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Hanging with Noelle LeBlanc from Damone! BEst. Picture. EVER! (6.2.07)

'Swan Lake' - Somewhere near Canton? (6.6.15)
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Sea of Blue Irises (5.30.15)
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Fawn on Front Lawn
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Tending the Garden Waters
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Garden Path
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Zen Maze
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Through the Japanese Maple Tree
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Ramses the White Lion, Capron Zoo, Attleboro MA (5.17.15)
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Another Generation of Bunnies Visit the Garden (5.17.15)
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Yoga Tree Statue? Seaside Park, Bridgeport CT (5.10.15)
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Abandoned Lighthouse on FayerWeather Island Overlooking Long Island Sound (5.9.15)
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Brants Frollicking About Long Island Sound (5.9.15)
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P.T. Barnum, Seaside Park Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Proud Peacock, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Black Tongue Sticking Out, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Barnum Poster Featuring Jumbo's Remains, Bridgeport CT (5.9.15)
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Along Nantasket Beach, Nantasket (5.3.15)
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Great Egret Sighting, Worlds' End (5.3.15)
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Jumbo LIVES Again! Tufts University, May 2015
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AcornHead, Tufts University, May 2015
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A Donkey in Dover? April, 2015
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Wild Turkey roaming, April 2015
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A Horse in Dover, MA (4.26.15)
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Blues Brothers Statue (4.25.15)
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Hiking in Dartmouth MA (4.18.15)
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Eastern Cottontail Rabbit (4.12.15)
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Church Architecture Natick (4.11.15)
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Horse Farm, Dover (4.11.15)
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Mute Swan Wellesley (4.11.15)
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Muscovy Duck Sighting Wellesley (4.11.15)
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Magpie Duck Wellesley (4.11.15)
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Emdian Geese Wellesley (4.11.15)
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Whippany Railroad (4.4.15)
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Shot from the Vail Estate, Morristown NJ (4.4.150
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Atop Fort Nonsense, Morristown NJ (4.4.15)
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Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers, Morristown NJ (4.4.15)
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Jamaica Pond Boathouse (3.29.15)
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Great Blue Heron sighting @ Jamaica Pond (3.29.15)
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Boats waiting for the thaw @ Jamaica Pond (3.29.15)
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Francis Parkman Memorial (3.29.15)
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Church Spire in Medfield, MA (3.22.15)
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Horses, Dover MA (3.22.15)
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Topiary Giraffe, Bergen County, NJ (3.6.15)
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Historic Family House, Bergen County, NJ (3.6.15)
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Winter Backyard Birds, Norwood MA (3.5.15)
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Winter Deer Sighting, Dover MA (2.22.15)
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Epcot Nights / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Pelican Along Bay Lake, Orlando Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Bird / Discovery Cove, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Lion King / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Japan / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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White Ibis / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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Goofy Hat / Orlando, Fl (Jan. 2015)
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On Jumbo / Orlando, FL (Jan. 2015)
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Egret / Orlando, FL (Jan. 2015)
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Monorail /Orlando, FL (Jan. 2015)
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

02:11 PM EST [Link] Handy Veggies GrowCharts [comments: 0]
Personal Vegetable Growing Cheatsheet. This interactive tool creates a customized vegetable gardening chart based on your inputs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

07:21 PM EST [Link] The Cutest Infestation, Lenses, and SLP [comments: 0]
In a couple weeks the author of Silver Linings Playbook is going to talk about his new book at a local bookstore here, and I'm debating checking it out. SLP was pretty awesome.

I purchased these 3 lenses online that go over your cellphone camera and allow you to take fisheye, macro, and wide lens shots with it. We'll see how it does when it arrives, was more of an impulse buy but it was all under 20 bucks so I figure I'd give it a shot.

