a time - hopefully be better tomorrow. Feel like I'm in traction or something. Think I'll just turn in early, doing crosswords, and watching old Law&Order reruns.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

08:22 PM EST [Link] Quick Study [comments: 0]
Spent this evening listening to the author of Silver Linings Playbook, Matthew Quick, tonight at a local bookstore. Very entertaining, insightful, and empathetic speaker/writer and thoroughly enjoyable discussing his new book, Love May Fail, which Sony has already picked up the rights for. He talked about his years as a High School teacher and the process of creativity and how it has influenced his work and life, and the joys but also the trials of publishing one's work. Check him out if you get a chance, you'll love him!

09:36 AM EST [Link] U2 noshows [comments: 0]
There was a line outside the Burren in Davis Square last night, where U2 was supposed to be doing a little show on their night off tonight. As of 10:00 p.m., there were no sign of them.At 11:45 p.m. The band itself tweeted: "Hope you're enjoying the Guinness @burrenmusic in Somerville, but don't fall for tall stories about a certain band from Dublin showing up..."


More info from the news.

Monday, July 13, 2015

03:05 PM EST [Link] Giant Bunnies, Slurpees, and Pool Dip [comments: 0]
Another fun filled weekend. Highlights: Checking out the giant bunnies at the Lawn on D on Friday afternoon. If you didn't get down there this last weekend, you're out of luck, as the bunnies were only there for a few days. Plus, I'd always wanted to swing on those lighted swings. Might go back there again when something else cool shows up there, they're always doing something and it's free!

Saturday headed to Jersey and played with the kiddos. Ended up doing a lot of physical activities outside with them - playing ball, making them jump on the trampoline, playing sports, etc. I was hurting after but it was good and I had a lot of fun. I know they did too so it was good. I even brought out my Liza Minelli/Ethel Merman impersonation and it was a huge hit. Kids were literally turning red laughing. (I should put it up on Youtube someday - maybe it'll go viral and it'll be the next big thing?) Plus we all got free slurpees from 7-11 since it was free slurpee day!

Sunday was wrapping some things up, a getting to take short dip in the pool before heading back. It was refreshing and wish we could've stayed longer but I had to get back to address some work issues.

All in all, a great fun weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2015

07:27 PM EST [Link] Hanging at the LawnOnD! [comments: 0]
HangingatLOD (137k image)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

05:46 PM EST [Link] I'm all (Green) Thumbs! [comments: 0]
Well what do you know? The salvia and columbine plants have reflowered! Cutting back the dead stuff last week actually worked! Love it when my meager gardening skills pay off. Tomorrow spending the day in Boston proper to check out some new stuff, then it's off to Joisey for the weekend. I'll try to update (may be a bit sporadic).

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

07:35 PM EST [Link] Cell Lenses Arrived [comments: 0]
So what do I think. Not actually too impressed, but what do you expect for ten bucks?

Original-s (71k image)
Original Image Shot with no added lens.
Fisheye-s (67k image)
Shot with the fisheye lens.
Wideangle-s (68k image)
Shot with the Wide Angle lens.
Macro-s (30k image)
Shot with the Macro Lens (really the Wide Angle lens minus an outer piece)

It was more a curiosity experiment for me anyway. The fish eye lens could possibly be useful, but it's a pain to clip these lenses over the phone, the same effects can pretty much be acquired by using Google Camera in software. Also, why is it blurry on one side? I wiped the lens clean - odd. The Macro is pretty good but the subject must be very still - I find it hard to hold the phone that way - with all the caffeine I drink.

In other news, Minion, Ted, and Ringo are getting big! Success!

For the last month or so I've been taking these Centrum Multi-Vitamins. The directions say to take 4 a day - they are pretty much like candy - very sweet, like chewing a gumball. At first I think I did fill more energetic, but now towards the end I think I've leveled off. Once this bottle's done over the next couple of days, I think I am too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

06:59 AM EST [Link] Kids Make Art [comments: 0]
Treetrum (99k image)

Check out this cool piece of artwork that was created with the help of local children from the community in a park up the street from me.

