Chicky Mama

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Mama Hen with some of her chicks.

Yup. Went to the Sanctuary today for a little bit again. I happened upon this scene of a mother chicken tending to her chicks. I find it interesting that they are so different looking color wise. We also hung with a cat named Grayson, where there could be the possibility that we could have him, if we so wanted. He’s very sweet. We’ll see about logistics moving forward to see if it’s a real possibility. Then I had to get back for a work meeting that took and hour and a half.

Chicken Foot

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Went to the sanctuary for a little bit today and to soak up some sun. This city boy got to hold a chicken. Hey, I never held an actual chicken before! Not just any chicken though, this one lost his foot in infancy. Miraculously enough though, he is getting a prosthetic foot made that will fit over his stub!  His name is Petey and he is the chillest chicken I ever met with a bit of spunk.


Fall is in the Air

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Rockport, MA

Waking up this morning, one could definitely tell that fall is in the air, as it’s starting to get a bit chilly. It’s supposed to be hot this upcoming weekend though. Pretty soon the leaves should change and be starting to fall off the trees. Not sure if the colder weather is doing anything great for my gimpy knee. I’ve been trying to work it out slowly. Seems to be getting a little better – mostly going down stairs is the toughest part right now.

From the archives: A fall scene from 2015.

Anyways, about this shot – how many creatures can you spot in it and of what species? There’s quite a few! I believe this was taken from a water body alongside a major road in Braintree of all places – proving to me that you can pretty much find beauty in most places if you just take the time to look!

Brazen Bunny Chronicles Continued

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So this morning I decided too sit out on the patio early this morning, just sipping my coffee and chilling out when I turned my head to see Brazen Bunny staring back at me from the concrete patio stairs. “Come to get seconds?”, I thought to myself but ignored him basically and went back to my crossword puzzle. Over time I notice this bunny filling its mouth up with grass and straw and running over the the corner of the deck back and forth next to the hydrangea that is there. I believe it is building a nest! Strange thing is this nest location is not all that hidden, basically in a corner just a bit under the hydrangea but in an easily photo-graphical location. So in a couple of weeks or so we may have some more babies to check out!

While cleaning out my stack of old CDs I happened across a classic I had totally forgotten about. It’s the soundtrack to the movie classic “Better Off Dead.” I’m going to listen to this again and re-live the magic.

Brazen Bunny

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Brazen Bunny in action 8/17/19.

Woke up this morning, and as I like to do, grabbed my coffee and headed out to the back deck to enjoy the cool morning air. I noticed something stirring going up the stairs, at first I thought it was squirrel – they’ve been known to climb up there. Once I even saw a chipmunk or two climb them. But lo and behold to my eyes it was neither of those. It was this little guy, who I’ve chosen to name the Brazen Bunny. Needless to stay he didn’t hang around long, but I watched him silently sniff around, take a taste of a few things, and then hop back down the stairs and take a bath. And then he was gone. I looked at what he was attempting to investigate but I didn’t see any damage to anything so maybe he was just nosy. Never a dull moment around here.

The cookout went pretty good I thought. I grilled up some chicken, hot dogs, burgers, and corn. Nothing too extravagant. I was pleased that my items come out pretty good – grilled to perfection if I may be so bold to say. I’ve become quite the grill master over the last year or two. LD put together a wonderful salad to go with. My mom was very appreciative and enjoyed the little break and change of scenery and conversations. I also had a good time last night at my belated birthday dinner. We had a lot of laughs – especially over things that we had said and done over the last week or two in catching up.

For the Birds

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I decided to ride the newer bike into work today. I can’t believe it’s been over a month already since I last rode in general. Schedule just didn’t allow it, either due to weather, or other things I had going on. Anyways on the way back I happened to stop by one of those Little Libraries near Davis and scored by picking up a little book on how to repair bicycles. Might come in handy one of these days. Then after getting back on the trail I happened to notice this birdhouse just hanging in a tree. It’s probably been there for quite a while but I just noticed it today. I was rather impressed with it. Whoever built it did a really good job!

