Au Pairs Everywhere

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A sandy expanse

Earlier today I saw an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly flitting around on the butterfly bush out back, It makes me happy to know that my taking care of that bush finally has some of the visitors I was hoping it would attract to come to fruition.

Lately in the evenings we’ve been getting through the series Mindhunter and finally finished season 1. Other things that I want to watch include Val, Wonder Woman 1984, and Sharp Objects. LD doesn’t want to watch that last one because she read the book and said it was extremely disturbing which Kinda makes me want to see it more in a strange way.

Today we hit the beach up here for a couple of hours because it was hot. We noticed what appeared to be au pairs ( bunch of them) watching children while their rich moms just relaxed on the beach. Really interesting to see, these young teenage girls so focused on watching the kids and doing all the work while the moms laid about. I didn’t notice at first, but LS noticed that the girls seems very focused on watching the kids, and what teenage girl is going to do that at the beach normally? We went it the water a couple of times, it was a little cold but actually I found it refreshing. Once you were in it was nothing and you adapted fairly quick. Before we left we hit Green Harbor again for Lobster Rolls and Clam Plates. I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide who got what.

It’s Nice to be Loved on your Birthday

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Walking along Grey’s Boardwalk

The best photo I took on my Birthday getaway! Besides taking a hike, having some great adventures involving delicious dishes and swimming in the salty ocean with the breeze blowing on our backs, we finished off with a walk along the Grey’s Beach boardwalk. Thanks have to go to the love of my life, the Ladydoc, making it all happen. I’d also like to thank BostonFox25 for also featuring my photo (over 3,000 likes – wow!). Maybe someday we’ll have a board about us on this walkway. It essentially crosses the marsh for quite a bit until it gets to open water at the end.

We stayed in a place called The Osprey Nest, basically a pretty cute little apartment that had basically anything you could need and with an efficient use of the space. It also featured a booth which LD knew I would like sitting at and did on many occasions. Highlights from the trip I’d have to say were eating lunch from the local Market (a really good deli!) and eating it and the end of the Indian Trail, a little road that ends at Horseshoe Shoal across from Sandy Neck. Hot chocolates from the Chocolate Sparrow (of course), hiking and picking apples from the local Mass Audubon location there (and watching the goats there helping with keeping the vegetation in check – working goats!) , and lovely meals from Osterville and Yarmouth and swimming and sunning at the beaches (west Dennis and Seagull are particularly nice). On the way back we had a wonderful outdoor meal in Sandwich which is literally right up against the canal watching the sailboats go by as we dined.

The Undoing

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Discovered a new short series on HBO Max called The Undoing starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. It’s only 6 episodes long so it’s not a big commitment and we’re finding it really good. The first episode was a bit slow for about the first 45 minutes or so but after that, and every episode after, is a blast. If anyone else has some good recommendations for shows to watch that don’t have a large commitment like this one, I’d be happy to hear them. Comment and let me know.

Fun Weekend Vibes

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Summer Colors

Saturday I felt like taking us out on a ride out to Gloucester so we spent the afternoon and had lunch at a place we like out there. I had their signature Lobster BLT and it did not disappoint. Then we went to Wingaersheek for a few in the late afternoon. In the evening a work buddy of LD’s came over and we had a nice fire pit outing. We didn’t get to bed until real late (like next day late, it was so fun!)

Sunday was going to be another beach day. After waking up pretty late (from the festivities of the night before) we finally made out way down to Duxbury and enjoyed the waves. We thought it was going to be a hassle and be busy and stuff, but it actually wasn’t bad at all and we had a wonderful time. Then hung out at Green Harbor for a while and enjoyed another meal.

Now I’m sitting on the deck out back, sipping a hot chocolate, and enjoying the evening by winding down, as the cool breeze gently blows.

After the Rain…

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Flowers after the rain this morning

I was playing around with taking some photos of some flowers that had raindrops on them and the result of one of them is the photo above. Raindrops on things, especially plant life, always seem to make a good picture, don’t you think so? Also please continue to vote for my other photo, you can do it once a day, and it would mean a lot to me personally. (You have to scroll to the bottom of the page).

Happy Hosta Happenings and Other Things

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Visiting the Boston Seaport

A bunch of little small updates for y’all. I was jonesin for some new content to put up so I was going through my archives and found this picture I took from the seaport back in 2019 so I put that up today. Must have made some buzz because it became featured on Fox25 News’ Insta , so that made me surprised but happy.

