Revere Photoshoot

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Revere Beach

Went for a nice walk yesterday afternoon down at Revere Beach. It also ended up with me taking a impromptu photoshoot of one of LD’s friends as the lighting was superb as sunset was approaching (and LD too). I hope she likes them and they came out alright. I think they did. We collected a bunch of seashells. Just some more stuff to go with my beach collection of rocks.

I spent the late afternoon today burning some logs I had lying around so it was good to get rid of those, fallen branches from the trees that I hacked up after they fell out of the trees after a storm and also a big log we had from our friend down it Dartmouth that I had sitting around for a while. They all burned up within a couple of hours. We also put away some of the flowerpots with specimens that had already pretty much gone through their season. A little fall cleaning up since it was kind of warm today. Supposed to be colder tomorrow.

Losing Myself Into the Arms of Autumn

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A bench scene in autumn with a fall covered tree canopy above it.
Autumn has come.

“Summer rushes in on the heels of spring, eager to take her turn; and then she dances with wild abandon. But the time soon comes when she gratefully falls, exhausted and sated, into the auburn arms of autumn.”

Cristen Rodgers

The story behind the photo: This was taken in Braintree Ma. at a place called Sunset Lake. I came across this bench and I liked how this big tree just sort of seemed to have its limbs growing out above it. The original I have of this photo is actually much wider and shows more of the tree spreading out but in order to maximize social media viewership I trimmed it down and gave it a portrait orientation, making sure to try to capture the bench and as much of the tree canopy as I could. Maybe I’ll play around with that one a little bit more and see if I can use it somewhere.

Today rather started on a melancholy note. We learned that LD’s previous landlady’s cute and wonderful little dog “Pookie” somehow got run over in their driveway by a current tenant in a big truck and had to be put down. I feared that something like that could happen someday as I myself was afraid of running it over with my SUV when I visited there a month or so back. This particular dog was so hyper and so small it would be easy for it to get crushed by anyone coming up the driveway. He was such a sweet dog, this really is just devastating news and we are both really saddened by it. Here today, gone tomorrow, right? A good reminder to me that tomorrow is not guaranteed. 2020 just keeps on rolling. Can it get any worse? (Don’t answer that.) I do know one thing. Carson is NEVER going outside!

In other news, I tried my first sampling of a dragon fruit yesterday. My thoughts on it – kind of meh. I washed masks and did laundry. I cleaned out the firepit and obtained some more fallen limbs from the yard for future burning. I used the Instant Pot to prepare a spaghetti squash for later consumption. I finished reading the latest book that I had acquired from a little library. At least the sun come out this afternoon and it was nice and warming and I enjoyed sitting out in it for a little while. I cooked up some gouda cheeseburgers and then I sat on a heating pad to try to alleviate the pain in my lower back. Joy of joys.

Sensing the Witchy Vibes

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Image of a shack in the woods with a path filled with leaves leading up to it.
Can you feel the spooky vibes?

The story behind the photo: While going for a walk through the Moose Hill Reservation in Sharon on a crisp fall day I came upon this leave strewn path with rock walls on either side of it which led up to some storage shack. I thought it might make a neat picture. I like how the longer I look at this one the spookier it gets, like there’s something lurking just beneath the surface but maybe that’s just me.

Spent the day in the ‘Ville, which has become somewhat of a Tuesday weekly thing for me these days. While there I filled out my voting ballot and voted this morning, dropping it off at the ballot drop box in front of City Hall. Ah, the sweet smell of democracy! Also ran a bunch of needed errands that required my attention and even helped my mom bring her cat to the vet for his much-needed-because-these-beasts-nails-have-painfully-stabbed-me nail clippings.

Witch, Please

Chickens on the Fence

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Just some chickens sitting on a fence. No Big deal.
Just some chickens sitting on a fence. No Big deal.

Today would be what I would call a somewhat uneventful day. I did put together a rack of shelving in the basement next to the freezer for supplies and washed the yoga mats. I sat outside and burned some firewood for about an hour in the last afternoon and cooked up some steak for dinner. Searched for some jobs but no luck thus far. That’s about it.

Arlington Reds and a Weird Dream

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Arlington in red

The story behind the photo: There’s this cemetery just along the Somerville/Arlington line that has these amazing groves of trees that turn red in the fall and I love to photograph there when that happens and so I did and so here’s the result. Also I posted yesterday’s photo of leaves strewn about the Somerville bike path to the Davis Square group on FB and it’s getting a lot of love over there so that makes me feel pretty good. (available).

