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Gloucester Cruise (Easter, 2017) - Stacy Blvd. Shot
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Baby Bunny we called Cottonball, Norwood MA (backyard - Jun 18, 2017)
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Gloucester Boating (weird sky), Spring 2017
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Gloucester Cruise (Easter, 2017)
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Red Barn in Snow, Bolton MA (Feb. 2017)
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Long Beach/Beach Haven, NJ (December 2016)
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Surf City, NJ (December 2016)
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Supermoon November 2016
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Fall Cleanup (October, 2016)
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Somerville Bike Path (10.18.16)
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Natick Falls, Natick MA (10.16.16)
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Sunset at Ten Pound Light, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Rooftop Pool, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Prospect Hill Tower, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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View of Boston from Prospect Hill, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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Bigelow Chapel, Mount Auburn Cemetary (Sept. 2016)
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Winslow and Tiki (Sept. 2016)
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Pemaquid Point Shot, Maine August 2016
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Zen along Ocean Point, Maine (August 2016)
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Mystic Seaport Dusk, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Rocks and Roses along Penobscot Penisula (8/9/16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #3, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #2, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #1, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Rock Harbor, Orleans Cape Cod Sunset July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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Chatham Light Beach, Chatham MA July 2016
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Chatham Light, Chatham MA July 2016
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Highland Light, Truro MA July 2016
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Capr Cod Windmill, Easton MA July 2016
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Greyson the Alpaca, Hubburdston MA July 2016
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Mystic Seaport Sunset, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sea Lion, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Boston Light (7/1/16)
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Point Judith Light Area, Narragansett, RI (6.12.16)
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Lighthouse Mailbox, Somewhere in RI (6.12.16)
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Pemaquid Point Maine 2011 (re-issue 6.6.16) - I'm jonesing to get back there. I have a thing for lighthouses and puffins. Maybe this summer!
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Approaching Infinity, Scituate, MA (6.4.16)
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Visiting Cohasset (6.4.16)
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Approaching Minot Light off Cohasset coast (5.29.16)
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

08:31 AM EST [Link] Goat Yoga Soon [comments: 1]
Yes, in August, we will be participating in the latest craze, goat yoga. Stay tuned, should be an interesting fun time!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

04:55 PM EST [Link] Celebrity Sighting? [comments: 0]
We pulled up next to Ernie Boch Jr. in a convertible at a red light today coming back from the Home Depot/Stop & Shop.

Small world.

bbunny618 (159k image)

Saw this baby bunny in the grass while grilling this afternoon. Also finally finished mulching the back area. Now to do the front next weekend! (LD is adamant about it!)

Friday, June 16, 2017

09:58 AM EST [Link] The Acrobatic Chipmunk [comments: 0]
We saw a very strange and annoying yet somewhat cute sight this morning while looking out the back yard picture window. We have a strawberry plant that is producing quite nicely but it's hung up on a planter hanging by a hook type setup. Lo and behold, a chipmunk had somehow gone up the stairs and took a flying leap into the container and was gorging himself on the ripened strawberries thus far - a veritable fruit buffet of such delights that I don't think a creature could ever be so happy as that chipmunk. We purposely did this and placed the setup as so as to make it difficult for this to happen. We tried to get a picture of the crime but the little bugger would hide underneath the canopy of strawberry leaves. And then, without missing a step, it fell right out of the pot (looked upside down to me) and into the waiting arms of the buffeting hosta leaves, and then was gone, no doubt to relish in the spoils of its labor. It was kinda cute though seeing the head pop out from under the leaves, and did I see a smile on its lips?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

02:55 PM EST [Link] Swan Boat Lovin' [comments: 0]
swanboats614 (128k image)
One from the archives.

