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Hanging with Noelle LeBlanc from Damone! BEst. Picture. EVER! (6.2.07)

Sunset in Stonington Harbor, CT (9.19.15)
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Cannon Square, Stonington CT (9.19.15)
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Sunset in Stonington Harbor, CT (9.19.15)
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Coromant Drying Wings, Stonington Harbor CT (9.18.15)
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Simba, the baby Alpaca (9.12.15)
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Cormorant Convention in Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth MA (8.30.15)
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Mystic CT Village Buoys (8.22.15)
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Mystic CT Whales Sculpture (8.22.15)
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Mystic CT Sailing and Dreaming
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Stage Fort Park, Gloucester MA - August 2015
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Outside our room at 'The Boathouse', Kennebunkport Maine, August 2015
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Kennebunkport Maine, August 2015
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Our First Stargazer Lillies, Norwood MA (7.24.15)
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Visiting Lawn on D - Intrude (Giant Bunnies) Boston MA (7.10.15)
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Fireworks at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro MA (7.3.15)
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Ringing the Carillon Bells, Norwood MA (7.4.15)
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'Swan Lake' - Somewhere near Canton? (6.6.15)
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Sea of Blue Irises (5.30.15)
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Fawn on Front Lawn
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Tending the Garden Waters
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Garden Path
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Zen Maze
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Through the Japanese Maple Tree
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Ramses the White Lion, Capron Zoo, Attleboro MA (5.17.15)
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Another Generation of Bunnies Visit the Garden (5.17.15)
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Yoga Tree Statue? Seaside Park, Bridgeport CT (5.10.15)
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Abandoned Lighthouse on FayerWeather Island Overlooking Long Island Sound (5.9.15)
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Brants Frollicking About Long Island Sound (5.9.15)
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P.T. Barnum, Seaside Park Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Proud Peacock, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Black Tongue Sticking Out, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Barnum Poster Featuring Jumbo's Remains, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Along Nantasket Beach, Nantasket (5.3.15)
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Great Egret Sighting, Worlds' End (5.3.15)
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Jumbo LIVES Again! Tufts University, May 2015
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AcornHead, Tufts University, May 2015
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A Donkey in Dover? April, 2015
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Wild Turkey roaming, April 2015
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A Horse in Dover, MA (4.26.15)
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Blues Brothers Statue (4.25.15)
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Hiking in Dartmouth MA (4.18.15)
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

07:02 PM EST [Link] Tonight's Entree [comments: 1]
For tonight's entree, I'm attempting to cook up some Pan-Seared Steaks with Creamed Spinach and Lemon-Butter Purple Potatoes. Hopefully I won't mess it up too badly!

Also want to check out this meteor shower that's supposed to be passing by overhead tonight.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

08:15 PM EST [Link] Halloween Decoration [comments: 0]
halloweenwindow100615 (31k image)

It's that time of year again!

08:07 PM EST [Link] Which L&O Character Am I? [comments: 0]
I got Lenny Briscoe, which is awesome because he's my favorite character on this classic television show. Which character are you most like? Take the quiz and find out, and share with me your results in the comments if you so choose!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

05:10 PM EST [Link] Benson and Hatchets [comments: 0]
carryn2 (29k image)

Started today off by seeing a part of HubWeek, a talk on mind-body meditation featuring Dr. Herb Benson and John Henry from the Boston Red Sox, over at the Yawkey Building at Massachusetts General Hospital. We did a number of exercises and I have to admit, these techniques do seem to be pretty good. Check out the squishy stress brain things they were handing out. Ladydoc got a picture with Herb. I maybe should have tried to get a picture with Henry but he didn't stay too long.

carryn1 (74k image)

After the talk (didn't stay for the tai chi) we headed over to a place I've been meaning to check out for the longest time - Carrie Nation Cocktail Lounge over up on Beacon Hill. Carry A Nation was the inspiration for the name of this blog you know. What could be scarier than an old woman all dressed in black smashing everything with a hatchet? We had the burger - I have to say it was rather delicious! Pretty cool looking place - very Prohibition Era feel to it.

lilyoct (146k image)

Here are the Fire Lilies opening again. Apparently nobody told them it as October. Not as flashy as when they first popped in late July but still impressive that they bloomed again at all!

siding1 (93k image)

A guy was over here all day today putting the siding on the back deck 3-season part of the house. He did an amazing job! It looks great!