In the early afternoon we took a ride out to this Hosta farm that we saw advertised a couple of months ago but finally decided to take a ride down to Mendon and check it out. They’re only open a few select Saturdays of the summer. Amazing selection of Hostas species and daylilies varieties and also a lot of Lotus. Pretty cool place actually. LD ended up getting two Hostas, two lilies and a cone flower, all of which we’ll be planting in the yard later this afternoon, along with some other potted beauties that we’ve had on the patio for a few weeks now.

The other day I swung by Earth-1. The house next door is completely gone now, and there’s a guy there with a small backhoe just picking up all the debris so that the foundation guys can come in and do their work. It’s weird, if you didn’t know it from before it would seem like the house that was there never existed. I do feel all this condo development is destroying the old neighborhood. Just doesn’t look or feel the same anymore, losing character, Kinda sad.

I while back I mentioned how my old ass Kindle died and I was considering tinkering with it and maybe replacing it’s battery but I’ve since did probably what most people do and just downloaded the Kindle app to my phone. Now all the books that I purchased on that old Kindle are available on my phone for rereading. It might be fun just to try to explore the innards of that old Kindle anyway just for my own hobby knowledge.

The cargo net for my truck finally arrived today. I installed that as soon as it came. I’m pleased with it and I think it will come in quite handy for my needs. I also bought a USB-C back up drive to backup all the photos from my laptop. Seemed like a good idea to have another place for backups besides just the cloud. I was amazed at how tiny the device itself actually is. 500Gb capacity. You could put it on a keychain although I never would. One of the old dehumidifiers in the basement finally died. It was quite a workhorse getting through various floods and powering through for days but it appears to have finally met it’s end. Not that they are still needed as this point but for the future it probably is time to get a new one. I tried finagling with it for a bit and I was able to get a couple more hours out of it but then it would just die again. Time to put it to rest. The other one we have down there is still cranking anyway, although like I said, I can probably shut those down at this point.

We still can hear that baby hawk squawking outside all day. Is it ever going to get the message? You would think the thing would have a sore throat by now. I don’t think it’s starving though because when I saw it the other day it looked quite healthy and was flying into the trees really well. I did see some white fur in the driveway as I was mowing the lawn yesterday as if from a smaller animal. Not saying it was from him but who knows.

Been using the grill a bit the past few days. Cod last night and steak tips tonight!

Please continue to vote for my photo (you can do it once a day, which I know is a big ask) . Super appreciated.

Living with Alpacas and Snuggling Goats

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Herding goats

Stayed in a wonderful 4-bedroom 200 year old farm house for a few days that is located on a working alpaca farm which is connected out back to the alpaca pen in the southeastern Connecticut town of Bozrah – very agricultural part of the state, lots of Native American history to the area as well, and the folks are very friendly if a bit odd at times. Interesting factoid for you: Bozrah CT is the only town in all of the United States with that name, never duplicated anywhere else. As to how it got that name, there is an interesting story.

The community, according to the legend, really wanted to call itself “Bath” after the famous spa in England. The local man chosen to carry the parish’s request to Hartford had a somewhat eccentric manner of dress, however, and when he appeared before the Legislature he was dressed in loud, parti-colored homespun so odd as to bring to the mind of one amused legislator the query of Isaiah 63:1: “Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah?” Overcome by the humorous appropriateness of this verse, the Assembly decided to name the town “Bozrah” when it incorporated the place. Or so the story goes. Like I said, it is a bit of an off-the-beaten-path kind of place.

Learning all about Alpaca care.

I’ll go over some selected moments from the trip. We learned how to care for the animals as well as what makes them tick and we saw how they use their fur to make things at a mill where they process the sheared fur of the animals . The farmhouse had a nice firepit that we used the first night there to relax and make s’mores with. Also discovered and played a new card game called Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza which is my favorite game right now and will be playing it again with more friends soon.