08:23 AM EST [Link] Me 1 - Microbursts 0 [comments: 0]
Luckily I was able to get home by bike yesterday before the microbursts hit. Nice and dry, although the city is littered with tree limbs and branches everywhere. Good thing the whole thing only lasted a few minutes!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

11:31 AM EST [Link] Steaks on Fire [comments: 0]
Spending the weekend in Jersey and went to a function in Clark at a place called Bistro 1051. Doesn't look like much from the outside but the food ended up being incredible. The high light is the Steak on a Stone where they light the steak on fire in front of you as they serve it. Great presentation!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

10:01 AM EST [Link] Free Pizza Tastes GOOD [comments: 0]
So Yesterday I had the pizzas I won delivered and they were quite delicious! ( I calculated that to buy would probably come out to around spending 50 bucks! - Upper Crust is on the expensive side IMO) One new one that I never had before was a white pizza with BBQ sauce on it and it was actually very tasty!

Anyways, it's nice to win some free stuff again.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

04:42 PM EST [Link] Updates [comments: 0]
Lets see. Bunch of yard work, mowing, neatening, mulching the new area - almost done, saw some goats yesterday for a bit, going to see Wonder Woman tomorrow with LD and M&M. I asked the ladies to dress up as WW but was shot down. Hey guys, at least I tried.

Finally heard back from the car donation - 500 bucks value, actually a little more than I thought it would get, so that's good - that money will go straight to the kids and I'll get a little tax break.

Currently reading, book #9 on the list for the year: Holy Spokes: The Search for Urban Spirituality on Two Wheels by Laura Everett. I'm not going to give up my car seeing as I just bought one, but I like cycling around too. Best of both worlds as they say. I also ordered a back pillow and a headphone stand.

Lately I've been watching a channel that we discovered a while ago, Reelz, and more specifically a program called Autopsy. Basically the station is like iD except dealing with celebrities.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

09:37 AM EST [Link] Finally, Umbrella [comments: 0]
Remember back in 2015 when I was jonesin' for a new umbrella? Well, today I finally ordered one. A 62" behemoth with double ribbing so any wind won't ruin it and waterproof layers so the water will bead off it. I know you were all dying to know - hopefully when it arrives I will find that it was a good purchase and may give it a recommendation and review. We've had so many gray days lately.

Oh, and for the record, that pasta strainer I got a while back works awesome!

Also I learned later today that I won a catered event from Upper Crust Pizzeria, I remember dropping in my business card months ago - guess I finally got picked, so free lunch on me sometime next week at work! Whoop!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

08:35 AM EST [Link] Bike Commuting Count [comments: 0]
Thought it would be interesting to see how many times I've commuting by bicycle thus far (at least since I was keeping track but I earnestly did begin doing this in spring of last year). Below are the results:

2016: May - 5; June - 12; July - 6; Aug - 8; Sept - 10; Oct - 11; Nov - 7; Dec - 0; 2017: Jan - 0; Feb - 3 (!); Mar - 5; Apr - 7; May - 12.

These are counted as round trips.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

01:43 PM EST [Link] More Egrets [comments: 0]
egret222w (133k image)

Here's some more egrets taken from last weekend.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

06:17 PM EST [Link] Gloucester Day Trip 2017 [comments: 0]
gl03 (163k image)
gl02 (149k image)
gl01 (79k image)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

06:47 PM EST [Link] Garden Daze [comments: 0]
Planted a bunch of Speedwell and Ivy in an area of the back yard that seems a bit spartan today. Hopefully they will take and provide a lot of ground cover. Everything in the raised boxes are doing well, as well as all the container gardening and various flowers out front. Place is looking sweet!

Picked up LD's new car yesterday, dealing with those things takes all day it seems. Glad we are both done with that stuff now.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

01:14 PM EST [Link] In Case You Wondering [comments: 0]
Because I have, now we have the answer! How Did That Star Market End Up Over The Massachusetts Turnpike?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

08:19 PM EST [Link] Tiring weekend [comments: 0]
Busy weekend, car shopping with LD (finally, a choice!), finally testing and using the grill, helping baby birds that fell out a nest (long story), planting a bunch of flowers and edibles in the raised boxes, shopping, cooking, etc etc..The towing company to take away my old car for donation was supposed to show up Friday but later that day told me they couldn't make it til Monday, which means I wont be able to see it off. Oh well...would've liked to see it be towed into the sunset but such is life...

