Trolley Square

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Leaves are falling again.

Been spending the last couple of days learning to run the Moodle LMS and it’s Drupal front end. Not to toot my my own horn, but I do think I’m picking it up rather quickly. It’s not the mist user friendly software in the world and the user interface (UI) is pretty clunky – but it’s some open source free tool so what does one expect. I even created my own example course today with an assignment, a video to watch, and a quiz that one must pass in order to get the certificate of completion. So I think I have the basics down. Seems like they mostly use this tool for users to self-learn so don’t have to do any grading or any of that other teacher kind of stuff. I found some really helpful videos on how to use the software on LinkedIn of all places. Guess I’ll still play around with it until I get some actual requests to start building some real course material. It’s not that bad really once you figure out where everything is (kinda all over the place and like I said, not the most intuitive interface) but I can deal.

Back from Jerz

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Stop along Mystic, CT

Spent the weekend in Long Valley, NJ doing the pumpkin thing. Met up with some folks too who needed an ear, but didn’t stay long. Did get called “Massholes” down in Jerz which was kinda funny. Picked a pumpkim myself and even a gourd, as is my custom. This particular gourd is kind of cool because it naturally grew somewhat in the shape of a starfish. Never saw anything like that before. I also lost my lens cap in the field on the hayride back but I’ve since placed another one on order.

Finally picked Sean, the pumpkin we’ve been growing up here. He looks a little deformed on one side actually but it’s all good.

Train of thought

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Taking a seat and enjoying the show of Autumn in New England.
  • Picked up bagged some leaves that had fallen off the trees.
  • Finally got a haircut. Much needed and I really like how it came out.
  • Went to the store to get some minor snacks for myself
  • Went to the Depot to get some batteries and a nice celosia I saw last week on sale. The batteries are for the exercise bike we got for free last week. Good model. How often it actually gets used – time will tell. It works!
  • Caught up on a bunch of little things around here.
  • For some reason, the town is ripping up the grass edgings along the street – I imagine they are going to replant it new?


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Boston Common

I’m currently in training learning how to administer an LMS (Learning Management System) called Moodle. It’s basically a tool that allows teachers and such to provide online courses to their students and it allows them to do grades and other things of that sort all online. Could be a new direction for me, so I’m giving it the old try.

The Best of Autumn

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Autumn scene along a river in Norton, MA.

Beautiful couple of days here – decided to spend it doing a bit of leaf peeping, and saying hello to our animal friends down at the sanctuary. Also stopped by an apple orchard and got some apples for making some apple stuff probably later today, a huge butternut squash from the farm, and some other grocery odds and ends. Also getting the place ready for the upcoming seasons, shutting down the outdoor hoses, moving the grill into the storage shed, etc.

Halloween is coming. Old cemetery in Wrentham, MA.


Everyday Life

Went and saw the movie Joker this afternoon with some friends. I had heard mixed reviews about it going in. Some people loved it, others didn’t.

Yes, it is disturbing, but I kinda liked it. I mean, the Joker is a homicidal maniac after all. This film kind of delves into why he became that way. I didn’t realize he was so much older than Batman however.

Rainy Friday Minutiae

Everyday Life

Spent a good part of yesterday reading another book I got from a little library – Still Alice. It was a movie a little while ago too. I’m digging it. Did some chores around the house, went to Home Depot to pick up some things. Had lunch at Burger King (got the original chicken sandwich meal). Trying to figure out why one of LD’s tire sensors is giving incorrect results – even though I went to fill it up in the rain. Probably just needs a reset. Caught the latest episodes of Supergirl (guilty pleasure) and Real Money (was possibly the last episode – ended on a good note I thought if it is). For dinner picked up some fish from an awesome Greek place down by the airport – however they apparently forgot to include a salad which was a bummer but the weather made me not want to go back so I didn’t. Fell asleep on the ouch by 8. That kind of day I guess.

Barbells, Sean Jr., and Books

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“Barbell” appetizers!

Some friends of ours are opening a gym, so to celebrate them we created these “barbell” appetizers where the weights consist of different fruits for last night’s get together. We also ended up playing some games, including Scattergories (which is fun but hard, although I did learn from tricks from LD’s friend who visited a while back) and something they brought over called Mexican Train which uses dominoes (and I didn’t care for).

Sean Connery Jr. – getting bigger every day!

Our pumpkin, loving called Sean Connery Jr. because the seeds we planted were from a pumpkin I got the seeds from last year (obtained from same friends mentioned above) and they had named Sean Connery. (The reason why it was named that is a long story that goes back to a previous party outing with them).

We dropped off a bunch of books we had lying around from little libraries and deposited them at a bunch of different little libraries. While there I picked up two new books to read: The Golden King: The World of Tutankhamun (which I know a lot about already as I’m a big ancient Egypt buff – but I do find this book a great introduction to the Boy King) and Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America. Looks interesting so I’ll give it a read and it seems topical to what’s been going on in the news recently.


Everyday Life

Check out this nice email this morning.


Thanks so much for sending this over. It’s been a crazy week since the contract ended but I want you to know that I will truly miss working with you. Your hard work over the years made a lot of the things I’ve accomplished with x possible and it truly was invaluable.

I wish you the best in everything moving forward.


That was so nice! I do miss working on that job – it really helped me out a lot. Meanwhile I’m currently in limbo awaiting whats coming down the pike….somewhat apprehensive of what’s to come.