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Sunset at Ten Pound Light, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Rooftop Pool, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Prospect Hill Tower, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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View of Boston from Prospect Hill, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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Bigelow Chapel, Mount Auburn Cemetary (Sept. 2016)
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Winslow and Tiki (Sept. 2016)
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Pemaquid Point Shot, Maine August 2016
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Zen along Ocean Point, Maine (August 2016)
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Mystic Seaport Dusk, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Rocks and Roses along Penobscot Penisula (8/9/16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #3, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #2, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #1, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Rock Harbor, Orleans Cape Cod Sunset July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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Chatham Light Beach, Chatham MA July 2016
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Chatham Light, Chatham MA July 2016
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Highland Light, Truro MA July 2016
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Capr Cod Windmill, Easton MA July 2016
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Greyson the Alpaca, Hubburdston MA July 2016
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Mystic Seaport Sunset, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sea Lion, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Boston Light (7/1/16)
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Point Judith Light Area, Narragansett, RI (6.12.16)
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Lighthouse Mailbox, Somewhere in RI (6.12.16)
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Pemaquid Point Maine 2011 (re-issue 6.6.16) - I'm jonesing to get back there. I have a thing for lighthouses and puffins. Maybe this summer!
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Approaching Infinity, Scituate, MA (6.4.16)
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Visiting Cohasset (6.4.16)
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Approaching Minot Light off Cohasset coast (5.29.16)
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Iris from my Garden 2016 (6.1.16)
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Endian Goose Chicks, Wellesley MA (5.30.16)
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Turkey Strut. Westwood, MA (5.30.16)
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Cormorant Convention 2 (5.29.16)
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Approaching Minot Light off Cohasset coast (5.29.16)
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Kingston Coastline (5.29.16)
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Mermaid at Tiny Tall Ships Festival, Somerville MA (5.14.16)
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Goose Chicks (5.13.16)
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Close Up Bunny (5.12.16)
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Portal @Assembly Square, Somerville MA (May 2016)
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Downy Woodpecker Sighting, Norwood MA (May 2016)
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Goats! Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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The Look of Wonder, Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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Goats! Boonton NJ (4.23.16)
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Eastern Cottontail Sighting, Norwood, MA (4.17.16)
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Holy Mother Apparition, Attleboro MA (4.17.16)
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

08:11 AM EST [Link] Madcap Recap [comments: 0]
Rode the bike in today. Generally don't like to do that in the rain, but it's just a drizzle and it's supposed to clear up later and I'm trying to not use my car if I can to ease wear and tear until I can get my hands on something new (used actually, still looking). It's not the rain that really bothers me, it's more the puddles because my bike tends to kick up dirt and water in the rear.

Checked out one of the Street Pianos yesterday afternoon down by Lesley U, pretty cool. There was a nice little congregation of young folks there checking it out - perhaps they were students. Also last night, watched the debate tucked into my comforter because it's starting to get a little chilly now - the question becomes, as it does every year, how long can we go before having to turn on the heat, right?

I still need to write up about last weekend, maybe LD can guest write that on for me! It was a day to celebrate her after all, and how grateful and lucky I am because of her. I had a good time - the roof deck is definitely the best part of the place - I found it interesting that the water line of the pool and hot tub is even with the decking. Sort of like an infinity pool but you could walk around it. It's also really close to the bar, prompting me to wonder if anyone ever fell in. Guess the staff has to watch that pretty carefully.

Hope this week goes by quick - planning on a game night with some new people and a pancake breakfast near Buzzard's Bay. There was talk of me trying out Bubble Soccer but I don't see that happening... yet. And the week after that, I booked tickets to another musical! One we've seen before on Broadway but I was itching to see another live show.

Monday, September 26, 2016

07:20 PM EST [Link] Play Me I'm Yours [comments: 0]
B_Piano_2016web (128k image)
A little Moonlight Sonata outside Lesley University College of Art and Design

12:15 PM EST [Link] More Beauport [comments: 0]
rgp (84k image)
The Greasy Pole
rgh (105k image)
The Hotel
rja (142k image)
Joan of Arc
reg (130k image)
White Egret sighting along road
rsch (103k image)

*growing pains
*views and vistas
*roof deck pool/hottub/mingling with folks
*climbing rocks
*vinyl record finds

Sunday, September 25, 2016

03:58 PM EST [Link] Beauport Overnight [comments: 0]
r41040web (128k image)
Look toward Ten Pound Light
swimmies_Bweb (97k image)
Swimming in pool before hot tub
gfish2 (134k image)
A different Gloucester Fisherman statue...

More thorough write up forthcoming...

Friday, September 23, 2016

06:17 PM EST [Link] Creeper [comments: 0]
creepero (127k image)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

08:46 AM EST [Link] Two Years Ago - Saybrook [comments: 0]
sayb2 (85k image)
Sunset - Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Not sure what I did to my right shoulder, but it hurts like a MF. Might have to take it easy for a bit.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

01:05 PM EST [Link] Hade [comments: 0]
If you're looking for a lunchtime diversion check out this game Hade (it's still being developed). I can't seem to figure out Level 11! Arrgh!