Things on the the to-do list today:

Went to Home Depot and got some different knobs for the kitchen cabinets. Got singles of three different kinds just to see how they look. I also picked up some kindling and some firewood for the pit even though we have a bunch, just to have on-hand.

Went to CVS to get my mom a birthday card and some Zyrtec for LD. It took me a while to find it as this particular CVS is in the process of rearranging all the aisles in the store (AGAIN!) and so everything is all in different places.

Set up LD’s printer scanner to finally be able to scan documents and wirelessly transmit the output to a shared Windows drive on the laptop.

Take out the goat yoga mats from Wednesday and clean them up (started the process, need to finish that up tomorrow).

Spent a little time at the sanctuary to see if I could get any foliage shots and see the animals. Didn’t have much goat time but did see a lot of chickens and our friend Devon was there too to chat with. She volunteers there all the time and is pretty knowledgeable about all the animals that live there. For some reason the turkey was pretty feisty today and kept following and squabbling at LD the whole time.

I didn’t have a chance yet to set up the Amazon Echo Dot that LD picked up on Prime Day. It remains to be seen if we end up actually using it or giving it to a relative. Not really into Alexa listening to everything but what can you do? I also still need to hang some new curtain rods that have been laying around for about a week now. Try to get to that tomorrow as well.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was sitting on a couch with a few other people that I believe were all elementary and high school friends from the neighborhood. Alex and Eddie Van Halen were also on the couch with us and it was like we all grew up with them as they were our school buddies as well. I was on one end of the couch and Eddie was on the other end with two of our friends between us and Alex in the middle. It also seemed like we known them all our lives and that they actually lived with my family in my house as we were growing up. At some point in the dream I was next to Alex and he was telling some story but he was spraying it as he was talking I could feel the droplets fall all over my face and then I was trying to hold my breath and fearing I would get COVID and then I woke up. Told you it was a weird dream.

For dinner I cooked up some Bruschetta Zucchini boats with couscous and Melted Italian Cheeses. You cut the zucs in half and gut the insides so it’s like a boat, roast them, them stuff them with the completed couscous, bruschetta and cheese and then broil it so the cheese melts all over it, Have to say, it was pretty delicious and simple to prepare.

The Case of the Missing Wall of Pumpkins

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An image of Fallen yellow leaves of autumn along a path in Somerville, MA.
Fallen leaves of autumn along a path in Somerville, MA. (available to buy)

Went for a drive this afternoon out to Lexington because I wanted to check out the wall of pumpkins at Wilson Farm but when we got there it wasn’t there so that was kind of a bummer. Guess I should have looked it up first online instead of taking the word of something about it I saw on a television show this morning. Wasn’t a total waste though, ended up turning it into a somewhat scenic drive along Route 2A through Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, and Wayland.

Last night’s movie watch was Nocturnal Animals starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. Very dark and disturbing but overall, not a bad movie. Also had the somewhat shocking opening sequence that we ever saw. I’m not going to spoil it for you by saying what it is or what happens so either google it or watch it yourself.

My back’s been bugging me lately, must be that time of year again. Lower back pain = not fun.

Filling Fall with Goat Love

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Autumn in New England
Autumn in New England

Come to find out, the tree cutting yesterday might not have been the most exciting thing to happen all day after all. Late afternoon we took a trip down to Mattapoisett for some baby goat yoga. It seemed to be the best weather day of the week to check it out so why not. Go out and get a little break. Now I don’t really do the yoga and the instructor seemed a little on the “whack-a-do” side, but there’s no denying that the baby goats sure are cute! We spent most of the time just playing with them as sunset approached.

An image of the author cuddling a baby goat.
Who doesn’t just love a cute goat snuggle?

LD had to do an Instagram account takeover for the day for her work, so I helped out a little bit with that. I think she did an amazing job but she’s too hard on herself about it if you ask me. I chalk it up to her perfectionism and professionalism! Highlights I think were Carson and rocking out to the Jukebox for the finale. Maybe if you know her she’ll let you know what the account was so you can see them. If not, just take my word for it, it was great!

A Small Moment of Glory

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YouTube video of the calendar one of pics is in.

Above is a YouTube video of the calendar one of my pics is in. I didn’t get the cover but I’m thinking I might be December. We’ll see. (I think mine should have been the cover, but I’m biased). Sales of the calendar help out the small business in the Center soo it’s for a good cause. (I’m at the 1:13 mark but the whole thing’s pretty short).