Monday, July 6, 2015

08:34 PM EST [Link] New 'HoldoffbeforeyouputtheACin' Record [comments: 0]
bellflowers72015 (54k image)Just couldn't wait any longer. Finally decided to install the AC in the window tonight at Earth-1. I try to put it off as long as I can because it's a bit of a beast, but it's going to get more and more humid as the days drag on so I bit the bullet. Did pretty good this year holding off though - I think July 6 is a new record. Also, my mom had purchased a metal bench that needed assembling so I did that this evening, which left me a bit sweaty. Also, her eye hemorrhaged and looks all bloody and nasty but the doctor says it's going to be alright, which is good. Apparently a sneeze is what popped something in there. Never a dull moment around here. Here's a pic of some bell flowers that are now currently growing at Earth-1.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

02:20 PM EST [Link] Low Key July Fifth [comments: 0]
I believe the flower in the garden that I couldn't identify before is a columbine. Cut back the salvia this afternoon, as I read that doing so will produce new flowers, so hopefully I did it right and it will rebloom because I really like the blue colors it produces. Also appears I got the bug infestation on the rose bushes under control as I don;t see the little buggers anymore and new leaves look promising. Planning to cut the thing way back in the fall anyway.

We were going to hit a beach today but felt we got going too late and didn't want to be held up in any traffic (from the Cape or otherwise), plus it being July 4th weekend, probably best just to stay local and postpone.

Trying to get Kinky Boots tickets for LD just because it's been a while since we've seen a show. Just need to figure out a good date as August looks pretty stacked at the moment with various things.

Might make a tomato and watermelon salad tonight with a recipe I ganked from Yankee Magazine.

Watched a little bit of a movie on TV LD was watching called Double Daddy. So ridiculous and over the top it had to be hilarious, although for most of the film I was in the basement relaxing. Later on cleaned up the air hockey table and dusted down the Ms. Pacman arcade machine in the Mancave. Debating looking over replacement records for the jukebox as well.

Been looking over some yoga moves. How do you get your legs to stay up in those expert poses!?!

Don't buy Cascade Gel Pods for the dishwasher. Finding that they don't readily dissolve in the dispenser holder. Waste.

8 pm update: Did make the Watermelon and Tomato with arugula salad and that came out awesome, easy to prepare using ingredients straight from our garden (tomato and basil leaves). I think we will remake this dish if we ever have guests over this summer - it's that good. Also, today's cooking adventure to go with it was crispy fried chicken with kale-cabbage slaw and buttermilk biscuits. We dipped the chicken in a dijon mustard mix that we made before breading them.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

04:24 PM EST [Link] Carillon Visit! [comments: 0]
carrillon (111k image)

Got to climb up into the bell tower and check out a carillon today. Pretty fascinating musical instrument - never needs to be tuned either. I even got to play a 'D' note on the thing! Getting to the machine was a little precarious, after taking an elevator to the third floor, you need to climb up metal stairways and catwalks, no doubt built in 1928, and don;t look down as you can see through the slats between steps, and once you're up there it's wicked hot. Playing the machine looks like quite a workout since the 'keys' and 'petals' pull the cords that ring the bells up above (which is another precarious flight up). Definitely worth the visit though, to see something I never saw before.

Tonight's cooking adventure is Grilled Cheeseburgers with Feta-Watermelon Salad and Pickled Watermelon Rind. Sounds yummy! Well, the burgers came out great but I think I didn't cut the rinds thin enough, they weren't that good. Who wants to really eat rinds anyway?

Friday, July 3, 2015

10:07 PM EST [Link] Gillette Fireworks 2015 [comments: 0]
GilFireW2015 (166k image)

We checked out the fireworks celebration at Gillette Stadium tonight (where the New England Patriots play). Pretty good for ease of access, in and out, and the weather tonight was couldn't be more perfect. Here's a pic I took slightly zoomed in during the festivities. Happy 4th all!

09:47 AM EST [Link] Ruby Fire Lily! Random Thoughts! [comments: 0]

rubyspider (186k image)

Huge bloom! Magnificent specimen, truly. Very pleased with the results!
Finished mowing the lawn this morning. Also raked and swept up some of the clippings and weed whacked around the edges. Always a good workout. Also seem to believe that that sparrow living under the eaves of the back deck has produced little sparrow children as I believe I could hear faint little audible cheeps coming from the area. Cute, but will need to be evicted at some point soon. Also, I really need to start picking those herbs that are growing in the garden. I'll use the basil for some dish that I plan on making, but I need to find uses for all the parsley, dill, rosemary, and spearmint that's growing like crazy. Now I'm ready for my much needed and scheduled early afternoon massage and frying up some turkey burgers for lunch.

