Three Hikes in One

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This morning we hiked around Mill’s Pond, saw a seal there. Then over to Fort Hill and hiked that, noticed a lot of different birds and butterflies which was cool – I also hiked the Red Maple Swamp (and I may do that again) which comes out of the woods in front of Capt. Penniman’s House.

Looks like they did the place over. Unfortunately the whale bones to the entrance have been removed, but I photographed them in 2014.

Waders Next Time

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Paine’s Creek, Brewster, MA

Time to give an update since the last entry. After the hike over at Kent’s Point we hit a couple of little libraries in the area but I still came up empty on any good books that I might want to read. Will keep trying though – usually get some good stuff down here. Hit the Hole-In-One for lunch and chocolate glazed donuts.

Later in the afternoon we went down to the pool and cooled off a bit with a little dip. During this time we learned back at home that the baby bunnies (of which there appear to be two) are hopping around on the back deck and hiding under pots! I hope we’ll get a chance to see them before they take off but if not, I hope they lead a safe and productive life. Figures they would pick this week to decide to get out of their mother’s home and explore!

We decided to head down to Paine’s Creek for tonight’s sunset shots. It’s actually one of my favorite places to shoot down here – I’ve gotten lots of great shots from here over the years and every sunset is completely different. All the times I’ve been here though I had never been when it was low tide (go figure). So I was able to get some interesting shots further out into the bay than I normally do. So I walked out there quite a ways to get some shots, including the one above, which I think came out okay. I should have paid a little more attention to my surroundings however because when I turned to head back, some of the water had come in and I needed to wade through the water to get back to the parking lot, so my sneakers and pant legs were soaked and caked in some mud. Hopefully those will dry out by tomorrow. Finished with a quick takeout dinner of fish tacos from a place called Guapo’s.

Every day so far down here we’ve been able to fill up pretty well, considering in the weird times we’re currently living through. Tomorrow morning I think we’re going to try to hike over at a place called Mill’s Pond.

Kent’s Point

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Rock at the entrance to the trail.

Did an early hike this morning over to a place called Kent’s Point. This land contains more than a mile of undeveloped shoreline, and fronts on Lonnie’s Pond, Little Pleasant Bay and Frost Fish Creek. The main trail to the former Kent house site goes up the center of the property leading to a handicapped-accessible boardwalk overlooking The River and the northern portion of Pleasant Bay. We did it early before it got too hot out.


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Decided to check out Thumpertown in Eastham tonight. And that’s the shot you see here now as sunset was approaching. It’s a pretty good place to see sunsets. On the way back we grabbed some grub at Arnold’s just before they closed for the night. So day 1 so far was pretty loaded. I hit the grocery store in the AM, we hiked the Eddy Trail to the highest bluff in Brewster, searched a couple of little libraries (nothing good found as of yet – will keep looking at some more throughout the week), LD hit the pool for a little, tried to catch some sunset and dinner from Arnold’s. All in all, not too shabby.

Eddy Trail

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Reaching the end of the Eddy Bay Trail

We made it to the end of the trail overlooking the bluffs into Cape Cod Bay! This is actually a very nice trail. As for a little history of it here goes. The trail is located on the site of the “planting fields” of the Saquatucket Sachemship and later divisions of farms for the colonists in the 1600’s. The area later served as pasture and tillage for some of Brewster’s leading farming families through the 1800’s. From Lower Road, the path leads past 1870’s barn and house foundations, through a grove of large holly trees, and then pine and oak woodland. The path ends at the highest bluff in Brewster overlooking Cape Cod Bay, which is where this shot was taken! It was currently high tide so the water looks close but I might return at low tide so as to see the miles of tidal flats that appear.

Cape Cod Life

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Seals off the coast of Chatham, now available for purchase!

I’ve been getting some love on my seal pictures on the Cape Cod Photography page from folks so I decided to put one up for purchase. Nice thing I like about this particular shot is the little baby in the background center. I’d like to get out to this spot again someday. On this particular day I shot this, all the planets aligned and the seals all wanted to rest and came up on this spit that was exposed from being underwater. The weather this particular day was cloudy with a chance of rain and a little windy. Maybe that’s a good time to go see them?