Autumnal Chill in the Air / Real Women Have Curves

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Red Colored Leaves and Gourds are signs of Autumn in New England
Red Colored Leaves and Gourds are signs of Autumn in New England

The get together yesterday afternoon was really fun. We even burned some logs that our guest brought over from downed trees in her area and we learned how to burn them successfully. In fact, we think this was the best fire that we ever had. Good lessons to learn moving forward. She also said she’d help us with our gardening and landscaping in the future (hobbies of hers and she’s really good at it). Also love her bohemianism and seemingly free-spiritedness!

This afternoon’s movie watch was Real Women Have Curves. Not a movie I would generally see but I thought it was actually pretty good. While I was sautéing up some tofu for LD (with peppers, onion, zucchini and spinach – trust me, it’s good!) I googled around and learned that in 2019, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” so that’s a big deal.

I noticed today that according to my records, our jukebox is 10 years old today (meaning we bought it and have enjoyed it for 10 years so far. Where did the time go?)

I’m also a little crinkled up today from the way I slept last night. I didn’t want to disturb Carson, the cat, from where is was sleeping toward the bottom of my legs. So for hours it felt like I stayed crumpled up so as not to bother his sleep! #LifeofCatOwners.

A Full Weekend on Tap

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Sunset on Harding's Beach in Chatham.
Repost because I like it.

Had a nice socially distanced visit and lunch from our other couple friends. It’s good to get some social time in. We were supposed to play Pictionary and maybe Cards Against Humanity at some point but we all talked so much that there wasn’t time by the end of it all. I’m heartbroken that it sounds like their business venture is going to fail mostly due to Covid shutting things down and nobody wanting to go. Not for anything they’ve done because it’s all by the book, just the environment of what’s going on right now with small businesses. There’s a chance they’ll be able to recoup some of their losses but it’s still a letdown – their timing just wasn’t right. After they left we went to Wegman’s for a curbside pickup of some groceries – it’s way cheaper than delivery. I don’t mind too much going into supermarkets but I try to limit my time in them.

This afternoon we have another visitor coming, a colleague of LDs so that’ll be nice – sit by the firepit and burn some troubles away as today is more seasonal for it. I mowed both front and back lawns to clean up the place a bit and get rid of a lot of the fallen leaves. Needless to say we also cleaned the house inside yesterday as well and it looks really good!

Finding My Way to Finding Myself

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Stairway to the waves.

“I hope these simple things are what I forever love about life, for then I will be happy no matter where I find myself.”

When I looked at the weekly local paper to see if they had corrected the error in misattributing my photo to someone else last week there was nothing to be seen. Not even a mention. What a rag! I figured as much actually, with the state of journalism these days and all.

I’ve been in the market for a new cell phone. Originally I was thinking the Galaxy S10 but now I’m thinking that maybe the just released S20 FE 5G might be just right for me in price and specs. Not the top of the line but close enough for my needs. We’ll see. Maybe I can get the LadyDoc to get the same too.

I think I’m going to dig up our Dahlia tubers soon and store them over the winter so that we can replant them again in the spring. I looked it up and the process seems quite easy. I found an article here that describes the process and am putting here so I can remember for myself and others. I’ll need to bring in some pots and stuff to the shed as well and get ready for the fall cleanup, my least favorite task of the year. Also I should probably remove the screens from the doors and place in the glass panes for warmth soon, maybe this weekend.

Watched the VP debate last night. Fun when the fly landed, wasn’t it?

Nobody really cares about all that stuff though, right? How about something with a little more substance? Everything’s not hunky-dory right now. I have my doubts, about the world, about myself, about the people I care about, about our futures collectively and personally. I don’t usually talk about it. I keep it inside. It’s hard for me to talk about things, I’ve always been that way. I have recurring dreams that probably is processing anxiety in some way. Not knowing is a real bitch. I know I have people in my life that I can rely on and am blessed and fortunate in so many ways, and I’m surely not the only one feeling this way but that doesn’t make how I feel any easier.

The story behind the photo: This is a shot from a stay at the Cliff House in Cape Neddick, Maine that we visited a couple of years ago. There’s these stairs that they built a few years ago when they did the place over that clamber down the rock face. Once you’re at the bottom though you’re on your own climbing over the shoreline. Maine is one of my favorite places, I like the rocky shores.