We did what was called a private goat snuggle event on Sunday at a farm in Richmond, RI. Actually a woman’s house with her young daughter. You really can’t judge a book by its cover because as we approached the place we started to feel a bit trepidatious but low and behold, it was actually pretty amazing, It ended up being one of the best, if not the best, goat experiences we ever had. The property was I think really made for goats as they could climb on various things and climb hills and try to reach pine tree needles, it was really cool, trust me. A nice part of the trip was that the rains held out for every event we tried so score there! They had so many goats and such cute babies and so sweet. One goat mama there named Moon we gave a little extra TLC because she had recently lost all four of her babies but she sure did love to be scratched on her neck. There’s lots of pictures from our time there but I don’t want to upload them all. Also that evening we met up with an old friend of LD’s from her grad school days and ate on a beautiful patio at a restaurant in another part of Connecticut. We ended up staying there past closing!

Last day before heading back we went to beach named Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly, RI. We actually were in Watch Hill before that but that place was a zoo today so we bailed on that. LD swam in the water while I watched from my beach chair and enjoyed the ocean breezes, and even though the beach was packed today we enjoyed our time there.

Little Castles of Love for a Friday

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Got up early and went down to the local Dunkins’ which had just been remodeled to see if I could be picked to win free coffee for a year, being a random customer to be chosen. Sadly, I was not one, but I did order a morning coffee anyway. Place looks nice done over though.

Here’s a fun throwback photo I found. Don’t remember where it was taken but that castle in the back is pretty cool. Props to anyone who can figure it out and tell me what place would models of castles like this. It may be long gone by now for all I know.

I imagine the castle was a model of some real one someplace in Europe.

That’s my mom behind my sister and I.

Vote for Me!

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thanks in advance!

If you like this picture I would appreciate a vote! You have to scroll to the bottom of the page, which is dumb. If I win, I promise to make good on your contribution to me in some way!

Also I may go ahead and convert this site from http to https. Stay tuned on that one.

The Hawk Hangs Around

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This juvenile hawk keeps hanging around!

This hawk just keeps hanging around still. Maybe it still hasn’t totally gotten the message that he needs to be on his own and start feeding himself. Actually according to MassAudubon that’s exactly what it is! He looks pretty healthy to me though, so I don’t think he’s in any distress. Maybe he’s making this area his home base, which is true, might not be good for Shiloh! Better leave little Shiloh alone!

Meanwhile, at Earth-1 the takedown of the house next door is coming along little by little, floor by floor. The roof is long gone and yesterday it appeared that most of the second floor had been removed as well. I should mention the reason for the teardown is to build, you guessed it, another new condo. I took a couple of pics but they don’t really do the magnitude of the work justice in my mind.

I ended up putting up some more shelving in the basement. The idea is to become more organized and not have anything on the floor that wouldn’t need to be. Mostly though, it’s for neatness and organization moving forward. I also inflated all my car tires using the portable. Believe it or not it actually works! Not a bad purchase! You can blow air from it either thru the car lighter plug or via the stored energy after charging the device itself through USB, which is what I’ve been doing. Next thing I want to get for the back is a cargo net, They’re cheap and I think it would help in keeping any groceries or such that I put back there from sliding all around the back when making turns.

Yesterday I got new some new sneakers from the New Balance Outlet in Brighton, after destroying my previous pair working down in the basement. Ended up getting the Fresh Foam 880s in Light Aluminum/Black/Steel. Pretty sharp looking!

Hawk Sightings and Ripping Up Carpet

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Today’s major activities. Yesterday LD saw this juvenile hawk across the street just squawking and moving around the driveways. Today it came back and brought what we think might be his sibling, I think there’s a male and female but who knows. They sure have been squawking a lot. All day actually. Now we definitely know what a hawk’s call is. LD actually took all these shots with my camera and I think she did a great job. We actually have many more photos but I personally think these are some of the best. After that we both, along with a friend of ours, went ahead and ripped out all the carpet and padding from the basement. What a job! We were a great team and we were done in about 2 hours which is really great. The cellar is just about dry now and it’s just a matter of running the fans and humidifiers and various drying tools. That should be done fairly soon, then it’s a matter of going through things, organizing, and getting rid of all the crap that accumulated over the years that are really just taking up space. So all in all, I think we are in really great shape, although every muscle in my body has been getting quite the workout over the last couple of days. Maybe I’m not as out of shape as I thought!