Also, there seems to be an abundance of rabbits this year - even in the city! I saw one this morning running across people's driveways. Simply amazing. The two baby bunnies we've seen in the 'burbs we've named Buttons and Crouton.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

07:54 AM EST [Link] Proud Papa [comments: 0]
This morning as I fed the fish, I noticed something small moving around the bottom. At first I thought it was just a piece of fish flake food floating about, but no. It was a baby fish! I'm always happy and amazed when a little new life appears in a tank from seemingly out of nowhere. Hopefully it won't get eaten but it's made it this far so far so chances I think are fairly good.

What should I name the little guy?

Update! I just noticed another one! Two babies!!? Brother and Sister perhaps?

Correct that. I saw three now. (Which is kinda amazing to have that many survive so far without any intervention in the confines of a smallish tank). Decided to name them Ringo, Minion, and Ted.

Monday, June 29, 2015

08:41 PM EST [Link] Image of the Day [comments: 0]
The Rock spotted filming in the 'Ville up the street from me, no less.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

08:00 PM EST [Link] Love and Mercy [comments: 0]
Early this afternoon hot Target for a few essentials.Afterwards went to the Dedham Community Theatre (a little local independent place) and saw Love and Mercy, a movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. It stars John Cusack as Wilson (he actually plays the older version of Wilson - a different actor plays his younger self). It was pretty good - I didn't really know much about the guy but I had heard about some of his problems - I give it two thumbs up - pretty interesting story - makes we want to read his autobiography.

For supper we had Miso Roasted Chicken, where I prepared the snow and sugar snap peas, and cashews. Also made a Spring Pea gnocchi dish with Parmesan and Garlic Scape sauce, which was alright but pretty messy to create. We've been following these recipes and trying different things. I actually found the Miso Sauce to be quite tasty. Just another part of my education. We put these recipes into a book we are creating so that we can make them again. I also saw a recipe in a a magazine today for Chilled Fresh Corn and Coconut Soup which I want to try my hand at.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

04:39 PM EST [Link] Bonanza! [comments: 0]
Started the day by hitting a yard sale just driving by and hit a bonanza! Got an awesome hand made wooden toy chest and an end table - all together for 15 bucks! A steal for the price and quality of the product - real solid wood furniture. The end table is ready to go and be used by the bed, the chest we're probably going to sand down and refinish ourselves - another little side project for us. Also picked up two record bowls there (vinyl records melted down into bowl shapes - purchased one, the other was given to us for free - guess the guy liked us). Goes with the whole jukebox motif we have going. Not sure what we'll end up putting in them but they're kinda cool. One of the albums happened to be the Best of Bread, whom apparently LD likes. I could care less.

Then it was off to this breakfast place that we like to go to on the weekends. I was able to use up all the points I had accumulated on this card that they had that gives you points every time you buy something. Enough points and you can get free stuff, but they were discontinuing the partnership at the end of this month so I wanted to use it up. Kinda sucked anyway - seems like the only places that really use it are vaping stores. Was able to get a free meal today though with the points I had garnered.

We did some weeding earlier in the afternoon (but not much) then off to Home Depot for some soil, taking a look at carpeting, sand paper, varnish, and plants. Ended up getting some annuals for the new planted out front (Calibrachoa, Lantana, and Angelonia). LD arranged them all so nicely together in the planted - looks really good. This particular planter is tall and some of these plants will grow out and down so it'll look really good when it fills in! I think next weekend I'll attempt to do some sanding and varnishing on the toy chest, it could be a possible piece for the new deck/sunroom/patio when that gets finished. Also got some wrenches to help attach the handle for the freezer which seems to keep coming loose. I'm going to attend to that in a little bit, one more thing to cross of the list of things to get done. Picked, washed, dried, and stored some lettuce from the garden today which I plan on using in tonight's dinner entree. Also got a free Italian Cook Book from the old landlady which we will use to make some future dishes. I would like to try my hand at attempting to create some of these dishes myself.