Visiting Zen on Gooseberry Island

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Zen on Gooseberry Island

What a long but beautiful day. After spending much of of it at a friend’s house (for some reason whenever we hang we mean it to only be a hour or two but somehow it turned into 5 or 6! – time flies apparently, it’s nice to be able to hang and get some social time) we headed out to a place in Westport called Gooseberry Island. I took of bunch of photos of which the above is one. There were many rocks stacked up on each other which I believe symbolizes some kind of Zen thing. (yes!) I wouldn’t mind spending more time at the place at another time – I found it to be quite scenic. We even saw a couple of young deer on a beach trail there just in front of us watching and frolicking around – maybe I’ll post that picture tomorrow or so.

Currently reading (from a Little Library in the area): American Catch: The Fight for our Local Seafood. Written about 6 years ago, looked interesting so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Tonight I prepared and cooked up some creamy lemon butter chicken with parmesan zucchini rounds and scallion couscous. It’s actually pretty easy dish I find to create.

Heart Shaped Rock is now available if anyone is interested.

Maybe Eggplant Colored Sunsets Will Get Me Better

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Eggplant colored sunsets (available limited time)

“Don’t worry, be purple.”

– Unknown

Feeling a bit cranky today, not really sure why. Just getting tired of everything going on I guess. Starting to get to me.

I grilled some steak tips tonight. That was pretty good. I think my grilling got so much better this year, just improving year after year, but this year since we’ve done so much I’ve had a bunch more practice. Afterwards I burned a fire in the firepit for a while to try to get some zen. I’ve gotten better at managing those too. I think it helped.

The house next door got T.P’d last night – I’m curious as to why. Plus it’s seems rather early in the month for that, no? I suspect one of the teenage girls who lives there is involved.

Last night’s movie watch was “From Straight A’s to XXX” – a Lifetime movie, as I mentioned before, based on the story of Belle Knox. Believe it or not, it was actually pretty good, especially for a Lifetime Movie. My one complaint is that Judd Nelson’s part wasn’t all the big – kind wish he had more to do, but I thought the main actress was pretty good. The ending seemed kind of sudden but it was alright. After that I watched CNN for a couple hours discussing all the craziness surrounding the White House right now. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Idiots.

Can We Get Credit Where Credit is Due Please?

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An image depicting ocean waves and views.
Take me back! Ocean waves and views.

Little annoyed this morning that when I went to look in the weekly town newspaper there was an article about the town calendar. The annoying part was they listed the winner of the cover (I came in third so it wasn’t me) but they used the picture I TOOK and credited to that person. Now granted hers and mine were quite similar but mine was better and showed a greater panoramic view of the scene, but I’m biased. I thought about writing the editor to correct it but of course this particular week didn’t have that column so I don’t know where to write. Ah, it’s probably not worth it anyway since it doesn’t have a great distribution, and who really cares?

After writing the above paragraph to y’all, I did some digging, and was able to email the journalist of the article, asking for corrections and proper attribution. Whether they correct it not time will tell but there it is. BTW, if any of you want to purchase this calendar I can get you the details. Just contact me and I’ll let you know. Update: Heard back and a correction is coming!

Last night’s movie watch was The King of Staten Island, mostly because LD really, really needed a distraction. Although I felt it was really weird at the start it got better as it went along. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I did record something off the Lifetime channel after seeing that Killer Prom movie. Admittedly just because of it’s title – From Straight A’s to XXX – a college student endures cyberbullying and even death threats when it is revealed that she has chosen to become a porn star under a pseudonym to pay off her sizable tuition expenses, based on a true story! (Aren’t they all?) Now doesn’t that sound appealing!? Needless to say, it’s still on the DVR unwatched as of yet. Maybe tonight? It also has  Judd Nelson in it from the Breakfast Club so that’s another reason why I thought about looking at it. Stay tuned for my review.

Vintage Remembrances of a Simpler Time

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Vintage Antique Store scene
Vintage Antique Store – everything AND the kitchen sink!

That “debate” last night was awful. I think most people already knew who they are going to vote for anyway before last night, and if they didn’t, uhmm, what’s wrong with them? I think it’s pretty clear we need a change. I’m not thrilled with the candidate, but we can’t go on the way we’ve been going on. That’s really clear to me.