For supper tonight we cooked up some Cajun Catfish. I especially liked the remoulade we made although LD wasn't having any of it.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

04:34 PM EST [Link] Upcoming Events and Back Deck Progress [comments: 0]
deckpart4s (54k image)
Part 4 - back deck status thus far

Upcoming: Topsfield Fair - weather not cooperating. Kind of a bummer but this was always kind of iffy that we'd go to begin with.
Mindfulness at MGH with Herb Benson - this sounds interesting, it's part of Boston's HubWeek festivities - a bunch of talks and presentations on different things regarding health, art, or technology.
Pumpkin tripping(?) - It's around this time of year that we do something with pumpkins. I don't get Columbus Day off but I think I might take a PTO day for it this year depending on schedule.
Wang Theatre Open House - it's free plus it's cool - might check this out just to see all the various areas.
Photoging a couple's 25th wedding anniversary - I don't feel I'm great at photographing people but it was requested that I do this so I'll give it a shot.

The lilys out front finally opened, perhaps I'll upload a pc later but the last few days have been a little on the raw rainy side. Deck is coming along, still need to pick out a ceiling fan, proper flooring, and getting the outer siding done. However, this weather makes for a rather lazy just-want-to-sit-under-the-covers-on-the-couch-and-binge-watch-tv kind of day and not do anything, having to watch awful old Sex in the City reruns.

For supper, we made Spiced Turkey and Chickpea Chili with Chermoula, Labneh & Pita croutons. Overall it came out pretty good, except for the Labneh which came out too runny, but I thought the Chermoula came out well, basically a lemon zest. I'm not usually one to eat North African spicy dishes but I figure it was worth a try. Probably wouldn't make it again though, but it wasn't bad.

Friday, October 2, 2015

10:55 AM EST [Link] One More Pop? [comments: 0]
lilybloom2 (69k image)Here is the Fire Lily out front that doesn't want to believe just yet that sumer is over. In truth, I don't want to believe it either.

But then I'd only be fooling myself, right?

I've been feeling a little down today, maybe it's the weather. Hopefully it'll pass.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

08:16 PM EST [Link] Tracks Tracks Tracks [comments: 0]
htracks (70k image)I can't take credit for this image, but boy, with all the talk you hear you might as well think this was real.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

08:57 AM EST [Link] Free Coffee Today [comments: 0]
Today is free coffee day. So grab one if you're local participating coffee shop is getting in on the action! I actually need coffee in the morning or I don't seem to function well. I can actually feel the caffeine running through my veins when I've deprived myself for too long and I feel like a junkie then.

Monday, September 28, 2015

12:48 PM EST [Link] SuperMoon Eclipse Sighting! [comments: 0]
How about that Supermoon last night? Was cool when it turned red too. We looked out there last night for a while - it was an awesomely clear sky to see it. At one point I even got my binoculars and saw it up real close (closest thing I have to an actual telescope).

Also, the guy sitting in front of me, eating his yogurt and the sound of him scraping the edges of the container with is spoon is driving me up the effing wall.

Upcoming: A visit to the Topsfield Fair and a demonstration/get together with the BensonHenry Institute!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

07:37 PM EST [Link] Quiet Sunday [comments: 0]
I think I'd like to buy this Wifi enabled SD Card for my digital SLR camera which doesn't have Wifi so I can upload pics from the camera instantly. Gotta look a bit more into that.

In other news, not much news to report today - just a basic quiet Sunday, doing household tasks like trimming the rosebush and that cat's nails, wiping down the front deck railings, changing the filter in the HVAC system, and planning some next moves around the house and making a steak and salad dinner while the jukebox plays our favorite tunes.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

05:36 PM EST [Link] A Successful Walk [comments: 0]
Thanks to all who helped us out today! What a great day for a walk around Boston to help out the animals! There were over 500 dogs there and Lord knows how many people. As an added bonus, there was a cannabis demonstration/festival going on at the same time on the other side of the Common, which we took a shortcut through to check out.