I was jonesing for some beer we got a sixpack and I'm actually imbibing some right now, and I don't usually drink, but for some reason I had an urge. Today's been pretty awesome so far. Might wind down by watching a movie or going to one tomorrow since it's supposed to be rainy.

Update: Fixed the fridge handle and a chair up in the office with the new allen wrenches we got. For supper we made seared salmon and preserved lemon with red quinoa and pea shoot salad. We had all the ingredients and prepared them ourselves (as I'm learning to cook varied things as well). We marinated the lemon in a briny mixture with sugar, which mellows the bitterness and accent's the lemon's natural flavor, which is then placed over the salmon. The salad was augmented with lettuce and tomato from our garden.

Friday, June 26, 2015

11:03 AM EST [Link] Dills, Sneaks,and Bricks [comments: 0]
dill (121k image)

LD wanted to get some new sneakers so we hit the New Balance Outlet in Brighton. She got two pairs on sale, and I scored a sweet pair which was marked down from 140 bucks down to 50. I couldn't pass that up - especially since it was the kind of sneaker that I like (Model 840v2).
bgbrick (94k image)

Noticed this cool brick from the original Boston Garden cemented into a wall in our travels today! Ah, memories of the old Garden, where I saw Larry Bird and made me a Celtic fan.

Sunday night - Concert on the Common (not Boston), where some big band types play ragtime? Might check it out.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

10:01 AM EST [Link] Waxwing Sighting [comments: 0]
Cool. I just saw a cedar waxwing outside my office window at work this morning. Hadn't seen one of those before now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

01:10 PM EST [Link] Tiger Lily and Random Thoughts [comments: 0]
A quick snap from the back yard at Earth-1 before I headed out to the dentist to get my crown finished. Also got the impression done for my implant - should be done in the appt or two.
TL2015_s (173k image)

Took a walk down to Davis after work just to see the situation down there. I haven't seen that section of Highland Ave been two way since the 70s growing up in the area. That building has been precarious for years - no surprise it would start to give way sooner or later. Looks like things are starting to get back to normal down there though - little by little. I was interested to learn that the Roche Bros Marketplace that was going to go in there had pulled out of negotiations, so I guess it'll still be an empty husk for a while.
Finished the two books I bought last week, now I'm jonesing to read something new. Any suggestions appreciated - I prefer non-fiction.

Monday, June 22, 2015

08:12 PM EST [Link] Audubon [comments: 0]
I entered some of my bird photos to the Massachusetts Audubon Society for consideration in their publications. I hope they like them enough to choose them!

We will see. That would be really cool.

08:48 AM EST [Link] Queen Angel - Leader of Cats [comments: 0]

Angelq (125k image)

All hail Queen Angel.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

02:35 PM EST [Link] Flowers from the Garden [comments: 0]
GradenN (199k image)

Spent a bunch of time this morning doing a bunch of lawn and garden work. I worked up quite a sweat and when I checked my heart rate on my phone it said I was beating at 166 bpm! Dripping all about, but in a strange way, it felt good to give my body a good runthrough. Afterwards I hit the shower to wash all the grass debris off and cool down. Also hit up a couple of yard sales around but didn't turn up anything particularly enticing to pop on. In between other tasks, decided the take a few pics of the various flowers from the garden. I think I may be developing something of a green thumb after all! It didn't happen overnight though - there were many times that things just died on me, so it's nice to be able to see the hard work start to pay off a bit.

