Sunday Chores and a Side of Rock

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Natalie Joly and the Reckless Hearts, Norwood, 7/28/2019

The bedroom is finished! The area rug has finally been laid down, the artwork is up on the walls, the new shades are in the windows, and it’s all good. Even went to the hardware store yesterday to get some new knobs for the nightstands that match the decor of the room better and put those on. While there I also obtained a bolt and a nut I needed to help repair the mower when the piece fell out last week, but it’s all good now. At some point I plan on buying a new mower with some accouterments and features that I currently do not have but that will assist moving forward, but for now these touch ups will do. We also got a bigger planter for Sean the pumpkin plant who is growing more everyday. He’s kind of an experiment at this point, so we’ll see what happens to him as the days progress.

Went out to the grocery store and bought some things that we ended up grilling for lunch. It was pretty hot out but overall not too bad – I didn’t mind it, and it actually came out pretty good. Will need to refill the tank real soon though, as it’s quickly getting to empty. Also competed food prep for the week early, which was a bonus.

I little while back I sent out one of my photos to be printed on glass, and that also arrived yesterday. For some reason, this picture I just like. It has a lot of muted greens in it which is not something I usually have in my photos – I don’t know – I just liked it. An impulse buy to be sure, but when my pics are printed and framed, I feel they really look better. Also blown up like this you can actually see the people in the top of the lighthouse where the lens is because they were doing tours that day.

Later in the early evening the town was having a free BBQ and concert on the Town Common, which we attended, at least for a little while – to take in some sights and hear some music. I had seen this musician there last year – she’s really good.

Here’s a fun puzzle game I’ve been playing around with this week: Blockon. It starts out pretty easy but I’m finding the later levels extremely challenging.

The Return of my All Time Favorite Local Band – Damone

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Damone live at the Sinclair, Cambridge MA – 07/26/2019

Reunited after 10 plus years and it feels so good. Never disappoint, and didn’t this time either. Also go to hear some songs live off the last album, which I had forgotten had never been performed live because they had broken up right around the time it got released. As Vazquez jokingly said “It’s the CD release party – just 10 years late.” Good selection from their entire catalog and the new drummer is amazing – I think Dustin would approve, rest his soul. Anyways, for those who may be interested, here is the set list:

  • When You Live
  • Now Is The Time
  • Get Up
  • On Your Speakers
  • You’re the One
  • New Change of Heart
  • What We Came Here For
  • Bad Reputation
  • You and I
  • On My Mind
  • Conquer Me
  • Roll the Dice
  • Serial Killer
  • Tonight
  • Outta My Way
  • Time and Time Again
  • Wasted Years/New Song
  • BMX
  • Out Here All Night

I made the trek out to Harvard Square as was able to make it through the night. I am dragging a little bit today though, but it’s all good. I didn’t bring my camera gear so all I got was these cell phone pics but if you flit around social media you’ll see better ones – I was mostly there to take in the show. Where will they go from here is anyone’s guess but maybe they’ll be some future things to look forward to.

Damone Live at the Sinclair – 07/27/2019

Chasing the Great Blue Heron

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Great Blue Heron, Chatham MA

About a year ago, we happened upon this majestic creature just hanging out in a marsh in Chatham. I had taken pictures of herons before but for some reason this one really stands out – he didn’t seem as skinny as a lot of the other ones I had seen, and now that I look at it, maybe it’s a bit older than them as well. A grizzled veteran I would say. These birds don’t seem to be bothered by anything. I once saw a red winged blackbird pecking at one and squawking away, probably had a nest nearby, but the heron acted like it wasn’t even there. Totally ignoring the pecking and all, seemingly insignificant.

Who’s watching the watcher?

I plan on going to see the rock band Damone tonight – it’s been 10 years or so since they disbanded but now they are a doing a show down in Harvard Square. One of my favorite local bands from back in the day when I actually went to shows. Let’s hope I can stay up that late!

The Road Trip Game

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Ladydoc introduced me to a road trip game a while back that we play occasionally that she had played with colleagues so I figured I’d share. It really gets the mind working.