I am currently on the Cape now. It’s definitely different than other times though – wearing the mask, being socially distant. it’s just so weird. More later…

Bunny Baby Progress

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Baby bunny peeking through the mother’s fur nest in the pot on the deck

One thing before I left was taking this picture of the baby bunny (there’s at least one in there!) peeking through the fur that it’s mother had placed on top of it to hide it and keep it warm. I’m hoping to document the entire early life of these guys with luck.

The bunny, or bunnies, are underneath this clump of fur in the corner of the flowerpot on the deck. Very exciting!

Alice and Odds and Ends

Food, GameTime
Such a cute house. I like the little corner window. Sandwich, MA

Here’s a fun little game I discovered called Alice. It took me a little bit to solve all the puzzles but they weren’t too bad.

Also, here’s a cooking tip which you might know already: when you’re done roasting some carrots put lemon zest and some juice from a lemon right on top of them as they come out of the oven – the flavor of the carrot and the lemon, I find, go really good together. Now I’m not much of a carrot eater so this was a new discovery for me anyway but if you’ve never done it – give it a shot next time.

Does anyone else’s CNN channel freeze up every so often for a couple of seconds? Seems to be the only station that does it. Pretty annoying.

More later…

Wait for the Right Moment

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Rock Harbor, Chatham, MA

Don’t be the sand in my shoe, when you can be the love in my heart.

The story behind the photo: Another sunset night at Rock Harbor, probably one of my favorite places on the Cape. This particular moment was low tide and as you can see, it’s pretty flat out there, you’ll be walking out there for quite a ways before you’ll get to some deeper water. You can see some interesting colored sunsets there depending on the weather conditions. On this particular evening, there was a somewhat purple tint and not a cloud in the sky.

More later…

Return of the Ospreys

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osprey nest
osprey nest

The story behind the photo: I really like this one. Reminds me I need to get back into birding more. Anyways, we had taken a boat cruise around the harbor in one of the Cape towns last year, I think it might have been in Dennis or somewhere around there. And we just happened to pass by this osprey nest. Thankfully I had the foresight to bring my complement of lenses so I switched to one where I could get a closer shot of them. I actually have a bunch of different shots from this but I felt this was one of the better ones. I remember having to try to brace myself as the boat kept wobbling over the waves. I assume they were waiting for their parent although they looked like they were just about ready to head out on their own. The fact that their eyes are still brown rather than yellow also signifies them as juveniles. I like how the two on the right appear to looking directly at me.

If I was this guy, I’d be a little nervous.

They would also leave the nest every so often, maybe just getting the feel of flight. This guy up above decided to perch right next to this gull, who doesn’t seem that concerned, although I think I might be if I were him. They do prefer to eat fish rather than birds but if it got hungry enough…

Swimming in Buzzards Bay

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Thanks to the Guidebook of Cape Cod for featuring one of my photos!

I am one hurting puppy today. Spent the day down in Fairhaven again at the Ladydoc’s friend’s beach house. We swam in the bay – it was somewhat choppy today – the waves actually seemed pretty tall at some points, but it’s so much fun to jump over the waves – plus since it’s a private area nobody else was there – it was pretty amazing. There are rocks there toward the shore though so you have to be careful at high tide. I did scrape my legs a little bit, the front of my left knee, and the back of my right knee, but not really all that bad. Hard to believe we were out there for an hour and a half! After we came in we saw that two guys in a canoe had capsized so everyone got help and called the authorities but they were alright. Really not the place for a canoe. A lot of folks kayak there, which seems a more appropriate vessel, especially for the way the wind was churning up the waves today. Hopefully a lesson was learned. It’s usually pretty calm but I guess the remnants of Fay passing through might have stirred it up a bit more than usual. Then I dried in the sun, and now I feel like a tired potato. Really spent, but feels good in way. Plus it’s much cooler and more bearable there then up here in the heat of the valley where temperatures reached 90 degrees.