Friday, September 25, 2015

12:17 PM EST [Link] The Pope and Lil Ol' Me [comments: 1]
I worked on a project yesterday that the City of New York wanted to have ready for the Pope's visit. I got it done in time (took 4 hours - under the gun to get it done!) , but the powers that be at the City changed their mind at the last minute for whatever reason, so it's not live yet. There was a chance I would've lost all the work I did and then it would have to redone which I was really averse to having to do, but they found a way to save what I did and can put it up later when the time actually does come, so no harm no foul. Let's face it though, would the Pope really be looking at this site? I think not. It deals with detailing the City's progress on making it's air cleaner by swapping out out older technology for newer and cleaner processes and tracking it's progress.

Let's see..what else has been going on so far? Well, I cleared out some fall leave debris from the bulkhead area where a grate is to allow water to sink. For some reason, that area likes to get clogged with leaves so it's important to keep it clear. Fall is upon us! Oh, and the stunningly huge sliding glass doors have been installed in the 3-season room that looks out onto the new back deck. It's getting toward the finish! Now the siding on the outside will need to be done so as to match the rest of the house it's attached to. Sounds like they are doing some of that today. Naturally the cost of thing keeps rising little by little, but that's not unexpected. Would like to see it all finished so we can start on the decor, and tackling some other projects like painting the shed and figuring out a patio design/setup. I still need to restore that old toy chest, table we found, and maybe the old school desk - things we picked up at yard sales or just found left on the sidewalk in decent condition this summer. I think I also need to cut the rose bushes back, like way, way back, they are kinda growing out of control but still bloom like crazy.

I thought I almost had a chance to be on Channel 7 news last night, as I was frequenting a Dunkin Donuts last night and a reporter was there with his cameraman in the parking lot, but had no idea why. They left pretty soon after so I never got my chance, plus I was a little gun-shy about it. I checked the news last night to see if they were on but I didn't see anything, so no idea what that was all about. Maybe they'll be a news presence at the walk tomorrow in Boston. Odds are probably won't be on it if it is but it's something to look out for. Speaking of which you still have some time to donate to help us if you so choose.

My 6-person tent arrived this week for my work anniversary gift. Not sure if I'll ever use the thing. Anyone interested?

A nice little development on the side, apparently the Ruby Fire Lily's I planted into the ground and weren't expecting to do anything else til next year, if that, are starting to bud again! Here's what they looked like the first time they bloomed. Would be cool to get some unexpected flowers out of them! Green thumb without even trying? Could it be?

For the longest time I've been using alt text for images on the blog, but without accessibility readers the text doesn't show on browsers these days. If you hover over the images in this post though, you should see descriptions now because I've changed the tags from alt to Title. At some point I'll need to go through the older entries to update them, especially to the photolog on the left.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

03:27 PM EST [Link] Knights and Bison Sights [comments: 0]
r8155s2 (149k image)

Uhmmm...Ok, coming home came across this strange property - looks like the owner decided to turn his mansion into some sort of castle, complete with knight in armor in one of the turret windows! Also, tried bison meat for the first time today , we were going to go to Chapel Grille but once we got there they were only serving brunch til 2, so we hit Ted's Montana Grill instead across the way - have to say, it does taste better than beef to me, but just a little - I would not be averse to eating it again.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

05:50 PM EST [Link] Stonington Day 2 [comments: 0]
r8110s (75k image)

Woke up this morning to take this cool shot just outside our window overlooking Stonington Harbor. It was pretty foggy this morning and I like that as it was burning off it looks like the background goes to infinity. The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent taking in the sights. Apparently Meryl Streep filmed a movie here called Hope Springs a couple years ago, so we've been trying to find some places that were shot in the film. Spent a little time down by Old Mystic Village but it was pretty crazy -- too busy, apparently some garlic festival was going on. Garlic? Seriously? Decided to spend a couple of hours seeing the movie Black Mass. Now, I'm waiting for dinner in an hour or two - going to try some place with a deck right over the water out back here.

ston2 (53k image)

And here's a shot from the view we had as I treated LD to a romantic dinner on the docks. The reason for the trip is that I love her, and adore her, and she's made my life so much brighter and more meaningful, and enhanced it immensely and I just like to show her my appreciation for that.