You start by saying “I’m going on a road trip and I am bringing…”

You list items alphabetically, tasking turns, but when it’s your turn you need to also remember and say all the previous things, So for example: “I’m going on a road trip and I’m bringing … Apples.” Then the next person goes and says, “I’m going on road trip and I’m bringing .. Apples and Bananas.” Then it’s back to the other person and they could say, “I’m going on a road trip and I’m bringing … Apples, Bananas, and Calamine lotion.” Get it?

Well, you can expand on this idea to change it up to. For example, I decided once that we could only use medications for the answers. And to refine it even further, only psychotropic medication! Try coming up with a med that starts with X! Theming the puzzle this way definitely makes it harder.

Try it on your next road trip!

Let’s go somewhere where the sun kisses the ocean.

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Guess we picked a good week last week to visit the Cape. They just got hit with a tornado so Yarmouth and Harwich are without power and there’s been a lot of damage to all the surrounding towns! Here’s a shot of Paine’s Creek at sunset during a much calmer time. Funny thing is that this week is usually the week that we go down there, but this year, other things got in the way so we went down a week earlier. Seems to me like it all worked out perfectly. I love it when a plan comes together!

Beware the Quiet Ones

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One thing I forget to mention from last week was the “neighbors” we had in the unit next to us on the right side. They showed up the same as us, and were kind of annoying in the fact that they had to have the two spaces right in front of their unit. But the oddest thing about them was that all week, it appeared that they never left the unit – for anything! Also, they were so quiet it seemed they weren’t even there. Since there appeared to be about 6 of them, included a young boy with a guitar, you would think we would have heard something. We had no problem hearing the other unit on the left side, with their riding their bikes out back, and flying a drone around. Thankfully after that first weekend, some of them must have cleared out because they became quieter – but not so much as this other family. The Ladydoc thought the women might have murdered the men since there was no hide no hair of them to be seen all week – including the child! (BTW- this is when you’ve realized that you’ve been watching too many murder/mystery shows like Dateline and such over the years – when this is your thought process). Then, finally, on the day we have to pack up and leave, there they all are packing up the family trucksters – checkout time wasn’t until 10 am but they were all packed and gone by 8:30!

It was just odd that they never appeared to leave the unit – not to leave to get some pool time in, or barbecue out back, or even take in the beach or catch some sights, as we did. And the silence! Not to say that it was not appreciated by us – it certainly was. It was just so odd to be so silent and cooped in. Anyways, I hope they enjoyed their vacation!

I forgot to mention, the other day this movie was on called Never Too Young To Die starring John Stamos, Vanity and Gene Simmons. I had never heard of the movie. It is terrible! Like, really, really terrible. A real train wreck, and yet that’s what makes you want to watch it. Definitely one for a watch party. Makes we wonder why the hell Stamos took on this project at the time.

Heat Wave

Scenic Photography
Enjoy the breeze.

I ordered the Truro lighthouse I took last week to be printed on glass. I just really like how that shot turned out with the subtle green and all. Definitely an impulse buy, (plus where will I hang it?) but I felt I really wanted it printed. We also spent the morning hanging some of my previous sunrise and sunset photos that were printed on glass on the walls of the bedroom. Still have more to go, but little by little we’re getting it done. Place is really shaping up!

Even though it was hot this afternoon, it wasn’t as hot as yesterday so I decided to do some chicken on the grill after the sun passed overhead. While waiting for it to cook, I watered the plants and was pleased that the hydrangeas out back were really starting to blossom. I also picked some lettuce for my salad, although it’s pretty bitter – might have waited to long to pick. There’s also a bunch of wild tomato plants growing around it different places. Not sure if I should get rid of them- they went crazy last year and didn’t taste all that good, but I left them alone for now.

Also had to do some food prep, oh no, Sunday scaries in full effect!

Chasing Sunsets

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Orleans, MA

Hmmm… one thing I’ve noticed with this template is that comments aren’t on the main page posts but inside each individual one, which means if one wanted to leave a comment, they need to click on the title text and then from there a comment can be entered. Not so sure if I like that, but I get so few comments anyway it probably doesn’t matter.