Friday, June 19, 2015

04:59 PM EST [Link] Cutler Majestic Visit [comments: 0]
While spending some time in Boston this afternoon, I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time inside the Cutler Majestic Theatre. It never ceases to amaze me the level of detail of things on the walls and ceilings. I find I have a better time just looking at all the little architectural artisan work than any show actually playing there. Here's a history of it. Wasn't there for a show though, but a gathering to pay respect to the victims of SC.
cutler1 (118k image)

Meanwhile, a census of some of the plants we have growing at Earth-2 and doing well thus far!
Lettuce (picking for tonight's salad to go with my pizza order now), Rosemary, Fuchsia, Tomato, Dill, Basil, Foxglove, Parsley, Peppers, Spearmint, Ruby spider lily, Hosta, Dahlia, Various annuals, Salvia, Hydrangea, Roses, Azalea, Phlox, and Clover. There's still a few specimens growing that I haven't yet been able to identify - one of the goals I've set my myself lately is to be able to identify all the various flower species I might encounter. Sort of like what I've done to educate myself with various bird species and trees.

flo3 (152k image)

Got some bird seed and another container planter for more flowers. I had an idea of making some sort of bird bath with an unused container and some rocks placed in it and then putting some water into it. Wonder if they would use it? Making this place look good!

Also, spent a bit of time reading about the Wrights. Almost done. What amazes me most about learning about these guys is how focused they were, doing it their own way with their own resources, just teaching themselves and the sheer drive and will to succeed.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

01:38 PM EST [Link] Development vs. Nature [comments: 0]
Heron4 (245k image)

Caught a good one today!

09:10 AM EST [Link] Handy List of All Movies [comments: 0]
I found a handy list of all the Outdoor Movies in Boston for this year - glad someone put this together, makes planning a lot easier. It's also cool that you can add to the dates from the site straight to your calendar of choice.

I thought it was me, but it does appear that there seems to be a lot of places showing free movies this summer - more so than I've ever seen (or at least took notice of).

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

10:28 AM EST [Link] Things to consider [comments: 0]
Free movie dates that I would consider attending:

Summer in the City at the Boston Harbor Hotel
Friday nights June 19-September 4
June 26: The Princess Bride
July 3: Rocky
July 10: Big

Family Film Festival at the Prudential Center
Saturday nights in July and August
August 29: Despicable Me

Summer Movie Series at Assembly Row
Saturday night
July 25: E.T.
August 22: Guardians of the Galaxy

Lyman Estate, 185 Lyman Street, Waltham
July 9 : Night at the Museum (more so just to see the mansion)


Also had a thought of replacing my old tower desktop with a newer laptop model. The thing is starting to show it's age and even though I had pride when I first built it - it may be time to move on to something more in tune with today's technology. I just checked and I've been using this thing since 2006. It's almost ten years old already! Where did the time go?

heronalewife6172015 (131k image)

My pal, the Heron, was out today, skulking around looking for something to eat.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

11:28 PM EST [Link] Watching Game 6 [comments: 0]
These Golden State Warriors do play some awesome basketball. Good for them! They earned it!

Monday, June 15, 2015

07:15 PM EST [Link] This week's reading list [comments: 0]
I've been wanting for some new books to read, so after work I decided to walk on down to Porter Square Books, which also had the added benefit of giving me a little exercise, even despite the drizzle. Anyways, based on recommendations I've read, I decided to pick up The Wright Brothers by David McCullough. Besides being a great writer, and having seen a glimpse of a show about the brothers previously, I think it'll be a good read. Also, it may remind me of our trip to the Outer Banks and actually visiting Kitty Hawk a few years ago. (2010 to be exact! In fact, I think I got a little sick there, so there's that).

I also picked up another book, this time in paperback, The Map Thief by Michael Blanding. I remember reading about this story in the news. Basically some professor was tearing historical maps out of books and academic libraries and selling them on the black market. Hopefully an interesting read.

