Fall is in the Air

Rockport, MA

Waking up this morning, one could definitely tell that fall is in the air, as it’s starting to get a bit chilly. It’s supposed to be hot this upcoming weekend though. Pretty soon the leaves should change and be starting to fall off the trees. Not sure if the colder weather is doing anything great for my gimpy knee. I’ve been trying to work it out slowly. Seems to be getting a little better – mostly going down stairs is the toughest part right now.

From the archives: A fall scene from 2015.

Anyways, about this shot – how many creatures can you spot in it and of what species? There’s quite a few! I believe this was taken from a water body alongside a major road in Braintree of all places – proving to me that you can pretty much find beauty in most places if you just take the time to look!

Gloucester Day Trip!

Snorkeling at Half Moon Beach
More Snorkeling (who knew?)
Stage Fort Park
Stage Fort Park (after this we spent some time at Good Harbor beach).
Bass Rocks near where I fell and banged up my knee (ouch). (After hanging at Good Harbor for a couple hours). I’ll be limping for a little bit but thankfully, none the worse for wear.

Friday the 13th

Meadow Brook Pond, Norton, MA (Sept. 2019)

We had a special guest over the house today and she was amazed at the photos I had taken (she saw the printed glass shots I have around the house and probably some on my Insta account). She said I should be selling these things. She’s probably right. I need someone to assist me in this endeavor!

Television Evenings

This shot just screams “Boston” to me.

Ended up watching the TV version of IT last night, having only seen bits and pieces of it over the years and thinking it was corny. But actually, when you watch it straight from On Demand, it actually wasn’t all that bad! I always figured John Ritter was playing the lead character, but he actually doesn’t.

Cobble Streets

Acorn Street Again.

This atmospheric cobblestone alleyway is Boston’s famous narrowest street. It was once home to artisans and to the service people who worked for the adjacent mansion dwellers. On the north side of the street, brick walls enclose examples of Beacon Hill’s hidden gardens.


Boston Harbor, 2019.

Saw It Part 2 yesterday. It was ok, I think I liked part 1 a lot better.

Early September Vibes

Boston Seaport District.

For some reason, Labor Day this year just doesn’t feel like Labor Day to me. I can’t really say why. Maybe because we’re kinda subdued right now. Even did a Target run! I finally did beat all 13 levels in that Landfill game today I mentioned a few weeks ago (Aug. 15th entry)- boy I must have spent hours on that – that was a good distraction for a bit.