Friday, May 19, 2017

12:08 PM EST [Link] Suburban Dad [comments: 0]
Doing lots of yard work today - mowing, weeding, planting, raking up clippings, hooking up hoses, etc etc etc. Working up a good sweat. Been a while since I got blisters on my hand from manual labor, but its worth it - place is shaping up nice. I'm actually feeling a little proud of myself regarding it!

Unnerving to hear your car say you have an email and then it reads it back to you, and that you can reply to it by using just your voice to craft the reply and tell it to send.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

09:00 AM EST [Link] Year of New Beginnings [comments: 0]
Well, things have been put into motion. I'm in the process of donating the old ride. The new ride is sweet - still takes a little getting used to - especially all the bluetooth connectivity stuff but it's growing on me. However, that didn't stop me from taking the bike in today (twice!) since when I got to work I realized I forgot some stuff so had to go all the way back and then back in again, so I'm counting this morning as 2 trips! After the old car is gone, I'm planning on getting the driveway re-seal coated so everything looks nice and fresh. Which has made me come to realize that so far this year has been loaded with a kind of new beginnings.

Friday, May 12, 2017

06:51 PM EST [Link] New Ride! [comments: 2]
newride (109k image)

So here's my new car - picked it up today - very exciting, have to learn all these new computer panel things - ride feels real good though! Getting the old car ready for donation, although a part of me will miss it - been through a lot together in 14 years.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

09:13 AM EST [Link] Legs of Steel [comments: 0]
Still riding the bike in as much as I can, even though I'm still trying to figure out the gear problem. At least at this rate, I'll have legs of steel.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10:37 AM EST [Link] Adjustments [comments: 0]
So, this is the first week in the open concept office. It's actually not too bad - definitely an adjustment but I'll make it work. One cool thing is the desks can move up and down with a push of a button, so you can raise it up if you want to stand, or lower it when you want to sit.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

07:34 PM EST [Link] Lilacs and Goats [comments: 0]
lilac5717 (179k image)
Lilacs coming along great!

g-sess (138k image)
Goat Session.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

04:35 PM EST [Link] New Car (Finally!) [comments: 0]
Goodbye old Chevy. I'm going to donate it.

I am now the owner of a 2016 Toyota Rav4 XLE!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

10:34 AM EST [Link] World's End [comments: 0]
WorldsEnd17 (79k image)

From a hike last year.

08:01 AM EST [Link] Go C's! [comments: 0]
Amazing Celtics game last nite at the Garden!!!!

How does IT keep doing it!?!?

Monday, May 1, 2017

04:03 PM EST [Link] Goodbye Calcomp 9500 [comments: 0]
We sold the large format digitizer today! Some dude from Bridgewater came and paid us and took it away. End of an era. Truth to tell, I hadn't used it in a few years but it was a nice tablet - automatic lift, tilt, backlighted by 4 tubes - good piece of equipment, (here's one) but it was time to move on (there's no room apparently in the new office for it, even though it folds up but whatevs). Least I got some cash out of it.

We should be moving into the open-concept space by the end of the week and will start from there on Monday going forward.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

06:16 PM EST [Link] Carolina Wren Visits [comments: 0]
carolinawren2 (86k image)

Noticed a new visitor to the feeder yesterday, a Carolina Wren! Finally got around to planting some rosemary and some firespinners (Delosperma) out on the back patio. Also, wasn't today supposed to be a pretty nice sunny day? It's cold raw and overcast for sucks sakes. Good job meteorologists...again.

One nice thing today is we went to Bertucci's for lunch and LD had some leftover to take home, but the waitress dropped it so they gave us a new pie for free (roasted eggplant - yum!) so dinner is set for tonight!