Friday, September 18, 2015

07:35 PM EST [Link] Stonington [comments: 0]
stonington1_s (65k image)

Spending the next couple of days in Stonington along the harbor!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

09:11 PM EST [Link] Doing it for the Animals [comments: 0]
Ladydoc and I have decided to do a walk for Angell Memorial. If you'd like to help us here is our team page. We'll be walking along the Common on Sept. 26! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

07:33 PM EST [Link] Why the Mags? [comments: 0]
For some strange reason, I've been getting magazines in the mail again and I've never subscribed to any of them so I'm not sure why they are showing up. All I know id I'm not paying for them. The latest issue of Esquire looked interesting though.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

07:59 PM EST [Link] Modem Blues [comments: 0]
I definitely think my modem and/or router are on the fritz. Have to reboot the things daily now just about - sometimes more than once. Luckily the IT guy at work has some old ones laying around he doesn't want that I can try out - maybe see if I can locate the problem - possibly save some money on new equipment although I will probably buy a newer router at some point.

Monday, September 14, 2015

03:21 PM EST [Link] Making Labels [comments: 0]
tstripex (5k image)Ugh. So busy at work this week - Monday's are rough - but I did manage to find a little window of 5 minutes to go ahead and create the new jukebox labels for the picks we obtained yesterday, an example of which one is over on the right. It's pretty sweet, I type the song titles and the artist, and the styles and colors that I want and presto, out it comes, then I just need to cut it out and stick it on the proper place on the board of the machine.

Deck is getting closer and closer to completion. There was an issue with the concrete pad for the stairs so that's being addressed. The doors are on order and should be arriving in a week or two. Then it's inspection time and it's ready for the finishing touches. Oh, and then I guess we have to put whatever we want in there for decor.

I ended up selecting the 6-person tent as the gift for 25 years of service. Why, when, or if, I ever use it remains to be seen. It was the only thing remotely interesting to me out of the various selections, key word being remote.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

03:07 PM EST [Link] RnR and Apple Pie [comments: 0]
Went to the Somerville Rock N Roll Yard Sale in Union Square early this afternoon to possibly pick up some new gems for the jukebox, came away with some stuff, from The Boss and Cyndi Lauper, to the Crickets and Kim Carnes. Then headed over to the Cambridge side to have some brunch at the S&S Deli, a local favorite. On this gray overcast drizzly day, decided to finally watch "The Social Network" for free On Demand, had never seen that movie as of yet. I liked it.

Later on, making apple pie with the apples we collected last weekend. (More later...)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

08:13 PM EST [Link] Seeing a Baby Alpaca [comments: 0]
krea (103k image)We decided to take a ride out tonight to Sudbury to visit an Alpaca farm that we had come across some time last year. They were having an open house today and people could come see the new baby. Actually about 4 or 5 of them are currently preggers so more baby alpacas might be coming. They are so cute! They are actually called Kreas when they are young. I took over 50 photos of them so perhaps more will be posted at a later date. After that we stopped over at Honeypot Orchards for cider donuts and to see the pigs and goats. Finally after that, it was a matter of getting some stuff done around the house, like lawn mowing, cleaning out the car, and grocery shopping. Also, just getting ready for the autumn, such as thinking about pumpkins and other things.