We also spent a little time visiting a shop there that sells these Adirondack chairs, really nice ones, made out of composite. Bit on the expensive side, but they last forever. Seems to be in these days with everyone being home now I guess.

Eastham Love

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Allow me to be a “Promo Ho” for a sec: I got a lot of love on the Eastham shot on the Cape Cod Photographers group, so I decided to add the high resolution version of it to my shop for purchase if anyone’s interested. Also, jigsaw puzzles of my work will be coming soon, which I think is a really cool idea! Check out this particular product here: Eastham Love! And stay tuned for the jigsaw puzzle versions!

Yesterday I forgot to mention that a transformer blew on the street, so we and the neighbors were all without power for a bit. We all streamed out of our houses asking if we all had the same experience, since everyone is home these days. We even got to talk to the neighbor that never has spoken to us in 3 years! She finally introduced herself to us and as we were talking, maybe she’s not such a bad egg after all.

This morning was spent hanging at the car mechanic’s shop getting an oil change and inspection sticker. Mine was up in May but due to the pandemic we all got a few months extra so I figured I’d get it done now. No sweat. I also noticed this morning that our Balloon Flowers (Platycodon grandiflorus) are starting to bloom now! Yay! Pretty cool how they “balloon” out, hence the name.

I finally beat all 30 levels from Slimoban – the game I mentioned a few days ago – really good game! Oh! We’re going to try out a drive-in tonight, one of those pop-up locations. Should be an experience! I’ll update as to how it went later! Update: The drive-in was fun! Saw E.T. Ahhh, memories. I remember my first drive experience must have been when I was about 10 – the original Freaky Friday was the movie, down at what is now the Meadow Glen in Medford.

Sunset Serendipity

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Couple watching the sunset
Couple watching the sunset

“Sunsets are always better shared.”

The story behind the photo: This happened to be one of the last shots I took on the night this was taken at Rock Harbor in Orleans. I actually have a bunch of various scenes from this area on this particular night, but as the sun was setting and it was getting close to be getting time to go, I kept watching this couple in a rowboat go around the bay a couple of times. Finally I saw that they positioned their boat in order to take in some sunset scenery and so I decided to take a picture of that. It was a spectacular night for a sunset too. Complete serendipity as to how this one all turned out!

Throwback Truro Thursday

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Highland Light

I’m working on different things that I want to see on the Cape this year, so I’m taking notes on different things. I think this time around, besides the usual sunset and lighthouse shots (see above) and wildlife when I can get it (which is a given), I’m thinking some trails and hikes and maybe around some of the kettle ponds. Since this year has to be different, maybe it’s a good time to discover some new things that I wouldn’t normally see while there. If anyone has any good places of note regarding my search on this – leave me a comment!

More later…

Thankful for Little Things

GameTime, Scenic Photography
Still available for a limited time!

Current obsession game time is Slimoban. I seem to be stuck on Level 18 at the moment.

I’d like to take some time to thank folks who came here from my Facebook posting in the Cape Cod Photography group who commented there and liked the Eastham picture I posted and showed me some love.

Still watching that bunny. Did some more messing around in the pot early this morning, as Carson and I watched on. Apparently it is not that rare for bunnies to do this as a search of YouTube shows, Still, it would be cool to see it happen “live” as it were.

More later…

The Plot Thickens

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Eastham again.

The story behind the photo: As sunset was approaching, we were driving around Eastham looking for some other viewing places of the bay that were less crowded and came upon some residential area, driving down some quiet local roads. Reaching the end of one of the terminals we encountered this location. So I got out and snapped a few and there it is. It was nice that nobody happened to be there at this particular time. I remember how quiet it was. Perhaps folks who live here were having dinner in their homes at the time. I think we’ll try to get back to this location again.

