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View toward Boston Lighthouse on a blustery day

Took an afternoon trip to Hull, to be by the water, get out of the house, and find some peace by bonding with nature. The sea was pretty choppy due to the storm offshore, making some rather impressive big waves. I got to say I actually enjoyed getting out there for a bit, been a while since I had done something like that. Think I got some cool shots that I’ll try to share over time.

Ended up not going out to dinner tonight after all, decided to eat in and “play it safe.” Besides we had a Hello Fresh meal to create and finish. I’m not really worried about the virus as of yet, but it doesn’t help that 11 town officials (now 30 folks total) in town might have been exposed and have placed themselves in self-quarantine.

Missing Simpler Times

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Take me back to happier times…

Been feeling a bit bummed out lately – actually, it’s been going on for a while. Good days, bad days – just trying my best to get through. Tired of being anxious all the time, trapped in a world of my own making.

I did take LD out to Sky Bar last night for her birthday so that was good, and we’re going to some place called Abby Park tomorrow as part of restaurant week. I went to Target today to get some supplies she wanted in all the hoopla about the COVID-19 baloney, but they didn’t have everything on my list so I got what I could. Today I just feel like laying low, making dinner, watching television, and awaiting the fates that the future may hold.

Plum Island Overnight

Everyday Life, Memories, Reading, Scenic Photography
The view outside our patio abutting the beaches of Plum Island.

Spent part of the weekend on the coast of Plum Island up in Newburyport. A quaint little coastal New England town. While there we visited some sights, including a Richdale’s which literally sells 25 cent hot dogs, which we did not partake in because it sounds gross. I’m not sure how they can even do that and make a profit. Also grabbed some hot chocolates at a place inside The Tannery where their main thing is making Whoopie Pies.

The best part was the evening where after dinner (at a place called Seaglass over in Salisbury – the next town over and where I had this amazing dish of Lobster Scampi) where we just chilled and had the fireplace going. Although after a while it got too hot and we had to open the door to the beach to cool off the room. Felt good to just decompress from everything while listening to the waves of the ocean crash against the shore throughout the night.

Today we took of bunch of shots around as well as in Gloucester on the way back (stopped there for lunch, and yes I did lobster again this time with a lobster BLT). I’ll probably post some other shots from the trip as the week goes on.

Currently Reading: Your Song Changed My Life and Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World (both little library picks we found while exploring Newburyport!)

Trinity Views and TV too

Everyday Life, Memories, Scenic Photography
Trinity Courtyards

Here’s a shot of a courtyard which serves as a part of Trinity Church in Boston that I shot last month or so. I was trying for different angles.

Here’s an update on some television shows I’ve been watching lately:

  • A Million Little Things (although the drama on this show is so over the top it’s ridiculous) on ABC
  • Forensic Files II on HLN (and of course the originals still as well even though I’ve seen them a million times)
  • Ice Cold Blood (a show hosted by Ice-T that’s like those ID shows) on OWN
  • The Big Interview with Dan Rather (he interviews musicians and we get to learn their stories – just watched the one on Frankie Valli) on AxsTV
  • Batwoman/Supergirl (yeah yeah, I know) on CW
  • Law and Order SVU (because it’s what you do) on NBC
  • Autopsy (little morbid but I like the backstories they do one the subjects) on Reelz. Actually watch a bunch of stuff on Reelz just to unwind.
  • Dateline/20-20/48 Hours et al.

Also on YouTube – Lost Weekend, a documentary from filmmakers Bradford Thomason and Brett Whitcomb: In 1984, two friends from small-town Pennsylvania won an MTV contest and the chance to party with Van Halen for 48 hours. See what happened!

Mr. Joy is coming

Everyday Life, Memories, Scenic Photography
North End, Boston, MA

I acquired some theater tickets to see the live show Mr. Joy playing in town in a couple weeks with LD. The show is hitting a bunch of neighborhoods in the coming weeks and since it was free, I’ve decided to go check it out and see what the buzz is. Actually, she’s the one who told me about it. I’ll share my thoughts after I’ve seen this one-person play.

Museum Beach

Everyday Life, Memories, Scenic Photography
Canoes along Museum Beach, Scituate, MA

Scituate Light is in the center background of this shot. I was experimenting a little bit with this. Not totally happy with how it came out but I guess it’s not too shabby. Anyway, the location is called Museum Beach, it’s not all that large and right off the main road with no parking but it does provide a nice look at the lighthouse and residential properties across the bay. You can read how the place got it’s name here if interested. (I always like to find out why things are named the way they are or how certain things came to be known).

It was nice to look outside and see that some green leaves are starting to come up through the ground of last year’s dead detritus. Things like daffodils and crocus leaves are starting their climb – a harbinger of the thoughts of spring to come not too far away now. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to stay hopeful but it’s tough. Yep, still bumming out a bit and that’s why I’ve been radio silent lately – just didn’t have the interest to update anything about my mopey self. Well, it is what is and what will be, will be. I’ve never really been in the position that I’m in these days – I’m just not all that happy these days at work, but feel trapped and have to try to remain in it for the good of it all. I wish I could just be happy and worry free again. I know the good Lord will see me through someway, but I hate feeling the way I do and having to try to do the things I have to. Not good for my mental health for sure.

Going to see a friend’s child perform at a sporting event later this afternoon – should be fun. Honestly, I’ve never been to any kids sporting event viewings before – never had the need or interest. Something different anyway. I’ll update later on what it was all about.