Thought about going to Providence, RI to see Waterfire tonight, but decided to stay in instead and grill some cheeseburgers. It would have a been a great night to go, but just too tired to do it all.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

08:03 PM EST [Link] Deck Progress Part 2 [comments: 1]
dk_prog2 (131k image)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

02:39 PM EST [Link] Pogo Action [comments: 0]
BBeach2 (63k image)Back from an interesting long day Labor Day weekend. You can read all about it below. Today at work between trying to get caught up on various things, a fellow coworker decided to give away his metal pogo stick so I said I'd take it. Hopefully I won't injure myself playing around with it. Also got a bit more sun than I had imagined and got a teeny sunburn, but nothing too serious. Doesn't even hurt really, only if it's scratched, so I'll refrain from doing that. Check out this pic on the beach down the Shore on Sunday that LD took of me. So Baywatch, I know. Yes, the trip was a hoot. We learned some things - still pretty early for apple picking, plus it was like balls hot and buggy as hell. Not the most enjoyable outing. Also, although the cows were fun to watch and interact with, we didn't really know what kind of farm it was until after. Let's just say we're not eating veal anymore. Doesn't seem fair. Rest of the time was pretty much just hanging out with family - although we did get a surprise and just as a coincidence met up with one of LD's friends who just happened to at that beach, at the same time as us! Also, took a quick side trip to Lake Como to see all the swans that hang out there - not sure why but tons of them like to set up shop there. It's quite a site, check it out if you're ever in the area - it's something to see.

The Deck is proceeding nicely. Maybe I'll put a latest pic of it up thus far later. That also gets us to thinking about painting the shed out back to match the house colors. A fall project that we are going to try to attempt ourselves. I think that's actually going to be a bit of work but it might be a cool project to undertake. Right now, we appear to be in the midst of a heatwave, so trying to lay low and stay cool.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

10:15 PM EST [Link] Made It After All! [comments: 0]
madeit (87k image)

Awesome waves, 74 water, wonderful sun. This is living! Glad we were able to get some beach time in today down the shore at my favorite beach down here, Spring Lake. I did get a little bit of sunburn though. Fun trip!

08:57 AM EST [Link] Children of the Corn Part 2 [comments: 0]
corn2 (166k image)

I shot this just outside the barn yesterday. Thought the old gas pump looked pretty cool.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

08:54 PM EST [Link] Cows on Parade [comments: 0]
Too tired to really process any of the photos I took of what we did today which included a trip out to rural Pennsylvania to pick some apples from an orchard, and see a working farm with calves being brought up. But this one was too good not to share immediately. Heading back to NJ we came across a herd of cows crossing the street. Don't see that everyday where I'm from! Course, with all the corn stalks everywhere and it's so rural makes you feel like you're in the movie Children of the Corn.

cowsparadepa (117k image)

Friday, September 4, 2015

10:32 PM EST [Link] Jersey Diner Menus [comments: 1]
So now down in Jersey. Ever notice at the diners here, the menu will have basically the same item on it, like, three or four times, just with a slight variation and all different prices?

That annoys me.

Today was fun. Started in Boston to see some fine folks real quick (if you're reading this Liesl it was great to see you! Wish I could of spent more time!), and then walked around for an hour or so taking in the sights waiting for LD to get out of her meeting. I went down by the swan boats briefly, but spent a bunch of time walking around and in Chinatown - interesting place to be sure.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

04:51 PM EST [Link] End of Summer [comments: 3]
What a week. Got the project done that needed to be done (mostly, have to burn it to a CD and send it to client Tuesday but essentially I'm done with it). Moving trucks all over the place with all the students moving back into the area making all the streets a pain to travel down. Haven't seen Bingo, the littlest fish, did I speak too soon that he would survive as his three older siblings did? Deck is progressing. The windows are in, and work is being done on the outside portion - seems to be going a bit slower than we imagined at this point. Also awaiting a special order shipment of the sliding doors for the thing. Our tomato plant is generating these things like no tomorrow - that's pretty awesome.

Heading into downtown Boston tomorrow AM as LD has some business to wrap up (maybe I'll get to see some folks I haven't seen in a while as I hang out) before we head off to Jersey for the long weekend. It would be nice to get some Shore beach time somewhere in there but there's a good shot that might not be feasible on this trip. Speaking of Jersey shores, I sent in one of my Cape May sunset shots from a while back to News 12 New Jersey per request. If they pick it, it would adorn their Facebook cover photo for a week. That would be pretty good exposure.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

03:29 PM EST [Link] Another Cormorant Pic from last weekend [comments: 0]
corms2 (89k image)

Just because...