Oh, I finally figured that level out - not sure why that one took me a while. Our brains are weird.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

07:35 PM EST [Link] Scaling Prospect Hill [comments: 0]
r1003_web (108k image)
Climbed to the top of the tower this afternoon, it has finally finished being renovated. Great views of Boston from up there. George Washington raised the first flag there!
r0992_web (105k image)
View toward Boston - Zakim Bridge in background.
r0994_web (102k image)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

02:34 PM EST [Link] Reading Morning [comments: 0]
Finished reading Patient H.M. today. What an amazing story, from the patient, to the backstory of the doctors, to the science, and finally the personal connection of the author - highly recommended. I couldn't imagine living like HM did, not being able to remember anything from one minute to the next. But then again, not remembering that.

Here's some more of the story. You can also google HM for tons more.

Now I want to visit the MIT Museum even more, not just for the robotic stuff (which I still haven't gotten around to), but to also view the slice of his brain there!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

06:07 PM EST [Link] Mount Auburn Trip 1 [comments: 0]
While LD is off on a solo adventure this weekend with her girlfriend, I decided to take a jaunt out to Mount Auburn - a test run so to speak. Here's a few photos from this afternoon.

r0978s (155k image)
Bigelow Chapel
r0961s (178k image)
Mary Baker Eddy Gravesite
r0947s (110k image)
View of Boston from atop Washington Tower
r0974s (114k image)
Only wildlife seen today - wild turkey
r0976s (190k image)
r0966s (171k image)
Primrose Path
r0954s (158k image)
Washington Tower

Thursday, September 15, 2016

08:21 PM EST [Link] Happy Birthday Boston Light! [comments: 0]
r4b01 (87k image)
(America's very first lighthouse and still going - 300 years old yesterday!)

02:54 PM EST [Link] We Tried! Thanks Though! [comments: 0]
Thanks to anyone and everyone who voted for my picture of the Lagoda. Looks like I;m going to come in 2nd place with 19 votes. The number one vote getter has 601 votes which seems suspect to me since everyone else has below 20 votes, but whatevs. (And I don't think the picture's all that good but no sour grapes!)

Monday, September 12, 2016

08:55 AM EST [Link] Mondaze [comments: 0]
Back from a weekend in Jersey and woke up to a flat tire on my car.

Mondays are so much fun.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

07:20 PM EST [Link] 9-11 Never Forget [comments: 0]
9112016morris (85k image)
Taken in Morris Plains, NJ 9-11-16

Friday, September 9, 2016

09:11 AM EST [Link] Photo Art [comments: 0]
catart16 (199k image)
Photo art editing a pic I took last weekend.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

08:01 AM EST [Link] Chicken Feet? [comments: 0]
chickfeet (146k image)
What is up with those feet???
Scene from last weekend.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

08:03 AM EST [Link] Wet Ride [comments: 0]
Rode the bike into work today. It was a little rainy outside but I gave it a go anyway, I generally do not like to ride in the rain, but I want to try to keep up my at-least-two-days-a-week-riding schedule. Plus it was only a little drizzle and after looking at the radar decided to go.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

07:19 PM EST [Link] Two Happy Goats [comments: 1]
happygoats (136k image)
Giving our buddy at Winslow a brushing...

09:33 AM EST [Link] Street Pianos 2016 [comments: 0]
The street pianos are coming back around again real soon!

I've played one before but I'll definetly try out some new ones!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

04:12 PM EST [Link] Sanctuary [comments: 0]
sanctuary (228k image)
A shot from this afternoon's excursion.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

11:10 AM EST [Link] Lazy "Caturday" [comments: 0]
caturday (145k image)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

08:10 AM EST [Link] Summer Recap 2016 [comments: 0]
Well, it was great summer for sure for me this year! As evidenced by all the various photos I got to see a lot of great and scenic and wild things, from the Cape to Maine (all thanks to LD of course), but also just around town. I got to be on television for a little bit (in hindsight, should have probably set the DVR to see other snippets of me that weren't saved to the web - oh well). Been trying to expand myself by biking at least twice a week, and setting a goal of trying to read 100 books by year's end (and I started that task in late April - for the record I'm around 40 done so far). I've also, through work, been using my fitness tracker, to help raise money by my activity for the next month for the American Cancer Society.

Summer may be winding down, and that bums a bit, but some more cool things are coming up for September. Of course, might still hit the beach once or twice more, and continue to grill now and again. (Cue man-grunts). Soon will have to pull up whats' left of the garden veggies, finish some small landscaping tasks, and going to have to go suit shopping for a wedding coming up in late fall. One of LD's besties is coming up to visit for a few days, and of course, there's LD Appreciation Day. So, all in all, no complaints!

And finally, from the "things that make me go hmmmmm..." file, how would police handcuff a one-armed person?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

03:52 PM EST [Link] Chrome Looks [comments: 0]
T_alewife (120k image)

"The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome."