That Bitch Elsa Swings Through

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I was getting a bit concerned with the drain out back to the cellar as the stairwell that surrounds it was beginning to retain water as it couldn’t keep up with the rainfall and we don’t need a flooded cellar. We put on some dehumidifiers just in case, and I watched it over time. I even bailed out some water with a pail earlier but not sure if it helped at all. It all ended up flooding anyways as the day wore on. I must have wetvacced to pump out the cellar 5000 times but I got it somewhat dry. Moving forward, just going to rip out the carpets – done with this crap. Fortunately most things down there appear fine, it’s really just the floor. Almost every bone in my body hurts a little but I got a lot done and what a way to gain over 400 active zone minutes according to my Fitbit!

Hopefully my mom’s cellar at Earth-1 will be ok, it tends to flood a bunch, even with the sump pump. Hers is an unfinished basement but there’s a tendency for pilot lights to go out and if that happens I’ll need to head over there and relight them. Update: I have to go over and relight afterall. Also I forgot to mention that they are starting to dismantle the house next door to her. Apparently the roof finally came off yesterday. They seem to be doing it with a crew of people rather than a wrecking ball, starting from the top and working down to the ground,

Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday Nubble Light views

I think I am going to pop on that e-bike but I’m going to wait until after this next trip we have planned coming up. The fact that it folds up and will allow me to just pop in the back of our trucks makes it very appealing to me to be able to ride on trips and such. I’ve been watching reviews and everything and for the longest time I’ve been on the fence about it, going back and forth, but seeing as my birthday is coming up, this could be my yearly “gift to myself” purchase. I did just order a portable air compressor however as I’ve been wanting one for some time to inflate things.

Here’s a pic from earlier this year that I felt like reliving. Would definitely stay there again.

The Day After the Fourth

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The USS Constitution floats along Boston Harbor. A July 4th event that happens yearly here.

Started today by watching some old ST:TNG episodes, some good ones too, like the one where Picard lives a whole lifetime as someone else, and the one where he gets taken prisoner by the Cardassians and they try to break him by making him believe there are 5 lights instead of 4. Classics. I’ve seen them bunches of times. Maybe I should try to watch that new Picard show that came out a year or so ago.

Later in the afternoon I finally got around to mowing the backyard, refilling the bird feeder, making hummingbird water, grilling hot dogs, steak tips and veggies, I ended up eating three of the dogs for lunch, I was so hungry. Usually the most I can eat is 2. If I try to have more I end up feeling sick for whatever reason, but today I had 3, and so far all is good. Must have been all that work I did mowing and such, worked up quite an appetite.

We dropped off some produce at the Sanctuary for the animals but made it back for the late afternoon festivities of having some friends over for S’mores over the firepit visit. That was fun, and lasted about 3 hours, although it didn’t feel that long, time flies when you’re having fun as they say, so not so bad.

Unfortunely earlier in the day I kind of ripped my healing thumb again–owwwww! Is this thing ever going to heal!? Not if I keep ripping it open, right?

A Quiet Fourth

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Firework over the river

Enjoyed a nice quiet Fourth. Did a bunch of gardening things ion the morning, weeding, new plantings etc. Cooked up burgers for lunch. Chilled until evening when LD wanted to see a firework show that the restaurant Bay Point in Quincy does yearly. We found a good spot in a Nissan dealership parking lot and got to watch them from there. Was pretty good! At least 20 minutes, which is pretty good for a private entity to do.

A Wet Day Means Movies and TV

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Wet Fire Lilies from the garden 2021.

It being so wet and rainy these last few days gives us a chance to catch up on some entertainment viewing. The latest go to was a documentary called Class Action Park, detailing the history of an amusement park in New Jersey in the 80s called Action Park, where basically “you controlled the action.” Basically the owner let drunk teens practically run the place and the rides he created were unsafe. Many people got hurt there, some even died, and yet the place was allowed to continue for years. It became sort of a badge of pride and courage if you made it through alive. That’s how it got the nickname Traction Park by all the kids. So Jersey! Definitely worth a view if you have Amazon Prime Video. Another movie I heard about that I might want to see is called The Fare. I read it’s a trippy time loop sort of movie with some major twists toward the end. Update: We’ve watched it and it was weird, not bad, bur I thought it would be better. Very Twilight Zone-ish vibe. Also tried to watch a bit of the series called Hunters, an episode of Booker, a old 20/20 episode and a show about Jodi Arias’s cell mates.

I finally set up the sound bar to the smart tv. Sounds good! It can also be used to stream sounds from our other devices as well. Get ready for booming bass and theatre quality sounds! Think I’ll hook up a Bluetooth keyboard we’ve had hanging around here as well since typing letters through the little remote gets tedious. Ahhh, technology.