A while back we picked up an old wooden child's school desk and stored it in the basement. (It was a free pop!) I think I would like to get it out, pretty it up a bit, and display it somewhere somehow. It really is a nice little piece of furniture and another possible conversation piece to go along with the toy chest. Maybe that can go out in the three season room/deck when that's done?

Maybe if I have time tomorrow, I might check out the showing of the town's carillon. They only show and tour it off to folks this time of year for a couple hours. A carillon consists of a series of at least 23 tuned bells (this particular one has 57), played from a keyboard that allows expressiveness through variation in touch, and on which the player, or carillonneur, can play a broad range of music—from arrangements of popular and classical music to original compositions created just for the carillon. Essentially a keyboard from below chimes the bells in the tower way up above. Sounds kinda cool. Not everyday you get to check out a musical instrument that's almost 150 feet tall.

7:43pm Update: Ended up making New England Style Shrimp Rolls with Grilled Green and Yellow Bean Salad. We made the vinaigrette ourselves with lemon, shallots, and dijon mustard. LD says cooking with me is stressful, but I don't think she meant it (too much). Came out awesome - I am enjoying these little cooking exercises.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

02:11 PM EST [Link] Handy Veggies GrowCharts [comments: 0]
Personal Vegetable Growing Cheatsheet. This interactive tool creates a customized vegetable gardening chart based on your inputs.

20150702_165758 (63k image)
Latest tomato yield from our garden.

Took the cats to a new vet today. Very holistic approach. Verdict? Awesome! (Plus the two furkids got clean bills of health, so that was really good!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

07:21 PM EST [Link] The Cutest Infestation, Lenses, and SLP [comments: 0]
In a couple weeks the author of Silver Linings Playbook is going to talk about his new book at a local bookstore here, and I'm debating checking it out. SLP was pretty awesome.

I purchased these 3 lenses online that go over your cellphone camera and allow you to take fisheye, macro, and wide lens shots with it. We'll see how it does when it arrives, was more of an impulse buy but it was all under 20 bucks so I figure I'd give it a shot.

Also, there seems to be an abundance of rabbits this year - even in the city! I saw one this morning running across people's driveways. Simply amazing. The two baby bunnies we've seen in the 'burbs we've named Buttons and Crouton.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

07:54 AM EST [Link] Proud Papa [comments: 0]
This morning as I fed the fish, I noticed something small moving around the bottom. At first I thought it was just a piece of fish flake food floating about, but no. It was a baby fish! I'm always happy and amazed when a little new life appears in a tank from seemingly out of nowhere. Hopefully it won't get eaten but it's made it this far so far so chances I think are fairly good.

What should I name the little guy?

Update! I just noticed another one! Two babies!!? Brother and Sister perhaps?

Correct that. I saw three now. (Which is kinda amazing to have that many survive so far without any intervention in the confines of a smallish tank). Decided to name them Ringo, Minion, and Ted.

Monday, June 29, 2015

08:41 PM EST [Link] Image of the Day [comments: 0]
The Rock spotted filming in the 'Ville up the street from me, no less.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

08:00 PM EST [Link] Love and Mercy [comments: 0]
Early this afternoon hot Target for a few essentials.Afterwards went to the Dedham Community Theatre (a little local independent place) and saw Love and Mercy, a movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. It stars John Cusack as Wilson (he actually plays the older version of Wilson - a different actor plays his younger self). It was pretty good - I didn't really know much about the guy but I had heard about some of his problems - I give it two thumbs up - pretty interesting story - makes we want to read his autobiography.