Yesterday I went over to Earth-1 to hang out and visit and while there I decided to pull out the old 8mm movies. I still remember how to run it! The old Keystone 98Z! My grandmother taught me how, and in fact, I think that was really the first time I got into shooting scenes although I didn’t realize it at the time. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the real good films of me and my immediate family – have to look around, there’s one where we all are in makeup as KISS circa 1978 with my mom as Gene Simmons and looks amazing – so we only watched ones of like my uncle’s wedding and my cousins little league games, and ones when they were newborns (boring). There were some gems scattered in there though. There was a scene of me, possibly aged 3 or 4, running around the bases after one of those little league games. I have no recollection of that event. There was also me riding some kind of duck but it didn’t have any eyes for some reason – also no recollection. I enjoyed looking at the cars in some of the shots from the early 1960s and the bouffant hairdos on the women. Some films we had no idea where or who the people were. Let’s just say my grandma’s film labelling wasn’t the greatest. There were some of my mom as a youngster and recently married – so young looking! And some of her practicing for upcoming performances back in the day (she was somewhat of an entertainer back then, her mother, my grandmother, even made all her costumes! Some of them were on these films and they looked killer!) I’ll have to do an entry on this someday because I think it’s pretty cool and I’d like to learn more about that.

One of my earlier appearances with my sister.

I was amazed that I remembered how to run the projector. Not sure if I’d remember how to run the camera, which we still have. I remember you’d load the film and wind it up as you filming the scene, of which you wouldn’t know how it came out until you got it developed and waited 2 or 3 weeks. I remember we would go to Sears and they would send it out and let us know 3 weeks later that it was ready for pickup. Since you couldn’t tell how the movie came out while filming, a lot of times the picture is too dark to see anything or overdeveloped and everything was too white and washed out. I learned early on that it doesn’t work well in darkened rooms. I remember at one point while filming you would have to stop, open the camera, and flip the film over for the second half. These films would them come back to you developed on a reel that you would place on the projector. You feed the film through and kind of thread it through, almost like a sewing machine, until you have enough film the get it onto the second reel, and then watch the movie. The films themselves are only a couple of minutes long, and none have sound. Also can I also mention the original bulb is still in there and still works like a charm? It has got to be over 50 years old! That’s craftsmanship!

Best Beach Find Treasure Ever!

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Image of a heart shaped rock at the beach.
Finding this amazing heart shaped rock at the beach today was a high point.

Went to the beach this afternoon just to get some fresh air and some new surroundings for a little while. Walking along the shoreline looking for rocks I came upon this heart shaped rock and thought it was amazing. The little groove in the top was just perfect. I was so lucky to have seen it lying there in the sand among all the other rocks. As a plus it also looks like a whale if you tip it sideways. It was a great beach day, a little cloudy but not too cool, and the beach wasn’t busy at all. I thought taking a picture of it with the waves crashing in the background might make a cool shot and here it is.

Maybe this could be a sign, who knows, but even if not, I’m definitely keeping this one. For the longest time I told LD I could never find any decent heart shaped rocks at the beach, but then I find this!

Whaleship Days

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The author sitting aboard the whaleship.
My Whaleship Days

A while back I got into learning about the history of whaling and whalemen and the crazy tough lives they had to lead. You can get a part of it by reading Moby Dick but what really got me into it was learning about the whaleship Essex from In the Heart of the Sea which was sunk by a whale and was probably the inspiration for Melville to write his novel. That book was amazing, I should reread it actually. Don’t see the film, I heard it sucked. You can actually also read the original account of what happened from the first mate himself who was there.

Anyways, the point being that I have no idea how these guys did this. Imagine getting into a little rowboat and harpooning this giant creature, who would them take off at full throttle and take your boat for a ride, not to mention the real possibility of it’s tons of weight smashing down on you or drowning, eventually pulling it back to the main ship, peeling off its pieces and burning them in pots for hours in totally unsafe conditions. Many of them lost toes while doing this btw. But then on quiet days, the amazing artwork that a lot of them drew on the whale’s teeth, called scrimshaw. Really intricate amazing work on many of them. Plus just being away from home for months and years and a time (only had wind power back then – you had to sail to Portugal to get around South America to the Pacific) , not knowing if it’d be your last trip. And if you did make it back, unless you were an owner of the ship or captain, you got paid peanuts. It was ahard life for sure.

But then oil was discovered in the ground in Pennsylvania and hunting whales for oil wasn’t needed anymore – good for the whales as their population was decimating. I do find them to be fascinating creatures as well, I believe they are really quite intelligent. There’s a lot we still don’t know about them. They could smarter than us for all I know, their brains are definitely bigger than ours.