In the afternoon after running an errand to the bank and LD getting us some hot chocs from Starbucks, I happened to take this photo of the fire lilies all in bloom with the raindrops all over them.

Injurious Behaviors

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Fire Lily on Display (Available in store)

Quick recap on the last coupe of days: On Tuesday I got my brakes done, ay curumba, that was a bit pricey but I should have expected it, plus I don’t mess around when it comes to something important like that. I went for the whole thing – pads, rotors etc. for the truck – front and backs. I had a minor stomach ache most of the day and I was really hot and sweaty from the oppressive heat all day. In the evening when I was starting some meal prep I ended up slicing my thumb. I saw the knife go in as I was trying to halve a Brussel sprout and then I freaked a bit when I saw the blood come gushing it. I wrapped it tight and thankfully it eventually stopped bleeding. (LD also helped me out a bit although she was pretty busy at the time so I do appreciate her coming to my aid to check it out for a bit).

Yesterday we went down to the beach house and got to enjoy the day in the water. We were determined to be in the water before July and it happened on the last day of that month. It was a good day to be in the water too because it was the last of the oppressively hot days up here. I’d like to thank our host for their generosity in letting us come down to her beach house to enjoy the waves and the breeze and the meals and the company. While there I also got to see one of those electric bikes in action (might have actually been this model in fact), which kind of makes me want to buy one, assuming I can find a way to afford it – looks pretty cool. Once again, birthday’s in August people!

I’m going to try to complete the meal I started Tuesday before I injured myself tonight and hopefully this time I’ll be more careful. My thumb does hurt a bit now and then and it hurts to directly put pressure on it but overall it’s not too bad. Also something bit me yesterday while I was in the water and now one of hands seems to be swelling up. Going to watch that, I think it may be beginning to subside actually.

The story behind the photo: Here’s one of our Fire Lilies from our garden that had some raindrops on it from an earlier pop up shower passing by. <plug> I think it makes a pretty good photo! As mentioned above, it’s available for your wall or on other things as well. </plug>

Weekend Blooms

Scenic Photography
Some lilies from the garden are staring to bloom.

A pretty good, if low key, weekend was on tap. On Saturday night we went over to our couple friend’s house and played some games. One was one card game where you had to figure out which player was a werewolf, and we found that kind of weird, but then we played a game called “I Should Have Known That” and I rocked that one. My various knowledge of things came in helpful. They were very impressed with me answering all the questions correctly, like “how the f*ck did he know that!?” Heheh! We made a nice salad to bring over with the lettuce we obtained from our garden and the RI trip last week, and used up a lot of the fruits and vegetables we had lying around so it was a good use of getting through our stuff. We also picked up some takeout to bring over as the main dishes. We made the same salad again with the remainder the next day when one of LD’s friends came by a couple of hours on route back to her house from a NH drop off and I even grilled some salmon to go on top of it. In the meantime I discovered a new show called Cellmate Secrets on Lifetime (of all channels) but I’m finding it really good. Narrated by Angie Harmon, another celebrity crush of mine back in the L&O days, it looks at famous notorious criminals from a different angle, interviewing people who knew them in prison. I binged the first three episodes yesterday through On Demand. It seems to be getting better as the shows go on. Best one so far was the lady who let those two inmates escape from jail up in upstate New York a few years ago, but the Casey Anthony episode was pretty good too. Didn’t care too much for the Drew Peterson one. Apparently there’s three more shows to go.

Late in the afternoon we got a few more plants, bird seed, and a new plant stand for some of the hanging plants, which will look really nice on the patio. It has slots for 4 hanging plants all around at differing heights and was a breeze to assemble. Things look really nice which all the plant life in abundance all around the back patio and yard. I love just relaxing out there in the morning before the heat and stress of the day start up.

After I went out for a Wegman’s run to pick up some curbside groceries LD had a mason came by to check out the front steps to the house. It needs to be redone as it’s been crumbling for a while, plus she hates the look of them. We are discovering however that a job like this seems to be pretty pricey, so not sure what’s going to happen with those just yet.

It’s been really hot outside so that has limited a bit of what we can do, although we did sit outside yesterday afternoon late. I was thinking of doing a fire pit but in the end I was too tired and decided not to do one.

