Chicky Mama

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Mama Hen with some of her chicks.

Yup. Went to the Sanctuary today for a little bit again. I happened upon this scene of a mother chicken tending to her chicks. I find it interesting that they are so different looking color wise. We also hung with a cat named Grayson, where there could be the possibility that we could have him, if we so wanted. He’s very sweet. We’ll see about logistics moving forward to see if it’s a real possibility. Then I had to get back for a work meeting that took and hour and a half.

Wequassett Morning

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Morning’s view.

Day 2 at the W. Yesterday we had lunch in Sandwich on the way down (one of our usual spots by the Canal). Soon enough we got to the place and checked in, had supper at a place called Pate’s that we like and they came through. The line was out the door upon opening – we never seen it so busy in the summer! Delicious meal, then we headed back and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Today after a restful night, we got room service which was nice. Hadn’t done that in a long time. Afterwards we went for a walk along the spit. Soon enough it was time to go. We didn’t head home right away though – we tried to hit some little library’s to see if we could score any good reading material. Came up empty this time, although I did find a book entitled Why Men Love Bitches. Senseless drivel? We hit a couple of beaches – they are pretty empty this time of year, but there’s something nice about the silence. We visited the wildlife area on South Chatham too but didn’t catch anything spectacular sadly. Of course we had to hit the Chocolate Sparrow for a quick lunch and some delicious drinks.

Although I had a good time I still feel bummed about a few other things going on. Hoping for the best, I know I’ll get through them. I also got a feeling that I’ve got a mad case of Seasonal Affective Disorder! This getting dark early sh*t sucks,

Reflections: Autumn Day

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Sunset Lake, Braintree, MA

The day was filled with visits to doctors. Just trying to get a handle on what ails us. Hopefully the path ahead will be more promising than it has been lately. Anyways, the bulk of the day was just dealing with those appointments and then just chilling round the house after it was all said and done.

I also took some time to rake up and bag some more fallen leaves. Mostly from the front, but I don’t get every single little leaf – I think leaving some around is good for the critters and environment (that’s what I’ve read anyway) – just dealing with the majority of them, plus more will just fall anyway. I also cleared out the clogged sewer drain out front. You think the next door neighbors could do it at least once in 10 years? Jeezus . Also went ahead and finally pulled out all the wild tomato plants that had been growing around. That was starting to get a bit unwieldy and plus would never eat them anyway.

What else? Rotated a couple of records in the jukebox – every now and then need a change of pace. I have toyed with the idea of starting a collection of old jukeboxes but that’s not really feasible due to cost and storage, and they’re all heavy as hell – some of those old Wurlitzers and Seaburgs really are beauties. Just a fantasy.

The above shot is from a place in Braintree called Sunset Lake. I just happened to catch it at the right moment for the shot. I especially like the gazebo in the background.

10 Reasons

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That Girl, you know the one:

  1. The one that makes you better, makes your friends jealous and your parents scared.
  2. That knows who she is, who she was, but hasn’t planned out who she’ll become.
  3. That challenges you, tests you, competes with you, all while standing by your side.
  4. That can cheer you up with only a phone call or a smile, and that’s intriguing but never impossible to figure out.
  5. That knows what she likes, but is still learning what she loves.
  6. That isn’t afraid of commitment, but holds onto her individuality.
  7. That doesn’t feel she has to say she loves you, only prove it.
  8. Whose sense of adventure is never lost, even if its just during a trip to the grocery store.
  9. That sees a little humor in everything, and points it out even when it isn’t PC.
  10. That just fits and you know feels right without even trying.

You know, that Girl.

I’m glad I finally found her.

An Extra Hour Adds a Lot

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Castle Hill, Newport, RI

This shot of the lighthouse at Castle Hill in Newport, RI was from a getaway we had a few years ago. I’m putting it up now because I’ve planned another getaway coming up! It’s my usual appreciation getaway that I plan every year although this year it had to be postponed a couple of months due to other factors. This new one will be in a new location that I’ve never been so I’m looking forward to see how it all pans out.

Late this afternoon we went and saw Motherless Brooklyn, a movie starring and directed by Edward Norton – it was pretty good, and featured some big name actors like William DeFoe, Alec Baldwin, and Bruce Willis among others. I’d recommend it if you’re in the mood for a detective story and like some 1950s New York film noir. I had seen the previews and it looked interesting so I said let’s give it a go.

Earlier in the day we had created three dishes as part of lunch/dinner for tonight and also food-prep for the week (the usual routine):

  • Turkey Chili with Butternut Squash
  • Baked Scallops with a Parmesan crust; and
  • Turkey Spaghetti Squash Bake in peppers

The last one was to recreate with a different middle than the mac&cheese we went with last year around this time:

Stuffed peppers!

This morning I went to Home Depot to buy some more leaf bags and later raked up some more leaves. Good day to do some work around the house actually. Also been measuring the downstairs windows because we’re going with the same kinds of blinds that we have upstairs now – the Cordless Cellular Shades that are all the rage now. The windows down here are a lot larger so it’s more expensive but it’ll be worth it.

It’s not all fun and games though. Turning back the clock has made this day seem much longer which is great – but getting dark early is a bummer. I worry about LD, my mom, and a bunch of other things too as well these days.

Chicken Foot

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Went to the sanctuary for a little bit today and to soak up some sun. This city boy got to hold a chicken. Hey, I never held an actual chicken before! Not just any chicken though, this one lost his foot in infancy. Miraculously enough though, he is getting a prosthetic foot made that will fit over his stub!  His name is Petey and he is the chillest chicken I ever met with a bit of spunk.


Halloween Recap

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Did you all have a nice Halloween? Last night we had I’d say about 50 kids or so come through between the hours of 6 and 8 pm. Even the parents dress up in costume now – I guess that’s a new thing? I don’t recall my folks ever trick or treating with us when we did it OR dress up. There was one guy dressed as a king which was different. The little kids are the best of course. Really the only reason to participate in the event. There was a thought that the two bags of candy that I had bought might not end up being enough but thankfully it was. There’s even a bunch of KitKats left over. I was figuring with the way the weather has been and was supposed to be that we wouldn’t get a crazy deluge and I was right.


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I wanted to somewhat recreate a photo from near this location that I had taken years before – it always seems to have nice reds in the trees at this particular cemetery in Arlington, Mass and it’s on the way home. So I pulled over real quick and did a quick jaunt through. I found he original location and took some shots but wasn’t really wowed by them this year – I was going to put one of those up but as I was leaving I turned to my left and saw the structure you see in this shot and I felt it might provide a good frame. I think it came out pretty good. I am wishing I had maybe visited a week earlier since we’ve had a lot of wind and rain lately so a lot of the leaves had fallen off the trees. I think if the trees were fuller in this shot it may have looked even better. Maples do produce the best reds I feel.

Meanwhile back at Earth-1 we’ve had some furnace issues but better to take care of that now then to wait until it really gets cold. Anyways that’s all set now too – seemed to be some kind of wiring issue as to why the radiators weren’t producing heat – I even bled them all the other night.

Goat Snuggles

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Went up to Georgetown for the afternoon to try out some ‘Goat Snuggles.’ Definitely worth the trip even in the pouring rain! The baby goats were dressed in various costumes for Halloween (although some costumes we still can;t figure out what they were supposed to be). It was better than I expected! They generally do all the activities outside but the weather was terrible so it was held in this amazing looking 5-story barn. We would surely visit them again someday – maybe next spring.

With over 200 pictures taken it’s a bit of a challenge to figure out which ones to put up, they’re all so cute! Maybe more later…