It would appear that this rabbit that keeps coming on the deck may have something on her mind rather than just checking out what plants are up there. When I look into the dianthus pot there appears to a dug hole. Cut to this morning and I noticed the hold had some fur placed in it. Cut to a few hours later today and now I notice some twigs on top of the fur. Could this bunny actually think about putting some little bunnies in there? Hell of a place for such a thing, with us coming in and out all the time. Still, I am curious to see how this pans out – maybe it’ll be nothing, perhaps a decoy nest possibly – but what if it becomes something?

Today’s movie watch is Doctor Sleep – the sequel to The Shining. I don’t feel it was good as the Shining (but how could it be). Totally different – more like a bunch of vampires type of movie. Not bad in the least, just different and that’s how you have to view it I feel. If you think it’s going to be like The Shining you’ll be disappointed. I especially liked the scene in the Overlook where Dan meets his father who is now the bartender and the conversation that ensues (they couldn’t get Jack apparently so they tried to do it with a sort of lookalike which was cheesy to me), but overall it’s just a different kind of film. Not what I was expecting.

The hummingbird came by again! But once again, only stayed for a second so I couldn’t observe it in detail in time. It’s so weird seeing this thing, the way it moves, hover and fly sort of robotically – up, down, side to side, that it takes time for my mind to process what the hell it is. And by the time you figure it out, it takes off.

Visiting Squantum

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Reaching the terminus of Squantum Point

Decided to go to a different place to take a walk this afternoon. Wanted to chose a place that wasn’t too far yet near some water – decided on Squantum Point in Quincy. I had never been there. So we went and walked to the point, the end of the peninsula, which stands across the bay from the historic gas tank. We then took a side trip to the Carson Beach area in Southie but it was pretty busy – more like just to see what things looked like. Ended the afternoon with some takeout from the Inn at Bay Point. Yum!!

July 5, 2020

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Nantucket, MA (2010)

“I think, sir, they have some such mild blue days, even as this, in Nantucket.”

― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick or, the Whale

The photos I have from Nantucket, from the only time I’ve ever visited the island, are mostly from the Whaling museum and their collection of scrimshaw. (I was big into whaling at the time). This pic above though I believe was taken from the ferry just before we got off to land. Whenever I revisit again I’d like to take more of the streetscapes and such. Someday.

July 4, 2020

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Not the usual July 4th for sure, but lately everyday is more or less the same now – kinda sucks but such is life these days. Plus with the way things are right now it’s hard to celebrate America, but I suppose we will try.

My morning started by watching 2 finches learning to fly while pecking at some salvia on the patio. One of them would also try to land on a salvia branch but it couldn’t support it’s weight and would just land on the ground time and again.

Game time: Lonely Cube – good isometric puzzle game I’ve been playing lately. I’m currently stuck on level 7-8! Argh!

I found some pics I took when we visited Nantucket back in 2010 (!) but I wish I had taken more back then – I’m not satisfied with what I got, so in the future someday I would like to re-visit the island, just a day trip, to get some more sights captured.

Had the old landlords over for a socially distanced BBQ this afternoon. Good times!

Hike and a Return Visitor

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Gazebo, Plum Island MA

Today – woke up late changing plans for the day somewhat. Took a drive over to Winslow to drop off some food for the animals, had intention to pick up a “grill box” that a restaurant is doing a few towns over from there. They put it all together and you place and cook it on your own backyard grill. Unfortunately we discovered too late in time to order so it’ll have to wait for another time to try it out. Instead went for a 1.5 mile hike through one of the town’s trails.

Looks like that bunny is coming around again! Carson just watches!

Tonight’s movie watch was Can’t Buy Me Love from 1987 starring Patrick Dempsey. I was saddened to learn that the lead actress in the film had died about 5 years ago from a drug overdose. I really liked her character in the film – I know the role is not the person, but still, it saddened me.


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Ship Bottom, NJ

Water is the most expressive element in nature. It responds to every mood from tranquility to turbulence.

Spent some time in blow up pool this afternoon – not too bad on a hot day. One thing about the pool yesterday – in order to blow it up I searched Youtube to see how it could be done without a proper air pump. Come to find out, the leaf blower actually does the trick!