Some lilies from the garden are starting to bloom, including some of the ones we obtained from the garden club lady, as shown above. One of the fire lilies has also popped. If I can get a really good picture of those as more of them begin to open I’ll try to get a nice picture of those. The Stargazers are also going to open up soon as well, which are some of our favorites.

Of Mice and Men

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field mouse

The latest updates: Here’s a little field mouse we saw while checking out some plants yesterday afternoon. LD ended getting up a Dwarf Hummingbird Mint plant. We swung by the plant place after checking out some mail from her PP office. LD also finally got a new phone, same Samsung S20 FE. That phone really is great value for the money. She’ll like it. The big news of the day is my sister might have cancer of the uterus. Biopsy appointment in a couple weeks to see whatever next steps might be. My mom is still waiting for her results from the lump on her neck. When it rains it pours, as they say. I’m not even sure I should be mentioning those things on here. Just some more items to add onto the worry pile of my life. To keep my mind off things I’m still playing that Headlong Hunt game. I’ve somehow made it to level 35 of 37. Maddeningly good puzzles and provides me with a respite. The creator did a good job on the quality of the puzzles. Just hard enough. I took my car down to my Earth-1 mechanic for an overdue oil change and while there it appears I’ll be needing new brakes soon, so I made an appointment to get that done next Tuesday morning. Ended the day by watching 20/20 and cooking dinner.

Blue Mouthwash

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Moonstone beach again.

Had a dentist appointment yesterday morning early so the night before I kept waking up so as not to miss waking up on time, if you know what I mean. Everything checks out fine but he did prescribe me this mouthwash to use for my gums. While I was waiting at the pharmacy to pick it up their computers went down and I had to wait even longer for that to get back up before I could get my prescription. All in all I’d say that whole process took about an hour, something that usually only takes 10 minutes.

Later in the afternoon I took my mom’s cat Hardy to the vet to get his nails trimmed. He was pretty good this time, got into the cage easily and was quiet the whole time, whereas he usually cries a bunch.

I started back around 3 o’clock and I can tell you that traffic is back to it’s awful pre-pandemic self.

We finally got around to setting up some more streaming services on the new tv. Prime video and HBO/Max are ready to go. It is nice to have so many options. This should increase our movie and series watches for entertainment.

I grilled up some burgers before nightfall. It was getting a little windy and it looked like it might rain, but it never did. Annoyingly the wind would ever so often blow out the burners so I had to relight it a few times. I hate when that happens. I did notice while I was waiting that one of those day lilies from the garden lady bloomed and nearby were Shiloh the baby bunny and what I think may be it’s mother Gracie. Nice to see them around.

Currently Reading: Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family

Power Less and Powerless

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Woke up this morning noticing my phone’s connection to the WIFI network had disappeared. When I went over to the router I noticed there weren’t any lights on it. Then I noticed that nothing in the house seemed to work. The power to every light and appliance was gone. I went to the basement and reset all the switches but that lead to no avail, so it must have been a neighborhood outage. Thankfully it didn’t last long though and was back up within 10 minutes. Of course I had to reset the clocks on the oven and microwave but otherwise everything went back to usual. I couldn’t even brew a cup of coffee because the power was out and I was jonesin’ for some caffeine. I thought about hitting a Dunks but then the power came on making the trip unnecessary.

It was kind of too hot to really do much of anything today so this afternoon we watched a couple of old Booker episodes on Tubi on the TV. One episode was clearly based off of the movie Die Hard with Booker playing the Bruce Willis part. Kinda cheesy. We also finally moved the exercise bike into the basement as we got sick of it taking up too much room in the den for months and sometimes tripping against it. After that we made a run to Target to get some supplies and then drove around to 3 different Dunkins to get LD an iced tea. For some reason a bunch of the franchises here close before the late afternoon on Sundays and perhaps every day but I was able to finally find one that was open for drive thru service.

For dinner we finally tried out the Air flyer and made French fries from potatoes and zucchini chips. It’s actually not bad. We may end up getting one with a bigger capacity at some point but as of now we’re still experimenting with air frying. I was going to grill but we decided that would be better down tomorrow night so for this evening we just did the chicken in the Instant Pot thing we do.

Today I had a moment where I thought to myself that I had become somewhat of a failure, and so this day had a vibe of being a bit of a downer. I know its not true of course but sometimes I can’t help feeling that way. A few minutes of vulnerability I guess.