Chatham Harbor

It’s really hot today, so pretty much laying low and reading. I’m finally getting into The Last Days of Dogtown. Sort of interesting, but I wonder if these characters are actually going anywhere. I’m halfway through so far., but I am finding it intriguing. We did get a much needed massage earlier, so that felt good and relaxing. I stopped by my mom’s early this morning. The condo being constructed on the right side has carpenters banging away as they’re putting up floors and walls. The soon-to-be condo on the left side however now has a Stop Work notice on the front door – guess someone needs some permits. The house appears to be gutted but I don’t think it’s going to be a total teardown – more like an expansion of what’s currently there. Also, my sister seems to be putting my mom through hell with her attitude, stupid current boyfriend issues, and disregard for authority.

Sailing off the coast of Chatham.

Since it was so hot today we opted to keep it easy and light and create a summer salad. Basically just throwing the following ingredients together: Spinach, chopped nectarines, chopped watermelon (a little one bought at the Cape but not used til now), shrimp (leftover), feta cheese, some pretzel balls, cut up grapes, avocado, and some blueberries topped with a balsamic dressing. It was actually as delicious as it sounds. After eating I must have spent a half hour watering all the various plants we have – but it’s a labor of love!

Back to Reality

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Back at home base for a few. It was a very good week though, hanging out at the complex, taking shots at Paine’s Creek, sunning at West Dennis Beach, going on a seal cruise and catching sunsets at Linnels Landing, Rock Harbor, Harding Beach, Crosby Landing (location of the original “Brewster Buds!” – LD and I’s first photos together at the Cape), cruising around Eastham and gorging ourselves at Arnold’s, having a nice dinner at Pate’s and swimming at Skaket Beach at high tide, hanging out with M&M in Yarmouth and then at the pool for a few hours, hitting the Chocolate Sparrow and Jo Mama’s Bagels a bunch of times (and visiting the Hole In One for breakfast once), exploring all over Truro into unexplored territory for us, doing a little shopping, yadda yadda yadda. Finished reading some books and getting a lot of new ones in Little Libraries we visited all over (Chatham had the best, IMO). Hanging by the fish pier in Chatham to catch some seals just hanging around the dock. A playful calf was nice enough to give us a little show while it’s mother watched by patiently). Visiting Nauset and Highland Light and checking out the waves along the Cape Cod National Seashore. Seeing varied bird life including plovers, herons, egrets, sandpipers, turkeys with babies, and juvenile ospreys almost getting ready to lave the nest.

Orleans sunsets are the best!

SO after driving home (but stopping by Lemon Tree before heading out – a place that has some cool statuary for gardens and such – would love to get some giant lions someday but probably won’t ever happen) we got some grocery shopping done. Also all the blinds and artwork ordered before the trip for the remodeled bedroom have arrived, so we’re going to need to put those up. In the meantime finally got to watch the documentary I Love You, Now Die, about the girl who texted her boyfriend to commit suicide and did. Fascinating from a psychological and legal perspective. Was also nicely surprised to see that all the plants around here actually fared really well while we were gone, as the stargazers are ready to pop, the fire lilies are STILL blooming, the balloon flowers are showing, and Sean the Pumpkin is actually growing with huge leaves!

Seen out back of the complex as we’re packing up.

I literally took over 1,000 photos in total from the week. Perhaps I’ll get around to putting more up as the days and weeks go by. But I also have to be getting ready to plan the next vacation in couple weeks! I do need to get some work done beforehand however, bah!

Going on a Truro Adventure

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Today we decided to head up the coast to the Upper Cape and take in some sights in the little old town of Truro. First stop was Highland Light, Cape Cod’s first and tallest lighthouse. Due to beach erosion the lighthouse was moved back from it’s original location years ago in a feat of engineering prowess.

Highland Light, 7/18/19

The image of the orderly row of Days’ Cottages has been endlessly recreated in paintings and captured in photographs since they were built in 1931.  They are these little houses all in a row along the beach. I walked around out back and took a shot from that angle because I’d never seen what was back there before.

The Truro “Little Houses” from the rear.
The front view .
Private Beach
Corn Hill
Truro Cliffs
Beach Roses

After travelling all around Truro we headed back to Wellfleet for lunch at Moby Dick’s (grilled salmon burgers!) and then one final trip to the Sparrow.