11:25 AM EST [Link] Theremin [comments: 0]

Make some sounds. A theremin is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer). In this version, you'll need to use the mouse though.

Monday, August 31, 2015

08:35 PM EST [Link] 25 Years of Service [comments: 0]
Real busy today, got to get a certain project done by Thursday. I'm, pleased to say so much progress was made today that I think I can get it close to done by tomorrow, which would be good because I have other projects that need my attention.

I got my plaque at work today for 25 years of service. Can you believe it? Working more or less with the same group for twenty five years. I'm getting taken out to lunch on Wednesday for it. Pretty cool. It went by pretty fast - been ups and downs, but what a trip. They also give you a catalog of gifts you can order for yourself for work anniversary's like this, but all the things kinda suck. I think I might just have to go with the 6 person tent, or maybe the inflatable kayak but probably not.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

05:42 PM EST [Link] Plymouth MA Daytrip II [comments: 0]
coraments8302015_s (110k image)

Went to Plymouth for the afternoon..had a nice afternoon lunch at a place called Isaac's with a window overlooking the harbor. Wonderful view...more later...

I think I might want to get this portable turntable. It would make testing records so much easier before they get the honor of being placed in the jukebox.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

04:13 PM EST [Link] Can't resist the Mums [comments: 0]
Went to Volante Farms this afternoon and couldn't resist getting some fall things. Couple of huge mums (went with some orange and red this time instead of the usual purple or yellow) and some smaller flowers (miniature petunias and nemesia [babycakes little banana]). I also got some small ornamental purple peppers for the sole reason that I like to look at them. Also picked up some produce there for tonight's dinner to cook up. Really fresh corn, lettuce, baby spinach and shallots, and watermelon. We are really big on the roasted corn salad these days. On the way there we noticed someone put a nice wooden table out on the curb, so we grabbed it. Remains to be seen what it'll end up being used for but I think eventually we'll find a place for it.

salad82915 (57k image)And here's the salad we made! Feta watermelon salad with corn, tomatoes and peppers from the garden, lettuce, chicken, and salmon, with tortilla strips on top! And a balsamic drizzle!

Will probably replace the little picket fences that separate the lawn from the flower garden in the front of the house with small stones. More natural, cheaper, and will survive winter better.

Some of the windows on the back deck have been installed. The doors need to be special ordered though due to dimensioning and whatnot. It's really important that we get exactly what we want for that, because I think it'll make a difference in the final experience.

fer2015_2 (74k image)
Our next ride, a red ferrari, seen outside the garden center. Not much room to put plants in though.

Friday, August 28, 2015

06:06 PM EST [Link] More Progress [comments: 0]
Afternoon Update:
Lots of work on the deck today. Floors are in, frames for two walls are in, glass panes have arrived and will be put in soon by the looks of it. The doors are on special order though. Looks like a lot of progress was made today. Sweet! And ideas for the patio are now starting to form. Hmmm!

I need to so some serious landscaping work this weekend, like, tomorrow. Maybe if I can get going early enough I can get it all done before late morning. I did mow the lawn today and did a bunch of weeding so far though, but the weed whacker battery needs to charge so I'll hit that tomorrow. Got a bunch of errands done today. Productive Friday!

Evening Update:
Unfortunately tonight I noticed the washing machine wasn't draining - seems like the drain pipe is clogged. I was able to drain it by starting and stopping it and using a bucket and dumping it out. Need to figure out how to unclog the PVC pipe in the back. I bet something is caught in the trap - I think that happened once before. Pain in the a**. Now I'm out back watching these little bats fly back and forth overhead, which is sort of cool and sort of weird, since I've never seen bats flying here before, and just a tad bit creepy. Most likely, it's the Little Brown Bat species.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

07:36 PM EST [Link] Rockin the Lollipop [comments: 0]
My phone finally updated itself to Android Lollipop. Been playing around with it. Not too different from the last version that I can see. My email does take a few seconds longer to load, but otherwise, seems pretty solid.


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