That’s some birdhouse!

Noon Trip Out to Brant Rock

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Fish Market
Adirondack chairs facing the marsh…
Great Blue Heron searching the marsh…

We were hankering for a monstrous lobster roll at this place down in Marshflied called the Green Harbor Lobster Pound. It didn’t disappoint – the thing is freakin’ huge!

The Atlantic Ocean
Brant Rock in the distance.

Later in the afternoon I went down to the summer concert series to try to win the raffle to some restaurants but as usual I came up empty. Too win you have to be present so I need to stick around while the band plays their first set (lasts about an hour) – usually after I find out I lost I take off though and don’t stick around for the 2nd hour set. Big band is okay but not enough for me to stick around.

Chasing the Great Blue Heron

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Great Blue Heron, Chatham MA

About a year ago, we happened upon this majestic creature just hanging out in a marsh in Chatham. I had taken pictures of herons before but for some reason this one really stands out – he didn’t seem as skinny as a lot of the other ones I had seen, and now that I look at it, maybe it’s a bit older than them as well. A grizzled veteran I would say. These birds don’t seem to be bothered by anything. I once saw a red winged blackbird pecking at one and squawking away, probably had a nest nearby, but the heron acted like it wasn’t even there. Totally ignoring the pecking and all, seemingly insignificant.

Who’s watching the watcher?

I plan on going to see the rock band Damone tonight – it’s been 10 years or so since they disbanded but now they are a doing a show down in Harvard Square. One of my favorite local bands from back in the day when I actually went to shows. Let’s hope I can stay up that late!

Back to Reality

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Back at home base for a few. It was a very good week though, hanging out at the complex, taking shots at Paine’s Creek, sunning at West Dennis Beach, going on a seal cruise and catching sunsets at Linnels Landing, Rock Harbor, Harding Beach, Crosby Landing (location of the original “Brewster Buds!” – LD and I’s first photos together at the Cape), cruising around Eastham and gorging ourselves at Arnold’s, having a nice dinner at Pate’s and swimming at Skaket Beach at high tide, hanging out with M&M in Yarmouth and then at the pool for a few hours, hitting the Chocolate Sparrow and Jo Mama’s Bagels a bunch of times (and visiting the Hole In One for breakfast once), exploring all over Truro into unexplored territory for us, doing a little shopping, yadda yadda yadda. Finished reading some books and getting a lot of new ones in Little Libraries we visited all over (Chatham had the best, IMO). Hanging by the fish pier in Chatham to catch some seals just hanging around the dock. A playful calf was nice enough to give us a little show while it’s mother watched by patiently). Visiting Nauset and Highland Light and checking out the waves along the Cape Cod National Seashore. Seeing varied bird life including plovers, herons, egrets, sandpipers, turkeys with babies, and juvenile ospreys almost getting ready to lave the nest.

Orleans sunsets are the best!

SO after driving home (but stopping by Lemon Tree before heading out – a place that has some cool statuary for gardens and such – would love to get some giant lions someday but probably won’t ever happen) we got some grocery shopping done. Also all the blinds and artwork ordered before the trip for the remodeled bedroom have arrived, so we’re going to need to put those up. In the meantime finally got to watch the documentary I Love You, Now Die, about the girl who texted her boyfriend to commit suicide and did. Fascinating from a psychological and legal perspective. Was also nicely surprised to see that all the plants around here actually fared really well while we were gone, as the stargazers are ready to pop, the fire lilies are STILL blooming, the balloon flowers are showing, and Sean the Pumpkin is actually growing with huge leaves!

Seen out back of the complex as we’re packing up.

I literally took over 1,000 photos in total from the week. Perhaps I’ll get around to putting more up as the days and weeks go by. But I also have to be getting ready to plan the next vacation in couple weeks! I do need to get some work done beforehand however, bah!