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04/07/2002 Archived Entry: "Roundabout Sign"


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This sign is at the center of a rotary at Powder House Square and was installed in 1940 and still in relatively great shape. You don't see many of these around anymore.
Posted by Mark @ 04/07/2002 03:32 PM EST

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Posted by Jye @ 06/23/2002 02:40 AM EST

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Posted by Jye @ 06/23/2002 02:40 AM EST

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Posted by Jye @ 06/23/2002 02:40 AM EST

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Posted by Jye @ 06/23/2002 02:40 AM EST

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Posted by Jye @ 06/23/2002 02:40 AM EST

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Posted by Jye @ 06/23/2002 02:40 AM EST

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Posted by Jye @ 06/23/2002 02:40 AM EST

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