07:53 AM EST [Link] Earth and Water [comments: 0]
earthwater (174k image)
Fallen tree by the shore in Plymouth, MA

Had a good time last night over dinner, maybe imbibed a little much but not too bad - like I said, very good time with M&M and LD. Today we hot a couple of dealerships - I'm leaning more and more toward a RAV4 between 2014-2016 year. LD's also looking!

lobsterlove (138k image)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

02:31 PM EST [Link] Car Shopping [comments: 0]
Or at least beginning to get ideas, going around the local dealerships and browsing - the old Cav is reaching the end of its life. Thinking something along a Rav4 or Sorento. I dislike car shopping. There's just something about it that makes me uneasy.

I've been noticing a red bellied woodpecker occupying a hole in a tree here - I think there may be eggs inside - I'll need to keep watching it to see if I can eventually get to see any babies.

Heading to Plymouth tonight to meet up with M&M - maybe grab some scenic shots while I'm there.

engdai (61k image)
Some English Daises at the back patio we planted last week. More planting to do as well.

09:08 AM EST [Link] Back Yard Bunny [comments: 0]
bunnywash (133k image)

Yesterday was a day of getting some more yard work done, having mowed the lawn, filling the feeders, etc.

In the late afternoon, got to see this little guy occupying himself. Interestingly enough, so far, as last year, they don't seem to be eating any of the crops in the raised beds.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

08:30 AM EST [Link] Boston Spring [comments: 0]
bosspr (151k image)

Monday, April 24, 2017

10:19 AM EST [Link] Wont be Long Now [comments: 0]
Update!: Won't be moving so fast after all since the move may be delayed by as much as a week or more, depending on the timing of the inspections. Good job zeeks.

Oh boy, by this time next week, I'll e at my new desk in the open concept office move. Yipee! Been busy packing up boxes of what's coming with me. I did end up ordering that strainer after all and it should arrive midweek. I'll let you know if it was worth it.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

09:33 PM EST [Link] Did a Lot today! [comments: 0]
Changed out the glass panes and put the screens in the doors, pulled out and set up the grill, went to Volante farms and got some lunch and plants, including planting some lettuce in the raised boxes. Also got some flowers that remind me of truffula trees and placed near the patio area along with some hanging strawberries, hanging from a new pole we got from a visit to OSJL along with a base for a future table umbrella. Cooked a bolognese in the instant pot, and baked some banana bread, went grocery shopping for some items, watched the Celtics and a special on Betty Broderick ('member her?), did three loads of laundry, vacummed, and performed some household duties. I'm ready to drop - my body feels like lead right now. But it feels good to make such good use of the day.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

07:50 PM EST [Link] Just Strolling Around [comments: 0]
thayer (132k image)

While awaiting LD to get done with her appointment, I went walking around the neighborhood and came upon this place. General Sylvanus Thayer, known as the "Father of West Point," was born in this house in 1785 and resided there until 1793. There's history all around us.

Friday, April 21, 2017

10:27 AM EST [Link] When Doves Cry [comments: 0]
Ened up somehow watching some biography of the music star Prince on Reelz called When Doves Cry. Found it very interesting - delves into his childhood and everything - kinda makes sense now all the things he sang about and how the Purple Rain album was so autobiographical. Definitely worth a watch, I found I really didn't know hardly anything about the dude's upbringing or personal life - I found it very insightful and a little sad. Catch it if you can.

I was planning on spending the day in town today but the rain has put a damper on those plans, so I'll get to catching up on things around the local.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

07:33 AM EST [Link] Weather The Storm [comments: 0]
weathernarr (92k image)
Narragansett, RI

I feel I must buy this pasta strainer!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

08:54 AM EST [Link] Gears are turning [comments: 0]
Ci2017 (150k image)
Castle Island Light, Newport RI

Going through some old pics lately.

Hmm, bike seems to be not gearing right. Most likely the cables are worn or some adjustments are sorely needed, not surprising since I've never really serviced the thing since I bought it back in the nineties. It's still rideable - just doesn't change gears properly if at all. Maybe I'll mess with it later - I have a feeling the issue is with the Shimano shifter mechanisms on the handlebars, probably should take it to a shop at some point.


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