Remembering the Need

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Meditating in this point in time for a bit…

Kids are out of school now. So now a thing is that some of them might have trouble getting food and meals that they rely on. I grew up on Welfare since my mom was a single mom so I can kind of relate, although we always had food in house, no doubt thanks to my grandparents. I remember actually going down and waiting with my mom while she got the block of cheese (the government cheese! yes, that really was a thing, don’t believe they do that anymore – they give you money to buy your own now). We were never destitute thank God, but hearing the latest stories did make me remember those long ago times. We might not have had much, but it was enough, and appreciative of what we had and have.

Anxiety Station

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Enter the Portal…

Crazy times we are currently living in these days, with the virus and all. Social distancing is the term of the day. Sporting events are all being either put off or cancelled all together. College kids are out of their dorms and can’t come back (mostly). Just taking it day by day and seeing what develops and go from there.

I did have a good performance review though so there’s that.

Crouching Lion

Everyday Life, Memories, Scenic Photography
Most people are rowing against the current of life. Instead of turning the boat around, all they need to do is let go of the oars.

Woke up early, went to the Depot for some leaf bags and we ended up bagging 7 bags of leaves from around the patio and the back yard garden areas – I want to get ready for planting soon. There was even some green popping up through the dead leaves already – it’s awesome. The ivy over in the back has really taken well, I’m hoping this summer it will spread throughout the whole area for coverage. Spent the afternoon sitting outside in the sun enjoying the rays and tranquility. Then we cooked in preparation for the week ahead while watching the classic movie Office Space.

Possibly more updates later today…


Everyday Life, Memories, Scenic Photography
View toward Boston Lighthouse on a blustery day

Took an afternoon trip to Hull, to be by the water, get out of the house, and find some peace by bonding with nature. The sea was pretty choppy due to the storm offshore, making some rather impressive big waves. I got to say I actually enjoyed getting out there for a bit, been a while since I had done something like that. Think I got some cool shots that I’ll try to share over time.

Ended up not going out to dinner tonight after all, decided to eat in and “play it safe.” Besides we had a Hello Fresh meal to create and finish. I’m not really worried about the virus as of yet, but it doesn’t help that 11 town officials (now 30 folks total) in town might have been exposed and have placed themselves in self-quarantine.

Missing Simpler Times

Cape Cod, Everyday Life, Memories, Scenic Photography
Take me back to happier times…

Been feeling a bit bummed out lately – actually, it’s been going on for a while. Good days, bad days – just trying my best to get through. Tired of being anxious all the time, trapped in a world of my own making.

I did take LD out to Sky Bar last night for her birthday so that was good, and we’re going to some place called Abby Park tomorrow as part of restaurant week. I went to Target today to get some supplies she wanted in all the hoopla about the COVID-19 baloney, but they didn’t have everything on my list so I got what I could. Today I just feel like laying low, making dinner, watching television, and awaiting the fates that the future may hold.