08:10 AM EST [Link] Rockport, Maine [comments: 0]
rockpotharbormaine_aug2016 (183k image)

Phone pic I took while at the harbor visiting Andre's stomping grounds.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

07:01 PM EST [Link] Charles Day 2 [comments: 0]
chal2 (82k image)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

06:31 PM EST [Link] Saturday Equation Feels [comments: 0]
charles2016 (138k image)

Sleeping in + seeing a movie @Kendell (Don't Think Twice) + watching the sails on the Charles + having ice cream at FoMu (Bourbon Maple Walnut!!) + grilling tonight = perfect Saturday!
fomu (65k image)

Friday, August 26, 2016

02:30 PM EST [Link] New Arrivals [comments: 0]
Yes, the new Grill Daddy has been delivered. I've read mixed reviews on it, some saying it's a gimmick, other's saying its ok, but I like it - and that's all that matters. It was probably time for a new one anyway.

This morning I did a little bit of landscaping trying to use up the last of the crushed stone and sand from the patio project. I get to use our wonderful new wheelbarrow again! I worked until it got too hot and might finish it up over the weekend - there's only a little bit to go - mostly just to get rid of weeds but that's a tough battle. Somehow some new sunflowers have started sprouting up on their own in a couple of places, which was unexpected yet kind of nice.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

09:39 AM EST [Link] Reading the Classics [comments: 0]
classiscs_ill2016s (81k image)Was able to pick up some old Classics Illustrated books originally printed from the 1940s and 1950s yesterday. I also have an older first-printing version of the Moby Dick from previously. Added some Caesar and Miles Standish to my collection, because, Mr. History and all.

Also, on the newer reading list (and actual books):
A Seal Called Andre by Harry Goodridge
Dirt Roads and Diner Pie by Shonna Milliken Humphrey
Patient H.M. by Luke Dittrich and
All at Sea by Decca Aitkenhead.

I've linked to small reviews so you can see for yourself if you'd be interested in reading them as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

08:16 PM EST [Link] Love is All Yopu Need [comments: 0]
Love_RocklandME (48k image)
Another vacation sight.

01:04 PM EST [Link] Vote for me! [comments: 1]
If you have a minute to vote for my picture of the Lagoda, I'd be real appreciative!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

03:57 PM EST [Link] Getting My Waves On [comments: 1]
B_water_dux (84k image)
Gotta catch some beach time before summer ends! Crabcake BLT for lunch - nom! More grilling tonight. Grilled last night as well.

I really wanted to hit the beach today and go in the water. I figured there's probably not many more times left to be able to do it before summer is over. The weather's been great, the water wasn't really cold, and the beach wasn't all that crowded. Win-Win! Unfortunately maybe do to all the grilling lately, our Grill Daddy broke while I was cleaning the grill. However, a new one is on order! This thing is pretty sweet, it's a grill brush but has the ability to have water push through it as you're scrubbing to get the grill clean. I like it! We've had this one for a few years so it was probably time for a new one anyway.

The Fitbit I won last week arrived at the office today. It's a Flex.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

07:38 PM EST [Link] Perfect Chair Placement [comments: 0]
546s (131k image)
Take me back!

01:17 PM EST [Link] Rocks I've Climbed Over [comments: 0]
Cool aerial video from a drone showing some of the areas we checked out a couple of weeks ago!

Friday, August 19, 2016

06:28 PM EST [Link] Red Sky at Night [comments: 0]
redsky_pema (69k image)

Another shot from Pemaquid Peninsula. I miss that place already.

Starting to reap some of the garden nowadays, including some of the broccoli florets, butternut squash, varieties of tomatoes of course, and celery. Still waiting on the eggplants and peppers. Overall, pretty pleased at what we were able to grow this year. Also got the grill tank refilled today - been grilling a lot this year!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

02:17 PM EST [Link] Climbing around Penobscot [comments: 0]
romaine2 (103k image)

"When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused."
- Rainer Maria Rilke. Poet

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

08:12 AM EST [Link] Still Biking [comments: 0]
This will mark the 3rd month in a row where I've been biking into the office at least twice a week, sometimes three. A stark contrast to last year when I rode my bike exactly zero times.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

08:29 PM EST [Link] Dead in Good Company [comments: 0]
Had a good time listening to the various authors discuss their respective essays from the book which I had read a few weeks ago, Dead in Good Company, which is about Mount Auburn Cemetery and also filled with some great photos of the various wildlife there. I'm definitely going to plan a trip out there in the fall, spend a day, relax, and maybe see what I can get. What made this get together special was that besides the editors they also had four of the author contributors on hand to discuss their submission to the book (you might know some of these names), including William Martin (I really liked his essay - it's actually the first one in the book and my personal fave), Gary Goshgarian, Kate Flora, and Hank Phillippi Ryan, who took a picture of us, the crowd, which may show up on her Facebook page at some point. Haha!

I highly recommend this book.

shifty2 (44k image)

Monday, August 15, 2016

03:04 PM EST [Link] More Puffins! [comments: 0]
r736s (140k image)

Starting to look through some more pics I took from last week off the coast of Eastern Egg Rock Island. I think some of these might make for some awesome prints! I like how a couple of the birds in the far right of this photo look like tiny missiles!


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