But First…Coffee…

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Coffee sold here!

I think I drink too much coffee. I can’t help it, I feel sometimes as though I need it. I must be addicted to the caffeine I think. Usually I’ll have a cup a little bit after I wake up. I do this because it helps me to get started, it gets my cognitive functions going, so to speak. And I like the plain old coffee, none of that specialty flavored stuff. During the week I’ll also have 2 or three in the afternoon. And finally, once every two days or thereabouts I’ll have a cup in the late evening. It doesn’t affect my sleeping at all.

Today is the Superbowl but since the Pats aren’t in it, who cares? Not that I cared even when they were in it. Instead we’re going to hang out over another couples house and watch the Irishman. More later…

Boston Daze (updated)

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In the shadows of giants…

I spent the day in town today so over the next few I’ll be posting various pics that I took around while hitting over 31,000 steps on my activity tracker. (That’s 13 miles of walking!)

I started by going through Downtown, through Faneuil Hall, , then up into the North End, over to the waterfront briefly, up to North Station, down along Fort Point, over to the Leather District, over to Copley around Trinity and the BPL and part of the Back Bay – basically all over. Why did I do this? Well, I had some free time and I was jonesin to capture some new content without any particular ideas of what I could see. Just being spontaneous and see what happens. I also wanted to see how far I could push my body – seems like 13 miles is pretty much the maximum I can walk in a day (and the weather wasn’t too bad!) – after that I start turning to mush.

This first pic above is from Faneuil Hall, and the statue is actually a giant size version of a former mayor of the city, as an exercise to the readers I’ll let you figure out which one.

After all that walking I met up with LD and we went out to an early dinner at a place we like in Braintree. Then it was back home, resting watching some 20/20.

I’m becoming ever more mindful of the layers of fragility at this uncertain time in history…

Speaking of watching, I was able to watch the first episode of Star Trek: Picard after all, as the powers that be have decided to place the episode up on YouTube to watch for free for a limited time, so if you want to catch it better hurry up quick. I must say that I am very impressed with what they’re doing. Two thumbs up from me – however I’m still not paying for CBS All Access. And speaking of sci-fi type stuff – did someone mess with the timeline because lately it feels like everything is a bit off from where it should be – for example, Kobe Bryant has passed; Prince Harry is leaving the monarchy; dinkweed is in the Oval Office; the world seems so divisive these days – just seems like something isn’t right. Did a Crisis on Infinite Earths or Back to the Future Part II actually happen? I’m becoming ever more mindful of the layers of fragility at this uncertain time in history…

Rise Above It All

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The site of the Boston Massacre.

I like the way this photo came out. I titled it “Rise Above” because of the buildings rising up into the sky surrounding the old State House into the morning fog, but also as I zoomed in, which I didn’t notice before, due to the window washers. I think what’s cool about this photo are the building details which you can see better as you zoom in – I find a certain kind of hidden beauty in that. Also the way I need to feel lately, so there’s that. Other themes that resonate with me as I look at this are the muted colors, the fog, things like that – relevant to how I’m feeling in a lot of ways these days.

Sun 1/26/20

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Property along Gloucester Harbor.

Finally took down the Xmas tree today and stored it away for next season. Spent some time at the Sanctuary as well as hitting a couple of grocery stores in the afternoon. Did a bunch of cooking this afternoon as well. Sad news about Kobe. Tried to do a impromptu photo shoot with Carson. We did get this one which I thought was pretty good:

Carson. 01/26/20