12:56 PM EST [Link] Toads at my Feet [comments: 0]
froggie2 (152k image)

So I'm walking on the path outside today in the drizzle rain and I notice as I'm walking down at my feet, all these little black things hopping across the trail. At first I thought they were some kind of flies, but when I stooped down to get a better look, I saw that they were all baby toads. (I believe they're toads - not sure what the difference is between toads and frogs). Anyways, whole bunch of these little guys, no bigger than my fingernail, hopping along - kinda cool.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

07:16 PM EST [Link] Sunday Activities [comments: 0]
* Art in the Park...bought a couple of raffle tickets. Thought about displaying my own stuff - some seem to think it's just as good if not better than what others have presented. Would need help with this but could be a new opportunity...

ldart (94k image)* Planting salvia, hemerocallis lily, veronica hybrids, impatiens, aquilegia spp. for landscaping, planting other spp for containers on deck...was in a gardening mood today, plus want to see some color really pop with flowers and plants...

* BBQ afternoon with old landlords...grilled chicken, sweet corn, veggies...later on used the leftovers to make a salad for dinner and some stuff for lunch tomorrow. Pay for produce? Are you kidding - we get it straight from our own garden - it's the coolest feeling.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

09:24 PM EST [Link] The Rest of Today [comments: 0]
Finished out the rest of today by hitting a few yard sales (drive by's though - they ended up being ass, i.e. not having anything worth looking at and jumping out of the car), a couple of furniture places for an accent chair that LD is wanting to turn a nook into a little reading/relaxing area, and seeing that movie with Blythe at the Dedham Community Theatre - it's good but sad.

On the docket tomorrow - is checking out that Art thing that was postponed, and attending a BBQ with some fine folks in the early afternoon.

09:46 AM EST [Link] Backyard Shenanigans [comments: 0]
byshen (128k image)

Breakfast and a pedicure? Captions welcome.

I'm off to a local "Art in the Park" event. We'll see if it was worthwhile...Update: Postponed til tomorrow due to threat of rain. Ridiculous. It's fine out. Wish I'd known this before I walked down here...

Friday, June 12, 2015

08:19 PM EST [Link] Sawflies [comments: 0]
Spent a little time today dealing with an infestation on the rose bushes with Sawfly larva on the leaves. Little buggers are defoliating the leaves. At least today was the day that the front deck is finished! Looks great! Also made a watermelon drink by putting some diced watermelon along with a few other ingredients into the Ninja blender and serving it up. I think I want to see that movie with Blythe Danner this weekend sometime if the opportunity presents itself. I know it seems a strange thing for me to watch but dinosaurs just don't do it for me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

08:06 PM EST [Link] Giant Mousetrap [comments: 0]
Only in this town would you see a 5 ft long mousetrap.
mousetrap (110k image)

Only here.

Monday, June 8, 2015

02:50 PM EST [Link] Pierre! and other Tidbits [comments: 0]
unkflower (50k image)That flower on the left is one that we have growing in one of our container gardens but I've no clue as to what it is. If anybody could shed some light on this pretty thing and enlighten me it would be much appreciated. We had to move all of the garden containers from the deck yesterday as this is the week it's going to be rebuilt - hopefully starting today and finishing it up within the next few. Been a long time in coming! Meanwhile, my mom is getting all her kitchen tiling redone over so that's a mess too. Lots home improvement things going on.

Out back on the lunch walk, there's been this Canadian Goose that we always see in one of the basins and for the longest time he was always alone. We decided to call him Pierre and every day I go for the stroll out there I hope to see him and usually have. But the last few days of last week, Pierre was no where to be seen. Did something negative befall him? Did he decide to find another pond to swim in? I kinda missed the little guy. Fast forward to today around lunchtime during the usual walk, and lo and behold, Pierre was back, but this time with a family! Yep, he was with another goose, which we've decided to call Antoinette, and there 3 or 4 little goslings. It was hard to tell exactly how many because they were all bunched up and sleeping together on the bank, protected by their new parents, just a puffball of yellow. Gladness.

gees3 (143k image)

Definitely want to check out these 16.5ft high and 23ft wide inflatable rabbits coming to the LawnonD, a place I've been meaning to check out this summer, if only for their illuminated swings.

A large stone was kicked up by a semi in front of me and hit my windshield hard while driving into work this morning down the highway and left a big nick on the glass. Balls. That was a little frightening.

