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01/10/2009 Archived Entry: "The LBIShack - Americana?"

The LBIShack - Americana? - One of the many sights on the way to LBI. This actually greets you off to the side of the main entry route onto the island, and I find is somewhat indicative of some Jersey things I've noticed. Like there's little abandoned things all over that were thriving at one time, but somehow no one knows much anymore about the things that are now abandoned - lost to the passage of time. Odd that the state would leave structures like this lying around but I hear it happens a lot. It reminded me of Nevada a bit in that there's abandoned stuff around, except that Nevada was a desert and that stuff was old mining equipment from the 1800s. This stuff is just weird. It sort of reminds me of the state of America these days, regarding the economy and all. Somebody placed a wreath on it though!

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