My New Record!

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My new album is out! Go check it out on Spotify, ITunes, and record stores everywhere!

In other news, I went ahead and ordered a Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens for my camera to try my hand at some wide angle shots. Total impulse buy, but it was on a killer sale so I popped on it. Might be kinda cool for some scenic shots – we’ll see. I’ll probably need to get a bigger bag at some point – carrying around three lenses is getting to be a bit much to carry!


Everyday Life, Gardening

Went out after work to do our walk at a local plant nursery and ended up getting a giant hibiscus (along with some mums and a purple ornamental pepper plant). We’ve been wanted a hibiscus for a while now and the opportunity finally presented itself! Good deal price wise too. We’re going to decide where to plant it tomorrow.

I forgot to mention: It’s a Giant Hibiscus, not just the regular kind – so it’s blooms are large and spectacular looking in a deep reddish purple.

Early September Vibes

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Boston Seaport District.

For some reason, Labor Day this year just doesn’t feel like Labor Day to me. I can’t really say why. Maybe because we’re kinda subdued right now. Even did a Target run! I finally did beat all 13 levels in that Landfill game today I mentioned a few weeks ago (Aug. 15th entry)- boy I must have spent hours on that – that was a good distraction for a bit.

Last Weekend of Summer

Everyday Life, Memories, Scenic Photography
Historic Downtown Crossing (Old North Church), Boston

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

― William Shakespeare, Sonnets

Well, it’s the last weekend of summer (unofficially). Kind of a bummer, but can’t really complain. Had some really good times, and got to see some neat things this summer. Had some great times down the Cape, and saw some strange sites down in Spring Lake. Now will be a time to buckle down a little bit and focus on some other things for a while.