Since I've been tracking with my Fitbit I have walked the length of Italy - 736 miles.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

10:51 AM EST [Link] Phoenix Foxglove [comments: 0]
foxglove2015 (207k image)

After edging out in the back yard with the new weedwacker (which works fantastic btw), I noticed that the Foxglove I thought long dead, has apparently made a huge comeback - with not just one, but 8 shoots! What the heck? Last year there as nothing as I was pretty sure it was dead to me.

Friday, June 5, 2015

06:25 PM EST [Link] Get Ready to Mandala! [comments: 0]
Stress relief???

Did a bunch of things this afternoon. Finally was able to get a hold of a Mandala coloring book and some colored pencils to relieve stress (This is going to relieve stress???). Naturally I got the expert one - look at how intricate it is! Perfect for a detailed-oriented dude like myself, right? Looked for some chairs for the house and discount for a nook that LD is craving to fill up but no dice yet on anything that will fit it. Did some handyman things around here, like mowing the lawn and putting together an edger/trimmer. Got some bird seed for the feeder and lunch at Corrib Pub. Chatted with the Animal Control Officer for the town for a bit, as we decided to drop off some old cat blankets. The guy can tell some pretty wild stories of all the different encounters he deals with daily.

Buttons (176k image)

The "baby" bunny is getting bigger! Not so much baby anymore but still cute.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

12:55 PM EST [Link] Sister Visit! [comments: 0]
On the walk out back for lunch today I happened to see a beaver swimming about and eating! Never seen one of those out there before! This area out back appears to be quite the location for wildlife. Also saw a bunch of baby turtles all lounging about and well as some bullfrog just sleeping with his head above the waterline.

My sister has been in town the last couple days, so last night we all went to dinner for seafood. It was good to see her as she's been up in central Maine for quite a while now. Ended up going to a place called Out of The Blue in Davis Square. It's pretty good - been there a few times over the years.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

03:19 PM EST [Link] Geographic Coverage [comments: 0]
Easternseaboardcovered (83k image)

I think we've got the Eastern Seaboard pretty much covered with visits.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

01:09 PM EST [Link] Umbrellas [comments: 0]
I'm not going to let a little rainy day stop me from going for my lunchtime walk. However, it did occur to me today that I should invest in a quality umbrella, not some piece of crap. I was lucky enough to borrow one here at the office and it was a really good one. Strong ribs, but a really nice spring mechanism as well, which besides keeping me dry, also held up really well against the wind today. So, add that to the list of things I would like! If anyone has some good recommendations, I'd be happy to hear them.

10:59 AM EST [Link] Dead Filter [comments: 0]
I came home to a rather loud annoying strange noise the other day. It ended up being the old Magnum 350 canister filter that I've had attached to the 55 gallon long tank. No sooner than I was thinking of restarting this bad boy up, it goes and dies on me, truth be told it was running for close to 20 years straight). I'll probably end up buying another one at some point (when I have the time/inclination) and I also want to redo a bunch of stuff on that particular tank (such as changing out the gravel - I've always hated the current color). I would really like to get the Fluval G3 because of it's cool elecronic readout displays but that's mostly overkill. My plan was to always have this particular show tank be an accurate representation of an Amazon Rain Forest basin.

Meanwhile, the little guys in the 35 appear to be doing well!

Monday, June 1, 2015

01:42 PM EST [Link] Mandala Time [comments: 0]
Next time I'm at the bookstore, I'm going to look for some Mandala Coloring Books. Could be a nice way to pass the time and relieve any stress and apparently it's an "in" thing to do these days. The premise is the same as a regular coloring book, except the patterns are very intricate. Coloring for adults, although children could do it too.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

06:28 PM EST [Link] Baby Bunny Makes a Cameo [comments: 0]
bun1 (122k image)

It's definitely a hopping springlike day as the baby bunny makes another appearance! This was taken prior to me mowing the lawn.