For supper we had Miso Roasted Chicken, where I prepared the snow and sugar snap peas, and cashews. Also made a Spring Pea gnocchi dish with Parmesan and Garlic Scape sauce, which was alright but pretty messy to create. We've been following these recipes and trying different things. I actually found the Miso Sauce to be quite tasty. Just another part of my education. We put these recipes into a book we are creating so that we can make them again. I also saw a recipe in a a magazine today for Chilled Fresh Corn and Coconut Soup which I want to try my hand at.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

04:39 PM EST [Link] Bonanza! [comments: 0]
Started the day by hitting a yard sale just driving by and hit a bonanza! Got an awesome hand made wooden toy chest and an end table - all together for 15 bucks! A steal for the price and quality of the product - real solid wood furniture. The end table is ready to go and be used by the bed, the chest we're probably going to sand down and refinish ourselves - another little side project for us. Also picked up two record bowls there (vinyl records melted down into bowl shapes - purchased one, the other was given to us for free - guess the guy liked us). Goes with the whole jukebox motif we have going. Not sure what we'll end up putting in them but they're kinda cool. One of the albums happened to be the Best of Bread, whom apparently LD likes. I could care less.

Then it was off to this breakfast place that we like to go to on the weekends. I was able to use up all the points I had accumulated on this card that they had that gives you points every time you buy something. Enough points and you can get free stuff, but they were discontinuing the partnership at the end of this month so I wanted to use it up. Kinda sucked anyway - seems like the only places that really use it are vaping stores. Was able to get a free meal today though with the points I had garnered.

We did some weeding earlier in the afternoon (but not much) then off to Home Depot for some soil, taking a look at carpeting, sand paper, varnish, and plants. Ended up getting some annuals for the new planted out front (Calibrachoa, Lantana, and Angelonia). LD arranged them all so nicely together in the planted - looks really good. This particular planter is tall and some of these plants will grow out and down so it'll look really good when it fills in! I think next weekend I'll attempt to do some sanding and varnishing on the toy chest, it could be a possible piece for the new deck/sunroom/patio when that gets finished. Also got some wrenches to help attach the handle for the freezer which seems to keep coming loose. I'm going to attend to that in a little bit, one more thing to cross of the list of things to get done. Picked, washed, dried, and stored some lettuce from the garden today which I plan on using in tonight's dinner entree. Also got a free Italian Cook Book from the old landlady which we will use to make some future dishes. I would like to try my hand at attempting to create some of these dishes myself.

I was jonesing for some beer we got a sixpack and I'm actually imbibing some right now, and I don't usually drink, but for some reason I had an urge. Today's been pretty awesome so far. Might wind down by watching a movie or going to one tomorrow since it's supposed to be rainy.

Update: Fixed the fridge handle and a chair up in the office with the new allen wrenches we got. For supper we made seared salmon and preserved lemon with red quinoa and pea shoot salad. We had all the ingredients and prepared them ourselves (as I'm learning to cook varied things as well). We marinated the lemon in a briny mixture with sugar, which mellows the bitterness and accent's the lemon's natural flavor, which is then placed over the salmon. The salad was augmented with lettuce and tomato from our garden.

Friday, June 26, 2015

11:03 AM EST [Link] Dills, Sneaks,and Bricks [comments: 0]
dill (121k image)

LD wanted to get some new sneakers so we hit the New Balance Outlet in Brighton. She got two pairs on sale, and I scored a sweet pair which was marked down from 140 bucks down to 50. I couldn't pass that up - especially since it was the kind of sneaker that I like (Model 840v2).
bgbrick (94k image)

Noticed this cool brick from the original Boston Garden cemented into a wall in our travels today! Ah, memories of the old Garden, where I saw Larry Bird and made me a Celtic fan.

Sunday night - Concert on the Common (not Boston), where some big band types play ragtime? Might check it out.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

10:01 AM EST [Link] Waxwing Sighting [comments: 0]
Cool. I just saw a cedar waxwing outside my office window at work this morning. Hadn't seen one of those before now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

01:10 PM EST [Link] Tiger Lily and Random Thoughts [comments: 0]
A quick snap from the back yard at Earth-1 before I headed out to the dentist to get my crown finished. Also got the impression done for my implant - should be done in the appt or two.
TL2015_s (173k image)

Took a walk down to Davis after work just to see the situation down there. I haven't seen that section of Highland Ave been two way since the 70s growing up in the area. That building has been precarious for years - no surprise it would start to give way sooner or later. Looks like things are starting to get back to normal down there though - little by little. I was interested to learn that the Roche Bros Marketplace that was going to go in there had pulled out of negotiations, so I guess it'll still be an empty husk for a while.
Finished the two books I bought last week, now I'm jonesing to read something new. Any suggestions appreciated - I prefer non-fiction.


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