But First…Coffee…

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Coffee sold here!

I think I drink too much coffee. I can’t help it, I feel sometimes as though I need it. I must be addicted to the caffeine I think. Usually I’ll have a cup a little bit after I wake up. I do this because it helps me to get started, it gets my cognitive functions going, so to speak. And I like the plain old coffee, none of that specialty flavored stuff. During the week I’ll also have 2 or three in the afternoon. And finally, once every two days or thereabouts I’ll have a cup in the late evening. It doesn’t affect my sleeping at all.

Today is the Superbowl but since the Pats aren’t in it, who cares? Not that I cared even when they were in it. Instead we’re going to hang out over another couples house and watch the Irishman. More later…

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