03:26 PM EST [Link] Fuchsia 2015! [comments: 0]
This thing's been growing on the back deck. Kind of wish a hummingbird would stop by.
fushia_515 (257k image)

12:55 PM EST [Link] Free Movies [comments: 0]
Hey, we've been thinking of checking out some free movie watching this summer - either at the hatch shell, or more likely at Boston Harbor Hotel's Summer in the City series, and maybe even something at the Wyman Estate in Waltham. If anyone's interested in coming with, contact us and maybe we can coordinate something some night!

10:02 AM EST [Link] Gardening Progress [comments: 0]
A sampling of the lettuce growing and a japanese iris that bloomed. Most of the lettuce this year I've decided to just grow in containers rather than directly into the ground. I find it to be a way better and more convenient way to grow them. Just seems to be less work to me plus it's much more easily accessible to go straight to the table. The japanese iris just started growing this year for some reason, we had some bulbs lying around last year so I decided to just dump them in and see what happened. They are kinda cute but I find them a little on the scrawny side - nothing like my prized Halloween Iris.
lett_iris (136k image)

Friday, May 29, 2015

12:42 PM EST [Link] Don't go for the Chicken Fries [comments: 0]
As per my usual Friday lunch routine these days, I went off for another Whopper meal. I also decided to try those chicken fries they've been advertising all over the place. They are fucking horrible.

mancaveweekend_s (80k image)

Ready for the weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

01:31 PM EST [Link] Seeing The Rock? [comments: 0]
Movie filming up the street from me! Wonder if I can finagle something to get close to these guys? Probably not, though.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

07:22 PM EST [Link] Iris 2015 [comments: 0]
Iris2015 (124k image)

My irises finally opened. I love seeing these, I'm not sure what variety it is but it's a cool white and orange which I don't think is seen very often. What's nice is that they have been slowly multiplying over the years. (After googling around this morning, it appears to me to be a 'Halloween Halo' variety.)

The sad thing about it is I wait all year for it to pop, and it does, and it's glorious, and then it's gone in a week until next year. We also have the regular blue irises and they seem to last a lot longer but I guess that's why I like this Halloween Iris so much - it's a gem.

So what other things are growing you ask? Combining both planting locations we have strawberries, other irises, four o'clocks, azaleas, phlox, hot pepper, lettuce (odd that some has started growing on its own in an area that it was never planted! Just popped up!), peonies, clematis, fuchsia, spearmint, hostas, lilacs, tomatoes, rosemary, pansies, and there is something else coming up but I don't recall what it is that I planted last year - it hasn't flowered yet. There's also some unwanted guests like dandelions, bedstraw, and some other weirdos that will get pulled. But they keep coming back!! Ugh.

Tank2_35_2015 (81k image)

Finally, starting to get one of the freshwater fish tanks operational again. This is the 35, and currently only has 4 platys swimming about. Still need to do some aesthetic work, like a backing and such, and maybe some more little fish. Planning to get the 55 long running sometime in the summer with a big school of fish so I can examine the behavior.

12:37 PM EST [Link] Blue Angels Sighted [comments: 0]
While taking a walk out back of work today at lunch I saw the Blue Angels blast by overhead as they went into a turn (twice)! The Angels are doing a photo shoot today in Boston.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

07:08 PM EST [Link] Inside the Solarium [comments: 0]
Madison_solarium (225k image)

One image from the weekend so far, the solarium. Out of all the times I stayed at this particular hotel I never checked out this section of the place...Also, lots of unintentional wildlife sightings on this trip (heron, couple of egrets, a fawn in someone's front yard), an arboretum visit, attending a catholic mass outdoors in a cemetary, hitting an Irish bar one evening, and getting a pamphlet describing all the shooting locations for the movie Mystic Pizza on the ride back, which might be worth checking out someday when back in the Mystic area.


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